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Vaughan auto insurance rates should never break the bank. With the help of BrokerLink, you can get the right car insurance in Vaughan. Our expert insurance advisors have put together the following list of tips and tricks for saving money on auto insurance. Keep reading to discover some of the top ways to get cheap car insurance in Vaughan.

Insure all cars together

Did you know that purchasing multiple car insurance policies from the same provider can save you money on car insurance? That’s right, the more policies you buy from a provider, the more likely they are to give a discount. So if your household has more than one car, consider insuring them all with the same provider. Doing so could save you between 15% and 20% on each vehicle’s policy.

Combine different insurance policies

BrokerLink’s second tip for saving money on Vaughan auto insurance is to bundle different insurance policies together. Oftentimes, insurance providers will provide a significant discount (up to 15%) to Canadians who purchase more than one policy from them. So if you are also in the market for home insurance, travel insurance, business insurance, or insurance for a leisure item like a cottage, boat, or ATV, do yourself a favour and purchase them all from the same insurance provider.

Invest in winter tires

Vaughan residents know how long and harsh the winters can be. Beyond darker days and freezing temperatures, the winter brings some pretty nasty road conditions. Since winter tires are not mandatory in Ontario, choosing to invest in them of your own accord could save you money on car insurance. Insurance providers recognize that snow tires make driving during the winter safer, not only for yourself but for other cars on the road. As a result, installing winter tires on your Vaughan car could save you up to 5% on car insurance.

Work with a broker

One way to save money on your Vaughan car insurance is to consult with an auto insurance broker. Reputable brokers from BrokerLink are experts in the field of car insurance. Since 1991, we have been helping Canadians find quality car insurance policies within a wide range of budgets. So if affordable Vaughan car insurance is what you are after, we can help. While you are relaxing, we’ll be unlocking discounts and browsing coverage options to find you the best policy for the lowest price. Ultimately, if you are looking to save money on your Vaughan auto insurance, working with a reliable brokerage like BrokerLink is the way to go.

Plus, BrokerLink invites all Vaughan drivers to take advantage of our free online car insurance quotes. Click the “Get a quote” button on this webpage to get started. From there, we’ll ask you a few basic questions about yourself and the type of vehicle you drive. Finally, you’ll receive a competitive and accurate car insurance price based on your Vaughan address, age, and several other factors. Please note that BrokerLink is not an insurance provider, which means we don’t determine Vaughan car insurance rates. However, we can help you obtain and compare quotes from the leading insurance companies in Canada to ensure you find the best rate possible.

Purchase a hybrid or electric vehicle

Cruising around Vaughan in a hybrid or electric vehicle could save you money on car insurance. To incentivize Canadians into buying eco-friendly vehicles, many provincial and territorial governments offer rebates when you purchase an EV. Insurance companies have also caught on, with many now offering car insurance discounts to Vaughan residents who drive hybrid or electric cars. With savings of up to 10% on your Vaughan car insurance, saving the environment never felt so good.

Pay annually

If it’s feasible, we always suggest making one annual payment rather than twelve monthly payments on your car insurance. Paying monthly may incur administrative fees that end up costing you more.

Enroll in driving school

Attending an approved driving school in Ontario is one last way to save money on Vaughan car insurance. Insurance providers recognize that driving schools produce safer, more confident drivers, and as such, they may lower your insurance premium. As insurance typically costs more for young drivers, enrolling in driving school could be beneficial.

Three tips for young drivers in Vaughan

Driving is a skill, and like any skill, it takes time to master. It’s completely normal to be nervous as a first-time driver in Vaughan. Keep in mind that the more you get out on the road, the more comfortable you will become behind the wheel. To help you ease into driving, we’ve compiled a few tips for young drivers in Vaughan. Check them out below.

Leave extra room

The more space you have on the road, the better. Aim to leave two car lengths between you and the vehicle in front of you. This is a good rule of thumb in any weather but is especially important on rainy or snowy days when brake times can be delayed. Leaving this extra space gives you plenty of time to stop safely without hitting the vehicle in front of you. Plus, if someone were to accidentally rear-end you, you would be less likely to hit the car ahead or roll into the intersection.

Keep your eyes moving

You’ve probably been told to keep your eyes on the road. We understand the sentiment behind this phrase, but to be a responsible driver, you must keep your eyes moving. You should constantly be assessing all cars around you as opposed to fixating on the taillights of the vehicle ahead. In order to do this, you must move your eyes. Glance into your rear-view and side mirrors every few seconds and scan all lanes in front of you. This will ensure you know what’s going on behind, beside, and ahead of you at all times.

Drive slowly

One final tip? Slow down! This is a good tip for drivers of all ages but is especially important when you are new to the road. The slower you drive, the more time you have to react to various situations on the road. Always aim to drive the speed limit, but if you get nervous, it’s alright to drive a little bit slower. You should also drive slowly in poor weather conditions, such as snow, rain, ice, or fog, and at night when there is reduced visibility, learn these safe driving tips.

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