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From the captivating Joggins Fossil Cliffs to the picturesque Irving Nature Park and Hopewell Rocks, life in New Brunswick offers a wealth of experiences, whether you reside on a farm or by the ocean. Explore the vibrant urban centres of Saint John, Fredericton, and Moncton, knowing that our dedicated BrokerLink insurance brokers in New Brunswick are here to ensure you have the appropriate coverage for your home.

New Brunswick home insurance coverage

As a brokerage committed to serving the entire region of New Brunswick, we understand the immense value that your home holds beyond its physical structure. That’s why we invest the necessary time to thoroughly understand your unique needs and priorities, enabling us to offer personalized recommendations for the perfect homeowner’s insurance plan that suits you and your family. At BrokerLink, our range of services goes beyond comprehensive residential plans. We also provide insurance options for rental properties, secondary residences, and cottages, catering to diverse requirements.

Whether you are a first-time homeowner or an experienced property investor, our team of experts will closely collaborate with you to identify the perfect insurance solution for your home. We carefully scrutinize every aspect to guarantee that you receive the most suitable coverage for your needs. Below you’ll find our extensive selection of property insurance coverages and learn why we are the preferred insurance brokerage in New Brunswick.

Standard New Brunswick home insurance coverage

Home insurance policies in New Brunswick are not standardized because each home and homeowner is unique, requiring individualized insurance. However, there are several types of coverage that are typically included in most home insurance policies across the region. Whether you are seeking home insurance, vacation property and cottage insurance, condo insurance, or rental property insurance, the following coverage options are commonly offered.

Having insurance that protects against common risks is crucial, regardless of the nature of your home ownership or residence. These three types of coverage effectively fulfill this objective by ensuring the safety of your property from physical damage, liability risks, and other potential dangers. Explore the specifics to gain a comprehensive understanding of how these prevalent forms of home insurance in New Brunswick—dwelling, contents, and personal liability—operate:

Dwelling coverage

Dwelling coverage protects the physical structure of your home. It provides financial protection in the event of damage or destruction caused by covered perils such as fire, windstorm, lightning, smoke damage or vandalism. It ensures that you have the necessary funds to repair or rebuild your home to its pre-loss condition. The coverage amount is typically based on the estimated cost of rebuilding your home, including materials and labour. It is essential to accurately assess the replacement value of your home to ensure adequate coverage. Dwelling coverage is a fundamental component of home insurance in New Brunswick. It offers homeowners peace of mind and financial protection in the face of unforeseen events that may damage or destroy their homes.

Contents coverage

Contents coverage in New Brunswick protects your personal belongings within your home from loss or damage caused by covered perils. This insurance reimburses you financially based on the estimated value of your possessions. It ensures peace of mind by providing the means to replace or repair your items in case of covered incidents. It is a vital part of home insurance in New Brunswick, safeguarding your valued possessions.

Personal liability coverage

Personal liability coverage in New Brunswick provides protection if you are legally responsible for causing injury or property damage to others. It covers legal expenses and potential settlements or judgments. For example, if someone sustains an injury on your property and files a lawsuit, liability coverage can help cover medical expenses and legal costs. It can also help if you damage someone else’s property accidentally. This coverage applies inside and outside your home, protecting you from financial liabilities.

New Brunswick property insurance types

Securing adequate coverage is crucial for protecting your property. Multiple types of property insurance are readily available, with each one specifically tailored to safeguard various types of properties:

Home insurance

Homeowners in New Brunswick have the opportunity to choose from a range of conventional home insurance options that offer comprehensive protection for their property and personal belongings. This type of insurance typically encompasses coverage for the home’s structure, personal possessions, liability protection, and additional living expenses if the dwelling becomes uninhabitable. It also provides coverage for losses or damages caused by incidents such as fire, theft, vandalism, natural disasters, and specific types of water damage.

Condo insurance

It is important for condo owners in New Brunswick to be aware that the insurance provided by the condominium corporation does not extend to their specific condo unit. This can lead to unfavourable consequences in the event of damages or losses. Condo insurance is specifically tailored to safeguard personal belongings, offer liability coverage, and provide protection for modifications made to the unit. Additionally, it includes coverage for additional living expenses if displacement becomes necessary due to a covered peril.

Tenant insurance

If you decide to rent a home in New Brunswick, it is essential to obtain renters insurance to ensure the protection of both yourself and your personal belongings from potential damages and losses. This specific insurance type is explicitly crafted to safeguard your personal items, such as electronics, jewellery, and other possessions, in the unfortunate event of damage or theft. Furthermore, tenant and renters insurance provides liability coverage in case any incidents occur on the rental property or within the rented house. This coverage can also have added additional living expenses coverage in the event of displacement due to a covered peril.

Vacation property and cottage insurance

Recognizing the importance of your vacation property as an investment highlights the critical requirement to obtain appropriate vacation property and cottage insurance. This guarantees essential protection against unforeseen damages or accidents. With the right coverage in place, you can experience a sense of peace, knowing that your investment is shielded from various risks, irrespective of whether your property is occupied or vacant throughout the year. This insurance type offers comprehensive coverage for significant risks, including fire, theft, damage to personal property, and liability for incidents involving third parties.

Additional types of property insurance for New Brunswick homeowners

Here are some extra property insurance options that homeowners in New Brunswick may find advantageous. These coverage types can be added to your existing home insurance policy as riders or endorsements, providing heightened protection against the wide range of risks associated with homeownership:

Home business coverage

Home business insurance acts as an additional commercial coverage that compliments homeowners’ insurance policies. While standard home insurance does not encompass protection for losses or damages arising from business-related activities, obtaining home business insurance becomes essential if you operate or work from your residential property.

This coverage is not limited to business owners alone; it can also be valuable for employees who regularly work from home, host clients or customers, store business inventory, or expensive home business equipment. In any of these circumstances, acquiring a home business insurance add-on becomes crucial for risk mitigation. Without this coverage, it is likely that your insurance provider will deny your claim in the event of damage, leaving you personally responsible for covering the resulting loss.

High-value home insurance

High-value home insurance provides comprehensive coverage for high-value properties, addressing the unique needs and risks associated with owning luxury homes. It offers higher coverage limits than standard policies and protects not only the home’s structure but also valuable assets like artwork, jewellery, and antiques. Additional structures on the property, such as guesthouses or detached garages, can also be covered by your high-value home insurance policy.

This insurance often includes features like guaranteed replacement cost coverage and may provide coverage for additional living expenses if the home becomes uninhabitable due to a covered loss. Specialized services such as personalized risk assessments and access to specialists for appraisal, restoration, and security measures may be offered due to the unique nature of high-value homes.

Sewer backup coverage

Sewer backup coverage protects homeowners from financial losses due to damage caused by sewage or water backup from drains, sewer lines, or septic systems. This coverage helps cover the expenses involved in cleaning, repairing, and replacing damaged property resulting from sewer backup incidents.

In situations where sewer lines or drains become blocked or overloaded, wastewater can flow back into your home, causing significant damage to your property and personal belongings. Sewer backup coverage eases the financial burden by providing reimbursement for the costs associated with cleaning, repairs, and restoration necessary to bring your home back to its pre-damage condition.

Equipment breakdown coverage

Equipment breakdown coverage offers homeowners protection in case their household equipment malfunctions or breaks down. This coverage handles the costs related to repairing or replacing the affected equipment when it experiences internal failures like mechanical or electrical issues. It is recommended to consult with a BrokerLink insurance advisor before adding this coverage to your home insurance plan in New Brunswick to confirm that the specific equipment in your home is covered. Generally, equipment breakdown coverage includes a variety of common household equipment, such as refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, air conditioners, furnaces, ovens, dryers, and other similar items.

Overland water coverage

Overland water coverage provides homeowners with protection against damage or losses resulting from the infiltration of water into their property from external sources like heavy rainfall, snowmelt, or overflowing bodies of water. This coverage is specifically designed to aid homeowners in recovering from water-related incidents that occur beyond their home’s plumbing or sewer systems. This coverage can also help customers to gain a place to stay in the event they are evacuated due to water damage.

With overland water coverage, homeowners can receive financial assistance to address expenses related to property damage, cleanup, repairs, and replacement caused by water entering their homes through various entry points such as windows, doors, foundation cracks, or other openings. This coverage typically encompasses damage caused by events like flash floods, excessive rainfall, storm surges, or water backup from sewer systems, rivers, or lakes.

What your New Brunswick home insurance may not cover

Even with thorough coverage, relying solely on your standard house insurance policy in New Brunswick may not always provide adequate protection. It is essential to be aware of the limitations and exclusions outlined in your insurance contract’s terms and conditions. To ensure a clear understanding of any potential exclusions, it is recommended to consult with an insurance professional before or after obtaining your policy. Having a clear comprehension of what is and isn’t covered is vital when purchasing homeowner’s insurance. Typically, the following situations are not encompassed by standard house insurance policies:

A vacant home

It is crucial to notify your insurance company if your house will be left vacant for more than 30 days. Leaving your house unoccupied poses a higher risk of potential claims, which can result in increased insurance premiums. Most insurance providers require you to designate someone to regularly inspect your house at least once every 72 hours. Neglecting to appoint a house sitter while you are away and experiencing any loss or damage may lead to your claims being rejected by your insurer. Therefore, if you frequently take extended vacations throughout the year, it is important to inform your insurance advisor in advance and make arrangements for a house sitter.

Home sharing

Today, many people opt to utilize platforms such as Airbnb and VBRO to rent out their homes and earn supplemental income. However, it is imperative to inform your insurance advisor if you intend to rent out your house, even for a brief period. Renting out your property introduces additional risks, and neglecting to notify your insurance broker could potentially result in the termination of your house insurance or denial of coverage in the event of a claim.


Home insurance is primarily designed to safeguard against unexpected perils and damages like fire, theft, and natural disasters. Home renovations, however, are deliberate and planned improvements made by homeowners, and it is generally their responsibility to ensure proper coverage. Therefore, if you are undertaking significant renovations that will increase your home’s value, it is important to inform your insurance provider. They can advise you on adjusting your coverage to reflect the enhanced value of your property or recommend additional coverage options to protect the renovations themselves.


Neglect or lack of maintenance is considered the failure to take reasonable care of your property or address issues that could lead to damages or losses. Home insurance is designed to protect against unexpected perils and sudden events rather than damages caused by neglect or wear and tear.

Homeowners need to take proactive measures to maintain their property, perform regular inspections, and address any maintenance issues promptly. Failing to do so may result in the denial of claims for damages that could have been prevented through proper maintenance.

New Brunswick home insurance costs

The cost of home insurance in New Brunswick differs for each homeowner, as every individual and their home have distinct characteristics. Insurance companies consider various factors when determining house insurance premiums, such as the age, condition, and value of your property. To gain a better understanding of how insurers calculate rates, we have compiled a list of factors that will be evaluated when purchasing home insurance:

  • The valuation of your property.
  • The safety and attractiveness of your neighbourhood.
  • The proximity of your residence to emergency services.
  • The age and condition of your roof.
  • The type, age, and condition of your heating system (older systems like wood stoves may result in higher insurance premiums).
  • The type, age, and condition of your electrical system.
  • The type, age, and condition of your plumbing system.
  • The presence and type of security system in your home.
  • The coverage required for any additional or detached structures on your property.

These factors are carefully assessed by insurance companies when determining the premiums for your home insurance in New Brunswick. To receive a precise quote tailored to your specific circumstances, reach out to BrokerLink for a personalized and complimentary quote.


How to save on your New Brunswick home insurance premiums

If you’re searching for methods to decrease the expenses of your homeowner’s insurance in New Brunswick, BrokerLink’s knowledgeable insurance professionals are here to assist you. We acknowledge the significance of safeguarding your home while also considering affordability for property owners. To help you save money without compromising on coverage, we have compiled a comprehensive checklist.

At BrokerLink, we strongly believe that high-quality insurance should be accessible to everyone. Our dedicated brokers are committed to providing cost-effective options and are readily available to offer expert advice on maximizing your savings. Here are some of our top recommendations for reducing your home insurance premiums:

Bundle home and auto insurance policies

Exploring the option of bundling your insurance products with a single provider can lead to substantial discounts. Many insurance companies in New Brunswick offer bundling discounts, which can be highly beneficial if you have multiple insurance needs. By bundling your home and auto insurance policies, for example, you can enjoy savings on home and car insurance. Additionally, there may be opportunities to create a customized bundle by combining home insurance with business insurance or other types of property insurance, particularly if you own multiple properties.

Increase your deductible

Choosing deductibles is a key decision when purchasing home insurance. The amount of deductible you select directly affects your premiums. Higher deductibles typically result in lower premiums, offering potential cost savings. However, it is important to consider your financial situation and ensure that you can comfortably afford the deductible amount in the event of a claim.

Make your home more eco-friendly

Making eco-friendly improvements to your home can result in cost savings on home insurance. New Brunswick insurance companies may provide discounts to homeowners who reduce their energy usage and carbon footprint by installing solar panels. By demonstrating the eco-friendly aspects of your home or implementing environmentally conscious upgrades, you may be eligible for a discount on your property insurance.

Install new home security features

By incorporating safety measures into your home, you can provide protection for your property and belongings while also potentially reducing your home insurance premiums. Taking proactive steps to enhance home security and minimize the risk of accidents or theft can make you eligible for insurance discounts. Installing smoke alarms for fire safety, monitored alarm systems, and video surveillance are effective measures that can help lower your home insurance costs.

Maintain a clean claims history

Opting not to file numerous small claims can reduce the likelihood of higher insurance premiums in the future. Instead of relying on your insurance for minor issues that can be resolved without filing a claim, it may be more prudent to handle the costs yourself. By avoiding unnecessary claims, you can avoid being perceived as a policyholder with a higher risk profile by insurance providers, resulting in potential long-term savings.

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