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If you are a resident of Brooks, who is currently looking for the best car insurance in Alberta, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Auto insurance is legally mandated in Alberta, but that doesn’t make it a snap to find insurance coverage that’s just right for you. Luckily, BrokerLink’s car insurance brokers in Brooks can work with you personally to assign you comprehensive coverage at the lowest possible rate.

Mandatory car insurance in Brooks, Alberta

The provincial government in Alberta requires its drivers to carry auto insurance before they can get behind the wheel. For Brooks, car insurance is a must-have; as a city in southeast Alberta, much of its attractions and amenities are accessed on Highway 1, and with its proximity to the Trans-Canada Highway, you can expect a lot of travellers coming in and out of the city. The province of Alberta requires drivers to carry two mandatory coverages, which are as follows:

1. Accident benefits coverage

Accident benefits coverage is required in Alberta and drivers in Brooks must purchase at least $200,000 worth of protection. However, many drivers choose to increase this amount to $1,000,000. This is due to the fact that accident benefits coverage will cover medical expenses that Alberta Healthcare may not, such as rehabilitative expenses, physical therapy, and more. This coverage can kick in if anyone is injured in an accident, be that yourself, the other driver, pedestrians, or anyone’s passengers.

2. Third-party liability insurance

Third-party liability insurance kicks in if you are found to be at-fault in an accident. Accidents happen, but it doesn’t mean you’ll have to be in financial ruin because of them. This coverage can help cover the cost of repairs and injuries that you are responsible for.

Types of optional car insurance in Brooks

By law, you are required to carry accident benefits and third-party liability insurance in Alberta. You could be seriously fined if you are caught driving without these coverages. Brooks drivers might think that, in order to obtain affordable auto insurance in the province, they need to stick to the bare minimum. This can leave you seriously underinsured and overly exposed! Assess the benefits of the optional coverages lain out below with a car insurance broker in Brooks:

1. Comprehensive insurance

Comprehensive coverage is optional and will be subject to a deductible when you make a claim. As one of the more extensive forms of coverage offered in the province, comprehensive insurance can protect your vehicle from the cost of repairs due to damages non-collision-related, such as vandalism, theft, and fire.

2. Collision insurance

Collision insurance is designed to activate if you are involved in a collision with another vehicle, or even a stationary object. As an optional coverage, collision kicks in to protect your vehicle whether you were deemed at fault or not.

3. Specified perils coverage

Specified perils coverage extends beyond what collision coverage can insure you for, covering specific perils such as fire and vandalism. Technically, this coverage can vary depending on the provider you are with, so be sure to review your policy to see what is included. Specified perils gives you the option to maintain the same deductible no matter the peril, it may also reduce your rates.

If you are unclear on what your policy covers, consult with a BrokerLink car insurance expert.


How auto insurance companies in Brooks calculate car insurance premiums

Everyone will pay a different premium when it comes to car insurance. Brooks drivers are no exception; your rates reflect the risk you present to your insurer, which varies based on a lot of different things. Understanding these factors may help you to save money on your insurance, especially since many factors can be tweaked slightly in your favour.

Listed below are some of the different characteristics that car insurance companies use to calculate your premiums:

The level of coverage you choose

The more coverage you choose, the more you purchase, the more you’ll pay for your premiums. While many drivers may want to air on the cheaper side of things and opt for the bare minimum there’s actually a minimal cost difference between the provincially mandated coverage and the recommended amount that insurance providers offer.

The make and model of your vehicle

Some vehicles are more expensive to insure than others. This is due to their safety ratings, their theft likelihood, how expensive they are to repair, etc. If you want cheaper insurance and aren’t looking to spend a lot of money in the long run, take your time when buying a car. Purchase a vehicle that has a higher safety rating while also being less expensive to repair if it were to get into an accident. Higher safety rating vehicles might also help protect your peace of mind if you’re driving around with passengers or young children.

Your age

Younger drivers have less experience and are therefore placed into a category that is deemed to be higher risk. The only way to combat this is with time and the maintenance of a clean driving record. Taking an approved defensive driving course isn’t a bad idea, either.

Your insurance history

Your insurance history will play a role in how much your premiums will be. Making lots of claims doesn’t bode well for your odds of making claims again in the future.

Drivers that have a lapse in their insurance history or cancellations due to nonpayment may end up paying more for their auto insurance. Your best bet is to stay continuously insured to avoid paying any increased rates.

Your driving record

Regardless of your situation, being a good driver always pays. It reduces your odds of being involved in accidents and keeps everyone safe, plus you could be rewarded with lower insurance premiums. You may win a claims-free discount if you haven’t made a claim in the last three years or received a moving violation ticket.

Where you live

If you live in a location that tends to see high crime rates, congested traffic, and higher accident statistics, your insurance premiums may be affected.

Get simpler auto insurance in Brooks, Alberta

Auto insurance in Brooks is non-negotiable, and unfortunately, the reality of this means it is an inevitable cost. But it doesn’t have to break the bank. Getting affordable car insurance in Brooks is a possibility, and it can be done with the help of a BrokerLink insurance advisor. We are more than happy to meet all your insurance needs in a fashion that is simple and convenient, so you aren’t having to do it alone. A licenced professional is prepared to help you protect your loved ones and yourself. Call us today to get your own free Brooks car insurance quote.


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If you’re a member of a group or association, you may be eligible for more discounts.

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Brooks car insurance FAQs

At the best of times, car insurance in Brooks can be confusing. No one wants to spend hours and hours reading everything there is to know about insurance. For some, it’s just not worth their time. But if you have questions pertaining to your own situation, you can get in touch with a BrokerLink advisor to discuss. Our expertise is at your disposal and we want to help you be the best you.

Read on for some of our frequently asked questions about auto insurance:

Will I receive an auto insurance discount if I install my vehicle with winter tires?

You may be eligible for a discount, usually between 5-10%, if you equip your car with snow tires before a specific deadline. Not all insurance companies offer this discount though, so be sure to check with your provider to see if you are eligible.

What does it mean if I have been labelled a high-risk driver?

If you have been labelled a high-risk driver, it means that you have made too many claims, have had a history of cancellation due to nonpayment, or are simply statistically at a higher risk of being involved in an accident than your average driver. Not every insurance company will insure higher-risk profile drivers.

Does driving a hybrid or electric vehicle save me money on my insurance?

Many insurance companies will offer discounts for eco-friendly vehicles, but the actual discount may not outweigh the cost it would take to insure these cars. As it stands today, many electric and hybrid vehicles are costly to repair. Electric vehicles (standard options) may cost an average of $40,000 to purchase, but the higher-end modules - say, a Tesla Model S - can cost a driver upwards of $140,000. So while you would receive a discount of maybe 10-15% by driving a hybrid or electric vehicle, the discount you would receive might not outweigh the hike in premiums that you would be charged for the cost to insure your vehicle.

What is a multiple-vehicle insurance discount?

If you have multiple vehicles, choosing to insure them together may save you anywhere between 15-20% on each vehicle’s insurance policy. This is the less expensive option than insuring them separately, plus it saves you the complexities of having to go through two different insurance providers to review documents, do renewals, etc.

For more FAQs, visit the BrokerLink FAQs page.