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Finding a quality car insurance policy in Newfoundland and Labrador shouldn’t be painful. That is why our mission here at BrokerLink is to make the insurance shopping experience a breeze. By working alongside one of our local insurance brokers in Grand Falls-Windsor, you will find an auto insurance plan that meets your needs in no time. Learn more about the different types of auto insurance and how you can save money on your coverage.

Is car insurance a legal requirement in Grand Falls Windsor NL?

Yes. If you want to drive anywhere in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, you will need to purchase auto insurance coverage that includes the following four types of coverage:

Since car insurance is mandatory in Grand Falls-Windsor, choosing to get behind the wheel without a policy that meets the province’s minimum coverage requirements would be a huge mistake. Why? Not only would you not be able to file an insurance claim in the event that you got into an accident, but you would be at risk of facing all kinds of penalties.

Grand Falls-Windsor motorists can receive fines of up to $2,600, have their vehicles impounded, and have their car’s registration cancelled if they are caught driving without insurance. You could also receive up to six demerit points. Even more, just as if you’d missed a car insurance payment and had your policy cancelled, your rates are likely to be much higher when you eventually purchase car insurance if you have an uninsured driving conviction on your record. For this reason, the smartest decision you can make as a driver in Grand Falls Windsor, NL, is to purchase adequate car insurance coverage.

Can I drive with an expired car insurance plan in Grand Falls-Windsor?

No. Driving with expired car insurance is the same as driving with no car insurance coverage whatsoever. It is illegal, and as such, you will be at risk of facing the severe penalties mentioned above, including a fine of up to $2,600.

Therefore, it is extremely important that you renew your car insurance policy before it expires. To do this, keep track of your renewal date and contact your insurance agent or broker before renewing your policy.

What coverage do Grand Falls-Windsor car insurance plans include?

The following four types of coverage are legally required in Newfoundland and Labrador, which means that all Grand Falls-Windsor policies will include them:

Third party liability coverage

Third party liability coverage is what a driver will claim if they cause a car accident that results in bodily harm or property damage. This type of coverage will help you pay for the cost of the accident, such as medical care if someone is injured or repair bills if someone’s car is totalled. It can also pay for legal fees, such as defence and settlement fees.

Accident benefits coverage

Accident benefits coverage is also mandatory and will pay for the cost of medical care if you or someone else involved in the accident is injured. Beyond covering medical expenses not covered by healthcare in Newfoundland and Labrador, accident benefits can also reimburse policyholders for lost income or pay for funeral fees.

Direct compensation coverage

With direct compensation coverage, a policyholder will receive a payout directly from their insurer to cover the cost of repairing their vehicle. This can be claimed as long as you are not liable for the accident.

Uninsured automobile coverage

Uninsured automobile coverage will pay for the cost of a collision if you are involved in an accident with an at-fault driver who does not have car insurance or does not have enough car insurance coverage to pay for it. It can also be claimed if you get into a hit-and-run and the other driver flees the scene of the accident.

How else can I insure my car in Grand Falls-Windsor?

Grand Falls-Windsor drivers can also insure their vehicles by adding extra protection to their policies. Although they are not legally required like the four coverages listed above, they can still come in handy whether you get into an accident or your car is stolen. Read on to learn more about these extra forms of protection below:

Collision coverage

Collision car coverage is a type of property damage coverage that will specifically pay for a policyholder to repair their car if it is damaged in an accident. If you get into a major collision, you can file a collision coverage claim that will help you pay for the cost of fixing your car or even replacing it if it is deemed a write-off.

What’s so great about this type of extra protection is that it can be claimed whether you caused the accident and whether it was with another vehicle, an animal, or a grounded object.

Please note that drivers who lease or finance their cars may be required to add this type of coverage to their policies according to the terms of their lease agreement. Be sure to read your lease agreement carefully.

Comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive car coverage is one of the most popular types of optional coverage among Grand Falls-Windsor motorists for a reason. It offers protection against the risks that come with a parked car.

While most car insurance coverage in Newfoundland and Labrador is centred on financial security against accidents, comprehensive coverage deals with non-collision-related incidents, such as vehicle theft or vandalism.

Comprehensive insurance usually covers the following perils: theft, vandalism, fire, explosions and riots, falling and flying objects, and weather-related incidents. Carefully review the terms of your policy for a complete list of insured perils.

Lastly, as with collision coverage, comprehensive coverage might be required for certain drivers, especially those who lease or finance their cars.

Accident forgiveness coverage

Another type of optional car insurance coverage popular among drivers in Grand Falls-Windsor is accident forgiveness. Accident forgiveness is additional coverage that can be added to your car insurance policy as an endorsement to protect your driving record and help prevent your insurance premium from increasing if you have an at-fault accident claim. Note: coverage and eligibility vary by province.

Loss of use coverage

Loss of use coverage will pay for you to get around if your car is temporarily unusable. The most common situation in which loss of use coverage comes into play is if you get into an accident that damages your car, and it needs to go into the shop to be repaired.

For the days or weeks that it’s in the shop, you would be without your car, which is not only inconvenient but could be costly. Thankfully, with loss of use coverage, you can be reimbursed for the transportation expenses incurred during this time, such as the cost of renting a car, taking taxis, or taking public transportation.

What factors affect Grand Falls-Windsor car insurance costs?

Many factors influence Grand Falls-Windsor car insurance costs. Age, location, driving record, and more will all be considered when an insurance agent determines your premium. The reality is that policyholders have control over some of these factors but not all of them.

In addition, since so many factors come into play, no two policyholders will pay the same amount for car insurance, even if they live in the same city. To give you an idea of what details matter to insurance companies, review the list below:

  • Where you live
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Vehicle type
  • How you use your vehicle
  • Driving record
  • Driving experience
  • Past claims
  • Prior insurance coverage
  • Number of kilometers you drive
  • Type of coverage on your policy
  • Your deductible

Now you see just how many factors go into calculating your Grand Falls-Windsor car insurance rates. Keep in mind that some companies might even consider additional factors, such as your credit score. Find out how car insurance affects credit scores.

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Grand Falls-Windsor car insurance FAQs

Do snow tires result in a car insurance discount in Grand Falls-Windsor?

They can. Some insurance companies offer discounts to drivers who install snow tires on their cars. This is due to the fact that snow tires reduce your odds of an accident when driving in winter conditions and, therefore, reduce your odds of filing an insurance claim. As a reward for this extra safety precaution you are taking, some insurers will offer you a discount on your Grand Falls-Windsor car insurance coverage.

How do car insurance deductibles in Grand Falls-Windsor work?

Car insurance deductibles are an amount of money that a policyholder is required to pay toward a loss after filing an insurance claim. For example, if you get into an accident, file a claim with your insurance claim, and your claim is approved, you will be required to pay your deductible amount before the insurance company steps in to pay the rest. Deductible amounts vary between policyholders, and each person gets to choose what deductible they want for their policy. For car insurance plans, these can vary between $250 and $2,000. The higher your deductible, the more you must pay in the event of an accident. However, if you select a higher deductible, you will also benefit from a cheaper premium since the insurance company recognizes that you are taking on this extra financial burden.

I got into a car accident that was my fault. Will my Grand Falls-Windsor auto insurance premium go up?

Most likely. Unless you have accident forgiveness coverage, your rates would likely stay the same after your first at-fault accident. However, if you don’t have this type of coverage added to your policy, you can expect a premium hike the next time your policy is renewed. Your insurance rates would likely remain higher until the accident was no longer on your record, which could take several years.

Does Grand Falls-Windsor auto insurance cover personal items stolen from my car?

No. Although comprehensive coverage can cover you if your vehicle is stolen or if permanent fixtures in your vehicle, such as the steering wheel or catalytic convertor, are stolen, it will not reimburse you for stolen personal items. No type of car insurance covers the theft of personal belongings. That said, your Grand Falls-Windsor home insurance plan might cover personal items stolen from your car, though you will need to review the terms and conditions of your policy. Please note that while auto insurance doesn’t cover personal items stolen from a vehicle, it can cover any other damage that occurs due to the theft, such as the cost of repairing a window that a thief broke.

When do Grand Falls-Windsor car insurance rates go down?

Many Grand Falls-Windsor motorists wonder, “ When does car insurance go down ?’ The answer to this question ultimately depends. For some drivers, they will notice a decrease after they turn 25. For others, it may take longer. It all depends on your level of driving experience, as well as your driving record, among other factors. If you want your premium to go down, focus on driving safely and obeying the road rules. Learn defensive driving skills and know where the blind spots on a car are so that you can avoid collisions.

How do I find the right Grand Falls-Windsor insurance policy?

The right policy for you is the one that meets your needs and budget. It should also comply with all local laws and regulations around car insurance in Newfoundland and Labrador.

How can I save money on Grand Falls-Windsor car insurance?

There are several ways that Grand Falls-Windsor motorists can start saving on their car insurance policies. For instance, they can bundle their home and auto policies, buy multiple car insurance plans, pay for their policies annually rather than monthly, equip their cars with winter tires and anti-theft devices, drive hybrid or electric vehicles or cars with high safety ratings, enrol in a driver’s education course, or qualify for an occasional driver or safe driver discount by driving less often and maintain a clean driving record, respectively.

Do I need a Newfoundland driver’s licence to buy Grand Falls-Windsor car insurance?

Yes. A valid driver’s licence is necessary to purchase car insurance anywhere in Newfoundland and Labrador, including Grand Falls-Windsor. You will also need a valid licence to register your vehicle with the province.

Does my Grand Falls-Windsor car insurance policy still cover me when driving in another province?

Yes, so long as you temporarily visit another Canadian province or territory. For example, if you take the ferry to Nova Scotia for a short visit, you can drive your car there without any issue. However, if you plan to permanently relocate to another Canadian province, you must notify your insurer and update your policy. You might even need to cancel it and find a new insurance policy with another company if your existing company does not offer coverage in your new home province.

What happens if I drive without auto insurance in Grand Falls-Windsor?

Driving without car insurance anywhere in Newfoundland and Labrador is a serious offence. Specifically, you can incur a $2,600 fine, have your vehicle impounded, have your vehicle’s registration cancelled, and receive up to six demerit points. Plus, if you get into an accident or your car is stolen, you will be on the hook for paying for the costs on your own.

How do I get a free car insurance quote in Grand Falls-Windsor?

You can get a free car insurance quote in Grand Falls-Windsor by contacting an insurance professional in your area. You can look up local insurance representatives or a local insurance company online and request a free quote on their website. You can also call around or even visit an insurance office in person. Obtaining a free car insurance quote can take as little as five minutes but usually takes no more than 15 minutes.

If you have any questions, contact one of our local branches.