Car Insurance in Sudbury, Ontario

Getting around Sudbury is best done by car. When you have a car, you can easily get yourself from Laurentian University to Cambrian College, without ever needing to make a stop for anything besides the traffic lights. Possessing your own vehicle to drive around makes everything so much more convenient. Ontarians do tend to see higher rates for car insurance, but Sudbury BrokerLink wants to help make life a little easier by lending you a bit of our insurance expertise.

Mandatory Car Insurance in Sudbury, Ontario

The province of Ontario requires you to carry auto insurance. Sudbury residents must first obtain several different kinds of mandatory coverage before they are permitted to drive on public roads. On top of purchasing mandatory insurance, drivers also have the option to select from several different kinds of optional coverage - to enhance their existing protection. Here is what makes up mandatory auto insurance coverage:

Direct compensation property damage

The name from direct compensation property damage originates from the fact that this coverage will require you to deal only with one insurer: your own. It activates if you are involved in an accident and your car is damaged when you were deemed not at-fault.

Uninsured automobile coverage

Despite the severe consequences that you may face if you are caught without insurance, some individuals still opt to drive recklessly without it. If you are involved in an accident with an underinsured or uninsured motorist, this component of your coverage will protect you.


Third-party liability coverage kicks in if you are ever sued for causing property damage or a personal injury in an accident where you are at-fault or deemed somewhat at-fault. It can cover the cost of damages and other drivers' or passengers' injuries.

Accident benefits coverage

There are costs that come out of collisions besides the obvious physical repair damages. If anyone involved in the accident including pedestrians, yourself, your passengers, or other drivers is injured and requires medical attention that extends beyond what your OHIP would cover, accident benefits include protection for those expenses.

How do insurers determine my car insurance rates for Sudbury, Ontario?

Drivers in Sudbury, Ontario might be disappointed to learn that the province of Ontario is often assigned some of the highest auto insurance rates in the country. This is due to rates of insurance fraud, distracted driving, and the fact that many cities in the province are highly populated. To combat these inflated rates, drivers may benefit from learning about how their rates are calculated exactly. Here is what goes into your premiums:

Driving record

Having a lot of moving violations, being involved in multiple severe or at-fault accidents, or having a track record of speeding can signal to insurance companies that you're at higher risk of making a claim. If you have a poor driving history, you'll pay more for your insurance.

This is also why inexperience is often flagged the same way as a poor driving record. You haven't had enough time spent behind the wheel to demonstrate safe driving skills. With patience and time spent compiling a clean driving history, this can change.

Kilometres driven

Your commute distance is also considered when calculating your car insurance rates. In Sudbury, driving less and on slower traffic times may qualify you for lower rates. Vice versa, driving a lot, at night, or in Greater Sudbury (downtown especially) may put you in the higher risk category and you could be assigned higher rates.

The type of vehicle you drive

The condition, make, model and year of the vehicle that you drive can make or break your car insurance premiums. Your Sudbury car insurance may cost you less or more depending on the safety ratings of your vehicle, how costly its parts are to repair or replace, etc. If your budget is tight and you are still looking to purchase a vehicle, keep in mind car insurance costs when you are finalizing your decision.


Insurance costs vary from province to province, but they also may vary from city to city and even postal code! Depending on where you are located in Sudbury, car insurance may cost you more or less. Postal code accounts for traffic conditions in your local area, crime rates, and accident frequency.


While it can be exciting to be a new driver with his or her very first car insurance policy, new drivers tend to pay more for their Sudbury car insurance. This is due to the fact that auto insurance is priced higher for inexperienced drivers since they are statistically more likely to be involved in accidents, what with their inexperience and lack of time learning how to handle stressful situations behind the wheel.

About BrokerLink

At Sudbury BrokerLink, our advisors tirelessly assist Southern Ontario drivers on their journey of getting the best car insurance rates. We use our refined insurance decision-making skills to help you find comprehensive insurance solutions, whether those are for your business, your car, your home, your recreational items, or even your pets. We won't beat around the bush. Ontario car insurance rates are higher than most other provinces. Let's help you combat that by helping you get the best prices.


We're in your community

BrokerLink is a part of your community here in Sudbury. Car insurance quotes shouldn't take all day to get, and they shouldn't be confusing. We understand the needs of our neighbours and assist them on a personal level.

Why work with a BrokerLink broker

While on your journey for the best Sudbury auto insurance, consider enlisting a BrokerLink advisor to help you with comparing quotes. We've been dedicated to bettering Canadians' journeys in finding cheap car insurance since 1991. Since we live in the communities we serve, we know the needs of our local drivers and can save you both time and money.

Since we're one of Canada's largest insurance brokerages, you can imagine we've been around the block for a time or two. Let us help you compare car insurance quotes with expert insight. Begin today by obtaining a free Sudbury auto insurance quote.

Get the best rates in Sudbury, Ontario

Comprehensive coverage is more than just a luxury purchase. Car insurance in Sudbury is mandatory, and without it, you could face some severe fines if you're caught behind the wheel. BrokerLink's advisors make it easier for Sudbury drivers by helping them obtain the right coverage and compare rates in an easy, convenient fashion. Let our advisors do right by you and meet all your insurance needs in one place. Get in touch with a licensed professional today or get your own free Sudbury auto insurance quote.

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If you’re a member of a group or association, you may be eligible for more discounts.

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Sudbury Auto Insurance FAQs

Reading about car insurance coverage is not anyone's idea of a good time.

Unless you're an insurance professional, you probably have some questions. Sudbury BrokerLink understands the need for insurance expertise in the city as well as the requirements of our neighbours in Ontario. Cheap car insurance is always in high demand.

Learn more about your car insurance policy by reading up on our frequently asked questions below:

What car insurance discounts am I eligible for?

Every insurance company offers different discounts. Some offer discounts for loyalty, retirees, groups and clubs, organizations, and more. It depends on the provider you're insured through. Ask your broker about qualifying for special insurance discounts to help you save money on your rates.

Will my insurance be reduced if I install winter tires on my car?

It could be, permitting that your provider offers discounts for snow tires. Some auto insurance companies will discount your insurance by 5% or more if you equip your vehicle with the right winter gear between the months of October to December, or whenever their deadline is.

What does it mean if I'm labelled a high-risk driver?

Being labelled high-risk means you fall into a category that insurance companies have deemed as being more likely to make a claim. This could be because of your insurance history (if you have made too many claims, had a history of nonpayment, or a lapse in coverage), it could be because of your driving record, and it could be because of your circumstances. Not all insurance companies will cover high-risk drivers. You may need to acquire special, oftentimes limited coverage through unique providers to get insured.

Does my insurance cover me if I drive in another province?

If you often drive in other cities or even in another province, your car insurance will cover you. If you decide to move to that other province, you will need to switch your insurance and registration over to reflect the regulations and requirements of that province within 90 days of moving there.

Will my coverage protect me if my phone is stolen from my car?

Comprehensive coverage, an optional endorsement, would cover any damages done to your vehicle at the time of the break-in. This may include any smashed windows or dented doors. However, your belongings in your home would fall under your home insurance policy, or whatever policy you have containing contents coverage.

Is driving in rural Sudbury less expensive than if I lived downtown?

You may see your insurance rates go down if you move from downtown to a more rural area. Drivers living in rural areas tend to see less expensive insurance due to the fact that there are less drivers overall on the roads out here and, consequently, less chance of being involved in a collision with another driver. Premiums for drivers in Greater Sudbury versus rural Sudbury may be quite different.

For more FAQs, visit the BrokerLink FAQs page.