ATV Insurance

For the adventurous and eager to explore the wilderness, an All-Terrain Vehicle provides the thrill of riding a big bike, but with a more robust and rugged build to climb steep hills, cruise tricky downward slopes, and rev through big rocks and mud. After all, it’s rated for all terrains.

But with these tough terrains — and the large, rugged exterior of ATVs — comes the higher risk of accidents and injuries. That’s because your body isn’t shielded by the vehicle and instead exposed while you ride these big bikes. Are you properly protected to survive anything that can happen on these off-road adventures?


Why You Need ATV Insurance

You need a comprehensive insurance plan to protect yourself on the road — and more so when you’re on a big bike like an ATV. For one, its weight can be far more crushing when it rolls over a rider. Plus, the energy transfer alone that comes with every sharp turn, climb, or descent of steep terrain can send a rider flying much farther — and falling to the ground much harder.

ATV insurance provides comprehensive protection for the most common and deadly risks of riding ATVs, as well as the cost of repairing or replacing physical damage to the vehicles after an accident. This specialized insurance program covers the basics of auto and recreational vehicle insurance, such as personal injury, income replacement, physical damage, and third party liability. Yet it comes with terms and limits tailored to the risks of ATVs and the cost of high-impact damage that their rugged and robust bodies can cause.

ATV Insurance For Vehicle Damage

The simple fact is, ATVs are expensive — they’re an investment in off-road leisure, and can also be put to work in the field for plowing and mowing. These tough terrains and jobs require robust and rugged parts to withstand the harsh conditions on dirt roads and fields. When they’re damaged as a result of an accident, theft, vandalism, and natural events like lightning strikes, ATVs require repairs, parts replacement, or even total replacement, depending on the damage sustained. ATV insurance covers the cost of this damage to ensure that you can get back on the road with your ATV safely.

ATV Personal Injury Insurance

ATVs are large and heavy — their rough parts and rugged bodies can easily injure anyone in an accident. While medical treatments are covered by government health insurance in Canada, you still need resources for ongoing rehabilitative treatment and income replacement for the time you’re recovering, or worse, if you’re unable to go back to work. In severe accidents that result in the loss of life, ATV insurance will also pay out a death benefit to help with immediate expenses and secure the future of your loved ones.

ATV Liability Insurance

Accidents involving an ATV are often large and serious in nature. These vehicles are driven on dirt roads that aren’t just far from city centres and hospitals — riders flung off their bikes can slam onto hard rocks and other rough surfaces, which lead to worse injuries. They could also be injured from the weight of the ATV and its rugged parts.

The last thing anyone needs is to be found liable for an ATV accident. That’s why ATV insurance comes with liability coverage. It’s a set amount that can be used towards legal fees and compensating injured or worse, deceased third parties, as well as damage to their property. With liability protection, you can secure your savings and avoid being bankrupt by serious personal injury lawsuits.

Ask Our Brokers About ATV Insurance

At BrokerLink, we know all about the thrills and risks of riding ATVs in the scenic outdoors — and we’re committed to preserving the adventures that come with it. We’ve partnered with major ATV insurance providers in Canada to present off-road enthusiasts like you with leading coverage plans for ATV damage, personal injury, and liability protection. We tailor each plan according to your needs and budget so that you can take on the toughest terrains easily and safely.


ATV Insurance FAQ's

Are ATVs Covered by Homeowner's Insurance?

It's unlikely that your ATV is covered by your home insurance policy. However, it depends on your exact coverage and policy. Call your broker to determine what coverage you have and what coverage you might need.

Why Are ATVs Not Street Legal?

ATVs are designed to be driven off traditional roads. This means they aren't equipped with safety features like airbags, turning signals, horns and seat belts. This makes them unsafe to drive on the road.