Motorcycle Insurance in New Brunswick

Motorcycle insurance isn’t one-size-fits-all. BrokerLink knows this, which is why we specialize in tailor-made insurance solutions. Whether you’re looking for New Brunswick car insurance or New Brunswick motorcycle insurance, we will find customized coverage that meets your needs.

Do I need insurance to drive a motorcycle in New Brunswick?

Yes. Auto insurance is mandatory throughout the entire province of New Brunswick, no matter what kind of vehicle you drive. This means that motorcycle riders, truck drivers, and those who drive passenger vehicles are all required to purchase insurance coverage before driving. No matter what type of vehicle you drive, the insurance requirements are the same and they are outlined below:

Third party liability coverage

Liability insurance is a must for all New Brunswick motorcycle riders. Third party liability coverage will protect you if you cause a motorcycle accident. It can pay for accident-related expenses like legal fees, the cost of medical attention, or the cost of having your vehicle or another person’s vehicle repaired. In New Brunswick, all motorcycle riders must hold at least $200,000 in third party liability insurance to legally drive.

Accident benefits coverage

Accident benefits coverage is also required of New Brunswick motorcycle riders. This type of coverage protects riders if they are injured in an accident, or someone else is injured in an accident. Since medical attention can be expensive, accident benefits can alleviate this financial stress by compensating policyholders for medical fees that are not covered by health insurance. For example, under the accident benefits portion of your New Brunswick motorcycle plan, you can receive a payout to cover the cost of rehabilitation, physical therapy, prescription medication, etc. This type of coverage can also cover loss of income and funeral fees if applicable.

Direct compensation - property damage coverage

Direct compensation - property damage coverage offers financial protection if you are involved in an accident and your motorcycle is damaged as a result. Vehicle repairs can be expensive, but with this type of coverage, your insurance provider will help pay for the repairs so that it doesn’t all fall to you. Note that direct compensation can only be claimed if you did not cause the accident in question.

Uninsured automobile coverage

Uninsured automobile coverage or uninsured motorist coverage protects motorcycle riders who get into hit and run accidents or accidents with drivers who don’t have insurance. These drivers are known as underinsured or uninsured drivers. In essence, if you get into an accident with a driver whose identity is unknown, one who is illegally driving without car insurance, or one whose coverage is not sufficient to pay for the cost of the damages stemming from the accident, uninsured motorist coverage will protect you.

Additional motorcycle insurance coverage in New Brunswick

Motorcycle insurance coverage can take many forms. That is why BrokerLink is so adamant about the importance of tailor-made coverage. With so many types of auto insurance coverage out there, what makes sense for one rider won’t necessarily make sense for another. Once you’ve added the four mandatory coverages above to your New Brunswick motorcycle insurance policy, it’s time to consider what extra protection you may want to add. We discuss a few popular types of optional motorcycle insurance coverage below:

Collision coverage

Collision coverage is a type of optional motorcycle insurance coverage that can pay for the cost of repairing your motorcycle if it suffers major damage in an accident. The benefit of collision coverage is that it will cover you regardless of whether you caused the accident or what you got into the accident with, e.g. another vehicle, animal, or grounded object.

Comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive coverage is another form of additional protection that New Brunswick motorcycle riders might be interested in. Comprehensive coverage can reimburse policyholders for non-collision-related incidents. For instance, if your motorcycle is damaged while parked or stolen, your insurance provider will step in and help pay for the cost of any losses or damages up to the policy limit. The only catch with comprehensive coverage is in order for the loss or damage to be covered, it must have occurred due to a peril listed in your policy. Insured perils that comprehensive coverage may cover include theft, wind, fire, vandalism, falling objects, and water damage. While this coverage can be optional, it can be mandated by lease or finance contracts, ensuring that you abide by the rules of your contract.

Accident forgiveness coverage

Accident forgiveness coverage is another type of motorcycle insurance that many riders choose to include in their policies. Accident forgiveness is additional coverage that can be added to your motorcycle insurance policy as an endorsement, to protect your driving record and to help prevent your insurance premium from increasing if you have an at-fault accident claim. Note: coverage and eligibility varies by province.

Understanding motorcycle insurance costs in New Brunswick

Knowing how much motorcycle insurance costs in New Brunswick is important. So too is understanding how motorcycle insurance rates are calculated, as one provides valuable insight into the other. Although BrokerLink does not set insurance rates, we have a firm grasp of the way that insurance agents determine premiums. To help you understand this process, we have put together a list of factors that a New Brunswick insurance company will weigh when calculating your motorcycle insurance premium:

  • Where you live (and where you regularly commute)
  • Age
  • Type, model, make, and year of the motorcycle
  • Past claims
  • Average mileage
  • Driving experience
  • Driving record
  • Insurance history
  • Deductible amount
  • Regulatory bodies
  • How you use your motorcycle
  • Gender

To find out more about how much motorcycle insurance costs in New Brunswick or to request a free quote, contact BrokerLink today. As a full-service brokerage, we offer complimentary motorcycle insurance quotes to all prospective customers. We also offer other important services, like renewing car insurance. Of course, as licensed insurance professionals, our team can also answer any questions you have, like, “ Is motorcycle insurance necessary year-round?”. Get in touch today.


How to find cheap motorcycle insurance in New Brunswick

Are you looking for cheap motorcycle insurance in New Brunswick? BrokerLink can help. We love making sure our customers don’t pay up the wall for insurance, which we do by providing them with sound advice and tips on how to save money on motorcycle insurance. Whether you’re eligible for insurance bundling or qualify for a certain type of auto insurance discount, we will do everything we can to keep your rates as low and competitive as possible. For advice on how to save money on New Brunswick motorcycle insurance, keep reading:

Ask a BrokerLink motorcycle insurance expert for help

Asking for help from a BrokerLink insurance specialist is an excellent plan if you want to find cheap motorcycle insurance. BrokerLink insurance advisors have years of experience in the industry. Thus, they are the best people to ask if you want advice on how to save money on insurance. They can recommend auto insurance discounts, shop around for you, and compare quotes to ensure the rate you pay is as competitive as possible. A licensed BrokerLink insurance specialist can also explain different strategies for cutting insurance costs, such as by bundling policies.

Finish a motorcycle safety course

Taking a motorcycle safety course is another way to qualify for a lower motorcycle insurance premium in New Brunswick. Insurance companies like when policyholders enrol in approved driver’s education courses that teach them the rules of the road, as well as other important driving techniques. For example, in a motorcycle safety course, you will learn about group motorcycle safety, how to respond to hazardous road conditions, and more. If you can show proof that you completed a recognized course in New Brunswick, your insurance provider will be more likely to reduce your rates.

Get rewarded for good riding habits with a telematics discount

Telematics discounts are a type of auto insurance discount that rewards drivers for safe driving behaviour. They may be available to both motorcycle riders and drivers of cars. If you want to qualify for a telematics discount, contact BrokerLink to find out which insurance companies offer such discounts and what conditions need to be met to qualify. If you qualify, you will likely need to install a physical telematics device on your motorcycle or download a telematics application onto your smartphone. Either way, the device or app will monitor your riding habits, like your hard braking, turning, and fast accelerating. The safer the habits you demonstrate, the better your discount will be. Thus, if you have a stellar driving record and take care to drive responsibly at all times, a telematics discount could lead to major savings. Before adding a telematics device to your motorcycle, review these safe driving tips so you can make the most of your discount.

Bundle motorcycle insurance with other insurance policies

Bundling insurance policies can lead to vastly cheaper rates, and all you have to do to qualify is buy two or more insurance products from the same provider. Thus, bundling is a great option if you have a second vehicle or a home that also needs to be insured. Not all insurance products can be bundled, though it is common for insurance providers to allow customers to bundle home insurance with auto insurance or multiple auto insurance policies. Contact BrokerLink to find out how much money bundling can save you, as well as which New Brunswick insurance companies offer bundles and what insurance products are eligible for them.

Avoid driving infractions to keep your record clean

A clean driving record can easily translate to a lower motorcycle insurance premium. Therefore, if you want to qualify for cheaper rates, do everything you can to avoid collisions and other infractions, like speed tickets. Read through this motorcycle riding safety guide for tips on how you can become a safe and responsible rider with a clean record.

Purchase a motorcycle with a high safety rating

You may have realized by now that safety matters when it comes to insurance companies. The safer you make your vehicle and the safer a rider you appear to be, the more money you can save on insurance. One way to make yourself a safer candidate is by buying a motorcycle with a high safety rating. Motorcycles with high safety ratings tend to be more reliable and may have lower maximum speeds, as well as more safety features, than those with higher speed capacities.

Ride safe with these motorcycle safety tips

As motorists know, there are so many benefits of motorcycle riding. That said, it isn’t the safest mode of transportation, which is why taking extra safety precautions is so important. To reduce the odds of an accident, read through the list of tips below:

Check for inclement weather before riding

Checking the weather forecast before leaving home is our first tip for riding safely. Inclement weather can hit fast and it can turn safe driving conditions into treacherous ones. With how exposed you are on a motorcycle, riding in good weather is even more important. If the forecast is calling for heavy rain, snow, ice, or thunderstorms, you may want to leave the motorcycle in the garage and take an alternate mode of transit that day.

Always wear safety gear

When riding a motorcycle, you’re more exposed than in a car, which means the right gear is important. You may not think about what you’re wearing before getting behind the wheel of a car, but this should not be the case with a motorcycle. First, a helmet is a must at all times. Goggles or protective sunglasses are also important, as are gloves, boots, leather jackets, and leather pants. Not only can the right gear reduce the odds of injury in the event of an accident but it will also make riding more comfortable, helping you avoid common ailments like road rash.

Inspect your motorcycle regularly

Regular inspections of motor vehicles are important, whether you’re driving a car or a motorcycle. Beyond having your motorcycle professionally maintained at least once a year, we also recommend inspecting your vehicle on your own. Components of your motorcycle that should be checked include the brakes, gas level, tire pressure, mirrors, taillights, headlights, oil levels, and turn signals.

Drive the speed limit at all times

Going the speed limit is of the utmost importance, not only to avoid a speeding ticket but to keep yourself safe. Make yourself aware of all posted speed limits and don’t exceed them. In addition, we recommend riding below the speed limit if there are lots of pedestrians around or if you are riding through a construction zone, in an area with reduced visibility, or in adverse weather conditions.

Avoid blind spots and make yourself visible

Blind spots are one of the biggest threats to motorcycle riders. Due to their smaller size, motorcycles are often hidden by a vehicle’s blind spot. As such, motorcyclists need to take extra precautions to increase their own visibility. This can look like turning on your headlights when appropriate, signalling at all times, and wearing bright or reflective clothing to make yourself more noticeable.

Leave space around you

As a motorcycle rider, you should never get too close to the other vehicles around you. The reality is that if you get into a collision with a vehicle, your odds of injury are higher than the other driver due to how exposed you are and how much smaller your vehicle is. One way to help avoid a collision in the first place is by leaving ample space between you and other vehicles. What does ample space mean? A minimum of two car lengths at all times - more at higher speeds. More space means more time to react, such as to stop if the car in front of you brakes suddenly.

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FAQs about New Brunswick motorcycle insurance

What types of motorcycles are eligible for insurance in New Brunswick?

You can buy insurance coverage for almost any type of automobile in New Brunswick, and that includes a wide range of motorcycles. For instance, cruisers, touring motorcycles, and sports motorcycles can all be insured. Even restricted-speed motorcycles, like mopeds and Vespas, can be covered.

Where can I obtain a free motorcycle insurance quote in New Brunswick?

Free motorcycle insurance quotes can be found all over New Brunswick. Most insurance companies and insurance brokerages now provide customers with free quotes. These quotes can usually be obtained online, in person, or over the phone. Be as accurate as possible when answering the questions you are asked to ensure a reliable quote.

Can I buy motorcycle insurance online?

Yes, you can buy motorcycle insurance online from an insurance company or an insurance brokerage. Visit a local insurer’s website and begin the process today. It might take as little as 15 minutes!

If you have any questions, contact one of our local branches.