Car Insurance in Thunder Bay

Located on the north shore of Lake Superior, the gorgeous city of Thunder Bay is a great place to call home. Along with a home, family and pet, most people have an automobile. You could drive an SUV, crossover, car, truck, RV, bus, or minivan, but chances are you have something that helps you get from A to B.

Why purchase car insurance in Thunder Bay, Ontario?

Because it's required. More than that, because you need it to protect one of your biggest investments. Thunder Bay drivers are not legally allowed to operate their vehicles without insurance, meaning that if you're caught riding down the Thunder Bay expressway without coverage, you could be seriously fined. In the province, you will be required to carry a certain amount of coverage. Anything after that is optional, but some coverages are highly recommended!

There are so many pros to having car insurance. Thunder Bay residents may find it helpful to learn that:

If you or your passengers are injured in an accident, you will have coverage

Accident benefits coverage is a mandatory and critical component of a comprehensive auto insurance policy in Thunder Bay. If you, your passengers, another driver or their passengers were to be injured in an accident, your accident benefits coverage provides aid for medical expenses that are not otherwise covered by OHIP, like rehabilitation or physical therapy.

You could have coverage if your vehicle is damaged by something non-collision-related

Did you know that while accident rates are on the rise, many vehicles are still primarily going to the shop for damages that were non-collision-related? Hail, wild animals, fire, etc., are all very real perils and could cause significant damage to your vehicle. If you have an optional coverage known as comprehensive insurance, the cost of repairs and replacements would be covered.

You could have coverage if your vehicle is damaged during a break-in

If your car was broken into or even stolen outright, the comprehensive coverage portion of your auto insurance in Thunder Bay can help cover the cost of repairs or replacements. This coverage is optional, so you would need to purchase it to have vandalism and theft included.

You'll have protection for your vehicle if you are involved in an accident

Accidents happen. While it can be a very stressful time, it's good to know that you'll have coverage for your vehicle's repairs or replacement, regardless of who was at fault. Even if another driver makes a mistake and you have no control over the circumstances, your car could suffer serious damage. Collision insurance is designed to cover the cost of repairs and replacements up until your policy's limits.

Mandatory Auto Insurance in Thunder Bay, Ontario

The province of Ontario requires you to carry auto insurance. Thunder Bay residents must acquire several specific coverages before they can legally operate their vehicles. In addition to these coverages, you may purchase optional protection, like collision, comprehensive, etc. The following coverages are mandatory in Thunder Bay:


Should you be found at fault in an accident, the third-party liability portion of your policy may help to pay out for other drivers' injuries or property damage. It can also help cover any legal expenses that may arise as a result of an accident you were involved in.

Direct compensation property damage

"Direct compensation" comes from the fact that this component of your insurance has you deal directly with your insurance provider in the event of a claim. It takes effect if your vehicle is damaged in an accident where you are deemed to be not at fault.

Accident benefits coverage

Unfortunately, besides the costs that come with repairing physical damage to cars and property, there are additional expenses that come with any injuries or even fatalities suffered in an automobile accident. Anyone who was involved in the accident, including yourself, pedestrians, passengers, or other drivers may require rehabilitative or medical attention following an accident. Accident benefits may cover these costs.

Uninsured automobile coverage

Auto insurance in Thunder Bay is mandatory, but some people will drive without it - illegally. The uninsured automobile coverage portion of your policy may cover you in the event you are involved in an accident with a driver who is at fault and is either underinsured or doesn't have coverage.

Here's How Car Insurance Rates in Thunder Bay Are Calculated

Several factors contribute to the overall premiums you'll end up paying in Thunder Bay. As a result, no one driver will end up paying the same premiums. At BrokerLink, we use your unique information to ensure that we can find you all possible savings based on your circumstances, and consequently a lower premium overall.

Thunder Bay car insurance companies will use the following factors to calculate your car insurance premiums:

The type of vehicle that you drive

Obviously, there are many factors that come into play with the type of vehicle you drive. There's the make, the model, the condition, etc. When you compare quotes, keep in mind that cars with high safety ratings tend to cost less to insure. Also, vehicles that are less expensive to repair or replace may see lower premiums.

The level of coverage you choose

The more coverage you buy, the more you will pay for your insurance. Work with an advisor to determine the correct level of coverage for your situation. The amount of coverage you purchase may make an impact as well. Consider using a broker to help you navigate what coverages are best for your situation and which ones you would be better off without.

Your age

Statistically, younger and more inexperienced drivers will have a higher chance of being involved in an accident. Younger drivers may see inflated rates until they hit the age of 25, at which point their rates may start to come back down to normal (assuming they remain conviction free and claims-free.)

Your driving record

Keeping a clean driving record can really pay off! Your insurance provider will link your driving history directly with your odds of being involved in an accident or needing to make a claim. The fewer tickets you have and the fewer at-fault accidents you're involved in, the higher chance you have of paying lower premiums.

Your insurance history

As far as your provider sees it, having made numerous claims in the past may mean you're more likely to make additional claims again in the future. Making dozens of small claims or having suspicious claims can be an indicator of insurance fraud, which can be a red flag to many insurance companies.

Where you live

Where you are located in Thunder Bay will factor into your auto insurance rates. Insurance providers will look at your postal code to see the crime rates and claim rates in the area where you live.

Tips for Lowering Your Thunder Bay Car Insurance Rates

The provincial average for auto insurance premiums in Ontario is among the highest in the country. This is unfortunately in part due to the fact that the province is so populous. If you are dissatisfied with your rates for car insurance, Thunder Bay BrokerLink's advisors are here to help. We're ready to find you the best rate for your insurance.

Working with a car insurance broker from ThunderBay BrokerLink is a good way to have someone in your corner who knows both you and how to get great insurance coverage. See our short guide on how to lower your premiums:

Enlist a BrokerLink advisor

A BrokerLink advisor can help meet all your insurance needs by getting to know you and using their expert insight to find great car insurance in Thunder Bay. They can match you with an insurance company that is suited to your requirements and give you deeper insights into discounts, coverage options, and more.

Try alternative transport

Driving less can reward you with significant insurance reductions. Your Thunder Bay auto insurance coverage premiums take into account your travelling distance. If you are below a specific threshold, you may see reductions in your premiums! To lower your mileage, consider alternative transport, like trains, buses, or even carpooling.

Purchase multiple policies through one insurance company

Some providers will offer discounts if you purchase multiple policies through them. If you have a tenant, home, or condo insurance policy, consider switching that to the same provider as your auto (assuming that they also offer that product) and reap the rewards of discounted insurance!

Raise your deductible

Deductibles usually range between $250-$1,000. If you are comfortable with paying a little more out of your own pocket if an accident does occur, consider raising your deductible amount. This may reward you with reduced insurance rates.

Purchase your next car wisely

Since the make and model of your vehicle affect the cost of your insurance, consider your next buy very carefully. Run a couple of different options through our quoting tool and compare car insurance quotes. Cars with high crash test scores, low theft likelihood, and inexpensive repair costs tend to be less expensive to insure.

Try usage-based insurance

If you're a good driver and your provider offers this program, ask about usage-based insurance. Usage-based insurance gauges rates off your driving behaviour, which is tracked through a telematics device. The better your driving behaviour, the better the rewards you will reap.

About BrokerLink

At Thunder Bay BrokerLink, we are eager to assist you with your insurance needs. Whether you need coverage for your car, your home, your recreational toys, your business, or even your pets, we have a solution for you. We'll connect you with leading insurance providers in Ontario and set you on your way to lower premiums.

We understand the convenience of owning your own car in Thunder Bay. We know how much you rely on it because we rely on our cars here, too. We want to help you protect your vehicle with the proper automobile insurance coverage.

Our friendly insurance brokers will find you competitive car insurance quotes and help you get the best insurance rate possible. We pride ourselves on being insurance experts, so we keep up-to-date on the latest policy changes and always provide you with the best car insurance policy for you. It’s always about finding you the best value for your money.

Want to save even more? Talk to us about bundling your home and auto insurance together. Before you head out for groceries, give us a call and see how you can save.


We're in your community

Part of our mission is to assist those who live in our community. As your neighbours, we understand your insurance needs and can't wait to meet you.

Why work with a BrokerLink broker

BrokerLink's insurance brokers from the Thunder Bay area are here to help you. Ever since 1991, our advisors have been helping Canadian drivers find the best auto insurance coverage for the best rates. Since we live among Thunder Bay drivers, we understand what kind of coverage will make the most sense for locals and their families. As one of Canada's largest insurance brokerages, we want you to have confidence that we have what it takes to protect your most valuable assets.

Find cheap car insurance in Thunder Bay

Our experts will shop around for you and ensure that all your insurance needs are met. Insurance certainly isn't fun, but we'll take the work out of it for you in order to help you find the best car insurance rate. A BrokerLink advisor tackles the "complexities" of insurance while you only need to let us know your budget and needs, and that's it! A licensed professional is ready to help protect you and your loved ones and find the cheapest car insurance. Give us a call today and get free Thunder Bay car insurance quotes.

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Thunder Bay Insurance FAQs

How long does an at-fault accident affect my insurance rates?

It depends on the severity of the accident that you were involved in, but usually most accidents or moving violations will remain on your record for up to 3 years. Criminal convictions, like DUIs, can remain on your driver's abstract for up to 10 years.
If your driving record remains in good standing for three or more years after your accident, your rates will likely go back down to what they were pre-accident!

Does using winter tires qualify me for an insurance discount?

It can. Different insurance companies offer different discounts on insurance, so not all of them may reward you for installing winter tires on your car. Those that do offer discounts may request you install your tires before a specific deadline, usually between the months of October-December.

Do I need to purchase car insurance in Thunder Bay?

Yes, it's mandatory in the province of Ontario and throughout Canada. You could be fined tens of thousands of dollars if you are caught driving without insurance.

What is the best auto insurance company in Thunder Bay?

The best insurance company is really dependent on what your needs are. One company might be best for you, whereas another might be best for your neighbour. It all depends on your budget and your unique circumstances.

Will my auto insurance coverage cover my personal belongings if they are stolen from my car?

While the comprehensive portion of your auto insurance policy may cover any damages done to your vehicle during a break-in, any belongings stolen out of your vehicle will likely be covered under your home insurance policy - or any applicable policy containing contents coverage (such as a tenant or condo policy.)

Do I need to have a license to purchase car insurance?

Yes, you will be required to carry a valid driver's license before you can purchase car insurance. Purchasing car insurance in Thunder Bay requires the car to be registered under your name. In order to register the car and get license plates, you will need a valid driver's license. You'll also need to provide a driver abstract, information about others who will be driving tour car, and vehicle registration before you can purchase insurance.

Will my Thunder Bay car insurance cover me if I'm driving in Alberta?

Your car insurance will cover you in another province, but if you are moving to another province, you must obtain insurance in that new province within a maximum of 90 days. To ensure your insurance remains valid, you should try to change your registration and insurance over as soon as possible.

What are the consequences of driving without insurance?

In Ontario, the consequences of driving without valid insurance can be very serious. For a first offence, you can be fined up to $10,000 and have to pay a 15% surcharge. It's just not worth the risk. The average yearly premiums in Ontario are about $1,300-$1,700 - a fraction of what you might be fined if you're caught without insurance.

For more FAQs, visit the BrokerLink FAQs page.