Car insurance in Saint John

If you’re a motorist in Saint John, then it’s imperative that you have the right car insurance. That is where BrokerLink comes in. As a fully licensed brokerage, we know all the ins and outs to help residents of New Brunswick get the protection they need at a price they can feel good about.

Are you required to have car insurance in Saint John?

Car insurance is mandatory in Saint John, New Brunswick. While not all forms of coverage are required, some are highly recommended based on your specific situation.

In New Brunswick, third-party liability insurance, accident benefits insurance, and uninsured automobile coverage are mandatory. This is similar to Ontario’s requirements. New Brunswick also follows a no-fault insurance system, meaning any compensation you require is sought out from your own insurer, and not from someone else’s - even if they caused the accident.

When considering car insurance in Saint John, you have various options to choose from. While some types of coverage are mandatory, others may not be necessary depending on your unique needs. A BrokerLink insurance advisor will gladly guide you through your choices, saving you time and ensuring you find the right coverage for your specific requirements.

What affects my premiums in Saint John?

Car insurance in Saint John can vary significantly depending on individual circumstances, making it a rather difficult matter to navigate if you aren’t an insurance expert yourself. As an insurance broker, BrokerLink does not set your rates but collaborates with multiple insurance companies to discover the ideal policy for your unique needs.

Understanding the key factors that can influence your insurance rates is crucial. Here are some of the elements that may impact your auto insurance rates in Saint John, either positively or negatively:

Age and experience

Age and experience play a significant role in car insurance rates in Saint John. Newer, less experienced drivers often face higher premiums compared to drivers with extensive experience behind the wheel. As you gain more driving experience and age, you may notice your rates gradually decrease during policy renewals.

Your postal code

Your location also impacts your insurance rates. While Saint John generally offers lower insurance rates compared to some other cities in New Brunswick, living in a high-crime, high traffic or high-claim neighbourhood may result in higher premiums.

Insurance coverage and deductibles

Insurance coverage and deductibles are crucial factors as well. The more coverage you have and the higher your policy limits and deductibles, the more you'll pay for insurance. Additional coverage options, such as accident forgiveness, can also affect your premiums.

The insured vehicle

The type of vehicle you drive influences your rates. Cars with higher safety ratings and lower theft risks usually cost less to insure. Moreover, the total value of your vehicle affects potential replacement costs in case of a loss. Typically, you will find that SUVs will rank lower in insurance costs than, for example, a sports vehicle due to the former’s safety rating and lower top speeds, thereby reducing their odds of being in an accident.

Driving record

A clean driving record is vital for maintaining affordable insurance rates. Multiple traffic violations, speeding tickets, and major offenses like DUIs can cause your rates to skyrocket and even label you as a high-risk driver. If this is the case, you may end up paying double or even triple times the amount you would ordinarily be paying for your auto insurance in Saint John.

Reducing your rates for auto insurance in Saint John

Saving on your auto insurance in Saint John requires more than just cutting coverage. We strongly advise against reducing coverage solely for cost-saving purposes, as this could expose you to potential losses, ultimately leading to higher overall expenses. Instead, we recommend seeking the expertise of an insurance broker to explore tailored cost-saving strategies that can lower your rates effectively:

A defensive driving course

Enrolling in driver's education courses, especially for newer drivers, can significantly mitigate the high insurance costs associated with their lack of experience. By enhancing your driving skills and knowledge, these approved courses can qualify you for insurance discounts, making it a wise investment for young drivers. Even for more experienced drivers, education courses offer many valuable benefits.

Driving less

Driving less may seem counterintuitive, but it can actually save you money on your car insurance. Some insurers offer rewards to drivers who stay below specific mileage thresholds, typically around 11,000km/year. If you already have a low mileage, consider further reducing it by using public transport, carpooling, biking, or walking, which can lead to lower insurance costs.

Anti-theft alarms

Installing anti-theft alarms can also help you qualify for discounts. While many cars come with pre-installed alarms, purchasing and installing an approved alarm system can still make you eligible for additional discounts.

Higher policy deductible

Raising your policy deductible, if financially feasible, is another effective way to lower insurance premiums. Typically, the higher your deductible, the lower your premium, and it can also discourage filing multiple small claims that could raise your rates.

Multi-policy discounts

Taking advantage of multi-policy discounts by bundling multiple insurance policies with the same provider can save you on each policy. This approach encourages insurance providers to offer discounts to existing customers for purchasing additional policies. This also applies to drivers who have multiple auto insurance policies.

Paying annually for your insurance

Opting to pay your insurance annually or semi-annually, rather than month-by-month, can lead to cost savings and reduce administrative fees associated with monthly payments, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars over time.

Installing winter tires

New Brunswick can see more extreme temperatures depending on where in the province you live and oftentimes snow tires may be necessary. Insurers often view vehicles with winter tires as less likely to be involved in accidents during challenging weather conditions, making you eligible for discounts on your insurance.

Types of car insurance coverage in Saint John

In Saint John, you'll come across various types of auto insurance, some of which are mandatory while others are optional. Below, we provide a brief description of the different kinds of car insurance you may encounter:

Liability insurance

Liability car insurance is undoubtedly one of the most crucial coverages any driver could have, and it is absolutely mandatory to have. This coverage is crucial as it protects you from costs you are held responsible for in an accident, including property damage, medical expenses, and repair costs. It may also cover legal expenses if you face a lawsuit due to the accident.

Direct compensation property damage

This mandatory coverage, direct compensation property damage or DCPD, is part of New Brunswick's no-fault insurance system. It allows you to seek compensation from your own insurance provider for damages, no matter who was considered at-fault during an accident. Fault still is determined, but not for determining whose company pays out.

Uninsured automobile coverage

This coverage safeguards you and your vehicle in the event of an accident with an underinsured or uninsured driver. It can cover the cost of funeral expenses, repair costs, replacement costs, and more in the event a driver is uninsured or underinsured, or even in a hit-and-run.

Accident benefits

Accident benefits coverage provides coverage for injuries or fatalities resulting from an insured accident, including drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. It covers expenses like medical treatments, rehabilitation, funeral costs, and loss of income. Accident benefits are greatly beneficial as it supplies this coverage regardless of fault, and can compensate anyone who was injured in the accident - or even the families of anyone who was killed in the event.

Collision coverage

While optional, collision car coverage protects you from the costs of repairs or vehicle replacement, regardless of fault. Keep in mind that a deductible applies before your coverage can kick in. This coverage may also be mandatory if you are leasing your vehicle.

Comprehensive coverage

Also optional, comprehensive car coverage protects against non-collision damages, such as weather-related events, theft, and vandalism. It's recommended even during non-driving seasons or when your vehicle is in storage. Moreover, this coverage - like collision protection - may be mandated if you are leasing or financing your vehicle.

What does my auto insurance in Saint John exclude?

Car insurance in Saint John is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Assuming that you're covered for every potential damage can be risky, as it may lead to misunderstandings about your coverage and leave you vulnerable to unexpected expenses. To ensure you're well-informed, here are some items that your car insurance in Saint John may not cover:

Commercial use

If you drive your vehicle for commercial purposes, such as to do deliveries, and you do not disclose this to your insurer, you may not be covered. In fact, failing to disclose this information could result in your policy being voided. Personal policies won’t cover commercial use, so you will need to acquire a separate commercial policy through your employer or an insurer.

Maintenance costs

All wear and tear expenses that you incur simply by driving your vehicle each and every day will not be covered by your auto insurance in Saint John. Maintenance follows the same rule. Insurance is designed for unexpected, unpredicted events - not everyday usage.

Uninsurable perils

Depending on where you live, some things may simply not be covered. This goes for if you live in a flood prone area; flooding damages may not be covered by your insurance in a case like this. The same applies if you live in an area that sees a lot of earthquakes.

Work with a broker to go over your policy and determine that every item you need covered has the appropriate coverage, and discuss uninsurable risks and how you can mitigate your losses.


Certain modifications to a vehicle may be covered by your insurance, but not ones that are either undisclosed or greatly impact the overall value of your vehicle. Additionally, any modifications that impact the safety rating of your vehicle will also not be covered by your insurance.

Why BrokerLink?

At BrokerLink, we specialize in providing reliable and comprehensive car insurance solutions tailored to your specific needs in Saint John. Our team of insurance experts is here to guide you through the process of finding the right coverage to safeguard your vehicle and provide you with peace of mind on the road. We understand that every driver is unique, which is why we work closely with multiple insurance providers to offer you a range of options. Get a free quote today.Whether you're a first-time car buyer in search of tailored coverage or an experienced driver looking to optimize your insurance, partnering with a broker offers valuable benefits. At BrokerLink, we are experts in a diverse range of insurance products, and our passion for the industry means we have the expertise to help you find the ideal coverage for all your personal belongings. As self-proclaimed insurance enthusiasts, we take pride in staying up to date with the latest industry trends and knowledge. By working with us, you can trust that we will provide you with the information and guidance needed to secure the best possible coverage for your specific needs.

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Did you know that your neighbour could very well be an insurance broker in Saint John? In addition to providing the latest and most effective money-saving options, one of the fantastic advantages of choosing BrokerLink is our extensive presence with over 200+ branches across Canada. Our local presence allows us to understand your needs and provide personalized assistance in finding the right insurance solutions for you. We are genuinely thrilled to connect with our neighbours in Saint John and assist you in getting the insurance coverage you require. To begin the process, simply reach out to us via phone, request a quote, or visit one of our branches in person. We look forward to getting to know you and helping you with your insurance needs in Saint John.

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Saint John car insurance FAQs

Becoming an insurance expert simply to understand more about your policy isn’t a necessity when you work with BrokerLink. That’s our job! Having a base understanding of your insurance coverage can go a very long way to helping safeguard you and your assets, and as such we want to help provide you with that base knowledge. Listed below are some of our most commonly asked questions about Saint John car insurance.

Can I transfer my car insurance from another province to New Brunswick?

Yes, you can typically transfer your car insurance from another province to New Brunswick if you end up moving. However, it's essential to notify your insurance provider about your move and update your policy accordingly.

Keep in mind that insurance regulations and coverage requirements may vary between provinces, such as varying public and private insurance systems, so it's advised that you work with your insurance broker to ensure your coverage meets New Brunswick's specific guidelines.

Can I still get auto insurance in Saint John, even if I have a less-than-perfect auto insurance record?

Ultimately, yes, you won’t be “excluded” from coverage if you have a few infractions on your record or a couple of at-fault accidents. However, on renewing your car insurance, you may notice that your auto insurance coverage premiums will have hiked quite a bit. Drivers who have a less-than–favourable driving record will generally see much higher premiums than those who have a clean driving record.

There are ways to combat this, however. You can call your provider to discuss the possibility of discounts, take a defensive driving course and utilize all the safe driving tips you learn to reduce the risk of further accidents, and more. Always be open and honest with your broker about your history to allow them to help you find the best coverage.

Are there any specific regions within New Brunswick that have higher insurance premiums?

New Brunswick has the fourth highest auto insurance premiums in Canada and, yes, some areas in New Brunswick will have higher premiums than others. Urban areas with higher population densities may experience more accidents, theft, and vandalism, leading to higher premiums. Additionally, regions with more severe weather conditions, such as areas prone to flooding or winter storms, may also have higher insurance rates due to increased risk.

Simply put, some postal codes may come with higher rates than others. If you’re considering a move and your budget is tight, this is always something you can take into account. As well. You can combat an increase in your premiums by enlisting a broker to help you with your specific insurance needs.

If you have any questions, contact one of our local branches.