Car Insurance in Oshawa

In Oshawa, our history is closely linked with the automobile industry. For many years, it was our main industry and is still an important part of our economy. In recent years, we have diversified, and many Oshawa jobs are in education and health sciences. At one time we were called the “Automotive Capital of Canada”. While our roots are still deeply tied to the automotive industry, our official motto, “Prepare to be Amazed” reflects our growth.

Why purchase car insurance in Oshawa, Ontario?

It is illegal to drive your car without Oshawa auto insurance coverage. In the province of Ontario, you could face serious fines if you are caught driving without insurance. In Oshawa, and in the rest of Ontario, every driver is required to carry liability insurance, accident benefits coverage, and direct compensation property damage. We highly advise enhancing your protection and purchasing additional coverages, like collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, and so on.

There are so many reasons why you should carry auto insurance. Oshawa drivers may find it beneficial to learn that:

Your vehicle may be protected in the event of an accident

Car accidents are increasingly common nowadays, and the cost of repairs seems to only ever increase. Whether you were at fault in an accident or have no responsibility whatsoever, you'll still end up with ad damaged car. Those damages could be insignificant, or they could be severe enough that you're looking at repairs worth tens of thousands of dollars. Collision insurance is designed to cover the cost of repairs to your vehicle if it is damaged in an accident.

Your vehicle may be protected if is damaged by something other than a collision

Not all damages happen when your vehicle hits another vehicle or another object. In fact, hail damage, vandalism, theft, and wildlife are all common causes of automobile damage. With comprehensive insurance, an add-on coverage, your vehicle would be covered for the cost of repairs or replacement for damages due to non-collision-related accidents.

Your vehicle may be covered if it is broken into or vandalized

In the event someone were to break into your vehicle, vandalize, or steal it entirely, the comprehensive portion of your Oshawa auto insurance would cover you for the cost of repairs or replacement. Comprehensive is one of many optional coverages to an existing auto policy and is generally subject to a deductible.

You will be protected if you or anyone else suffers injuries in an accident

OHIP may not cover every possible cost associated with an accident. Rehabilitation, physical therapy, massage therapy, etc., may be covered instead under your accident benefits coverage, which is a mandatory component of your car insurance in Oshawa. You can optionally increase your limits of this coverage as well.

Mandatory Car Insurance in Oshawa, Ontario

In Ontario, you are required to carry auto insurance. Oshawa drivers are required to carry several different kinds of mandatory coverage in order to drive on public roads. In addition to mandatory insurance, you may select from numerous different types of optional coverage to enhance your existing protection. Mandatory car insurance in Oshawa includes:

Uninsured automobile coverage

Car insurance in Oshawa, Ontario is mandatory - as is the case for every other province in Canada - but some people choose to drive without it. This is illegal, but it doesn't stop uninsured or underinsured motorists from being involved in accidents. If you are involved in an accident with an underinsured or uninsured driver, uninsured automobile coverage will protect you.

Direct compensation property damage

This mandatory coverage is designed to kick in if your car is damaged in an accident where you were deemed not at-fault. The name "direct compensation" comes from the fact that you will deal directly with your own insurance provider to acquire any necessary compensation following a claim.


In the event you are found at-fault in an accident, your liability insurance may pay out for the other drivers' injuries and damages. It may also kick in if any legal fees are incurred as a direct result of the accident.

Accident benefits coverage

If you are involved in an accident, there are costs associated with that incident besides the physical damages. If anyone involved in the accident including yourself, pedestrians, other drivers, your passengers, or the passengers in another vehicle are injured and require medical attention following the accident, your accident benefits coverage will cover those costs.

How Insurers Calculate Auto Insurance Rates in Oshawa, Ontario

Auto insurance in Oshawa may cost different amounts depending on a lot of variables. These variables are weighed against a database of pre-existing statistics that every insurance provider already has. At BrokerLink, we utilize our client's unique information to find every saving opportunity so that they can always get the best car insurance rates.

When calculating your auto insurance premiums, insurers take a look at the following factors:

The type of car you own

As it stands, cars that are costlier to repair with lower safety ratings tend to be more expensive to insure. Vehicles that have high safety ratings and are inexpensive to insure have lower car insurance premiums. If you are on a tight budget and still in the midst of choosing a vehicle, it is advised you pay mind to crash test scores, theft rates, and more.

Where you live

Auto insurance companies will use your postal code when gauging your rates. You'll find that areas with high amounts of traffic and worse crime rates may pay more for their insurance.

Your insurance history

Insurance companies may view drivers who have made multiple claims or submitted claims for high-cost losses as higher risk. Your Oshawa car insurance rates will be better if you have made fewer claims or, better yet, are claims-free.

An insurance company may see it as a red flag if you have a lapse in your insurance history or a record of non-payment. As a result, these drivers may pay more when they decide to get insured again.

Your driving record

It's always a good idea to maintain a good driving record. Having few to no accidents on your record will help you save money. On the other hand, being involved in an accident where you were at-fault can raise your insurance premiums.

Your age

Your insurance company will factor your age (and gender) into your car insurance rates. Because, statistically, young male drivers tend to be involved in more accidents, they may see higher rates.

The level of coverage you choose

How much coverage you choose will affect your car insurance rate. The more coverage you purchase, the more your insurance will cost. That being said, avoid slashing coverage to save money. A $2 million third-party liability coverage limit doesn't cost all that much more than a $1 million limit. You're better of looking at other areas of your driving behaviour to reduce costs.

For the cheapest car insurance in Oshawa, a BrokerLink insurance advisor is one of your best resources. Our advisors assist you with comparing car insurance quotes to help you obtain cheaper insurance rates, without the need to sacrifice quality coverage.

How to Get Cheaper Oshawa Auto Insurance Rates

Saving money isn't impossible. For your auto insurance, Oshawa BrokerLink's advisors are here to give you the insights you need to put you on your way to more affordable auto insurance. We are dedicated to providing second-to-none experiences and part of that journey is aiding you in your mission to finding the best price.

Your situation is unique, so it makes sense you'd need a licensed broker from BrokerLink to help you select your unique insurance coverage. We grant you advice on the different discounts that insurance companies offer, ways to save, and more:

Purchase your car wisely

Some vehicles cost more to insurance than others. For example, an insurance policy for a Tesla Model X might cost you significantly more than an insurance policy for, say, a 2017 Honda Civic. If your budget is tight and you're still in the process of purchasing, keep in mind that the make and model of your car is a huge factor in your insurance costs.

Work with an insurance broker from BrokerLink

It can be a challenge to find a cheap insurance policy without the aid of an expert. BrokerLink's advisors understand the needs of our neighbours in Oshawa and can give you their advice on how to get the best Oshawa car insurance rates. We will also be happy to provide you with deeper insights into discounts, coverage options, and more.

Sign up for a defensive driving course

Younger drivers might be stuck with inflated rates until they're 25, but all is not lost. Taking an approved defensive driving course can help you save significantly on your insurance costs. Some insurance companies may reward you up to 10% for taking a defensive driving course, and the skills you learn from that course will greatly lessen your odds of a collision!

Ask about eligible discounts

Different insurance companies may offer different discounts. Some companies offer discounts if you install winter tires between the months of October-December, where others might offer you discounts if you are a part of a certain group or club.

Raise your deductible amount

Since your deductible is kind of like your "percentage" of the risk assumed when you purchase coverage, raising that amount will reward you with reduced insurance rates. Typically, deductibles range between $250-$1,000. Ensure that the amount you raise it to is reasonable for your situation.

Drive less

If you already don't drive a whole lot, you can save significantly by driving under a specific threshold. Low mileage discounts save you more the less that you drive, so by opting for public transport - i.e., bus, bike, carpooling - you might reap some serious discounts.

Insure multiple vehicles through one insurance company

Bundling policies and insuring multiple vehicles through a single provider can earn you a discount on your insurance policy. Moreover, if you have another insurance policy (say condo, home, tenant, etc.) through another provider, consider switching that coverage over so that all your policies are through a single insurer.

Find affordable car insurance in Oshawa, Ontario

Auto insurance is not a negotiable - it's the law! If you drive, it's an inevitable cost. Thankfully, it doesn't have to break the bank. BrokerLink's advisors help you by helping you find affordable insurance quotes in Oshawa. We do right by your situation and meet all your insurance needs in a manner that is simple and convenient. A licensed professional is always ready to help you protect yourself and your loved ones. Call us today to get your own free Oshawa auto insurance quote.


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If you’re a member of a group or association, you may be eligible for more discounts.

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We understand that this is a diverse community with a lot to offer. Your insurance options should reflect that! There’s no one size fits all solution when it comes to car insurance. Oshawa drivers will be happy to know that they're not alone in this journey. A BrokerLink broker will take the time to learn about your expectations, explain your options, then find a plan that works for you, with car insurance rates that match your budget.

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While you're searching for Oshawa car insurance, consider a BrokerLink advisor as a must-have resource. It's been our mission since 1991 to aid Canadians' journeys in finding cheap car insurance quotes. We live in the communities we serve and, as such, have an understanding of what coverage would make the most sense for you and your family. With BrokerLink's brokers, affordable car insurance is just a few clicks away.

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Oshawa Car Insurance FAQs

What is the cost of average car insurance in Oshawa?

Ontario sees some of the highest rates for auto insurance in the country. Most Ontarians pay in between the ranges of $1,300-$2,000/year, with the average annual premium landing in at around $1,700. As you can imagine cheap auto insurance is high in demand!

Do I need to purchase car insurance in Oshawa?

Yes, auto insurance in Oshawa is mandatory. It is mandatory throughout all of Ontario, and you could face serious fines if you operate your motor vehicle on roads without coverage.

What is a "no-fault" insurance system?

Ontario follows a strange system where fault is technically still assigned, but each driver's own insurance company will pay for their losses, regardless of who caused the accident. This simplifies the claims system by having each driver deal with their own insurance providers.

Do drivers with red cars pay more for their insurance?

No! While your vehicle type is factored into the cost of your insurance, the colour of your vehicle will not be taken into account when your rates are determined. Lower premiums may be awarded to vehicles with higher safety ratings and that have inexpensive parts to repair or replace, but the "red car = high insurance premiums" is a myth.

How do I insure a rental vehicle?

Rental vehicles can be insured in three different ways. One, you can purchase insurance through the rental agency, but this insurance tends to be very expensive and is charged daily. It is also rather limited and may not offer you much protection.
You can purchase insurance through your credit card, or your credit card may offer this benefit for free. Again, this coverage is limited, but it's a good option if you're in a pinch and won't be using your rental vehicle for very long.
Your third option is to purchase an endorsement, "OPCF 27," which provides coverage for vehicles that you do not own (including rental vehicles!) Note that it may only be valid for driving non-owned vehicles in Canada and in the United States.

Why does my insurance provider need my postal code?

Because your insurance provider will use your location when determining your finalized insurance premium. This is because your address or location will tell your provider about the kinds of traffic that you experience in your local area, crime rates, and even the claim activity in your neighbourhood.

For more FAQs, visit the BrokerLink FAQs page.