Car Insurance in Sherwood Park

There are well over 60,000 residents of Sherwood Park, making this community a "hamlet" for all different types of people: professionals without children, young singles, retirees, and larger families. The hustle and bustle of Sherwood Park and the constant need to be on the go makes for the necessity of having a vehicle. For busy families and young singles alike, you need the best car insurance. BrokerLink is happy to help.

Mandatory car insurance in Sherwood Park, Alberta

Our insurance advisors at BrokerLink adore simple, particularly when it comes to vehicle insurance services. All we need from you is one call and we'll connect you with one of our friendly Sherwood Park insurance brokers to get you started on your auto insurance needs. Before you get insured, you should know that in Alberta, there are several mandatory coverages you'll need to acquire.

In Alberta, you could face serious fines if you are caught driving without valid insurance. A first-offence fine will have you paying a minimum of $2,875 to up to $10,000. If you fail to pay this fine, you could face 45 days to 6 months in jail. It's no joke. You're better off purchasing the insurance you need. Below is a list of the mandatory coverages you need to drive in AB:

Accident benefits coverage

Regardless of who is named at fault, this component of your auto insurance policy in Sherwood Park is designed to kick in to cover medical expenses. Alberta Health may cover some medical fees but may be limited when it comes to rehabilitative costs and physical therapy. Your accident benefits will cover yourself, passengers, other drivers, and pedestrians injured in the accident by up to $200,000. You can opt to increase this limit - most drivers choose to increase theirs to at least $1,000,000.

Third-party liability insurance

This portion of your Sherwood Park auto insurance covers you if you are deemed at fault for an accident. It may kick in to cover repair costs for vehicles or property that has been damaged in an accident you were responsible for, in addition to any medical costs arising from the accident. Third-party liability insurance may also cover any legal fees or damages that the injured parties are entitled to.

Types of optional auto insurance in Sherwood Park

Mandatory coverage is required by law and you can be fined if you are caught without it. Sherwood Drivers may think that cheap auto insurance comes from purchasing the bare minimum, and solely the bare minimum. But if any accident occurs, it's often your optional coverages that supply the most protection. The costs that could come from an accident may add up very quickly. Below are some descriptions of a few optional coverages for your car insurance in Sherwood Park:

Collision insurance

This coverage is optional and subject to a deductible. It will apply to protect your vehicle whether you were responsible for an accident or not. Collision insurance may kick in if you are involved in an accident with another vehicle, an object, or even wildlife.

Comprehensive insurance

Comprehensive insurance insures your vehicle against damages non-collision-related, such as if your car was parked outside your home and severely damaged due to a hailstorm. It can also cover vandalism, theft, fire, and so on. It is optional and also subject to a deductible.

Specified perils coverage

This coverage goes a little beyond what collision insurance might cover, insuring you for specific damages on top of collisions with other vehicles or objects. It might include perils such as vandalism and fire. Each policy will vary exactly in what it covers, so be sure to discuss with your provider what your coverage protects you for.

A BrokerLink insurance broker from Sherwood Park will be happy to discuss your insurance needs with you, especially if you are uncertain about what you are covered for.


What factors contribute to Sherwood Park car insurance rates?

As a resident of Sherwood Park, you might not be familiar with all the factors that go into calculating your car insurance. Pricing premiums is a careful science and takes into account numerous different variables and characteristics. Drivers might find it useful to understand what is used to gauge their rates in order to find better coverage, or to even tweak their driving behaviours in order to lower their rates. Below are some of the most important factors that go into calculating your premiums in Sherwood Park:

1. Kilometres driven

The more you are on the road, the more likely you are to be involved in a crash. It also matters when you drive. If you're someone who uses their vehicle once or twice a week to go get groceries down the street, you probably won't be charged quite as much as if you drove every day and during peak traffic times.

2. The kind of vehicle you drive

Your vehicle's condition as well as its make and model will impact your insurance premiums. Driving a Tesla Model X is great fun, but these cars can be expensive to repair and may have a lower safety rating than, for example, a Kia Sorento. You can combat higher rates by equipping your vehicle with anti-theft devices and security systems.

3. Driving record

Your driving record will be reflected by your insurance rates. If you are someone who has had a lot of moving violations or been involved in numerous at-fault accidents, expect to see much higher rates than if you had a clean record. Higher-risk drivers may lose a lot of benefits that standard insurance provides, such as flexible payment plans, increased coverage limits, etc.

Inexperience can also signal to your insurance providers that you are in a demographic that experiences most accidents. A lot of younger people don't have the necessary practice behind the wheel that they need to understand how to handle themselves in the face of an accident.

4. Location

You'll be asked for your postal code during the quoting process. Accurate quotes are best gauged when taking into account where you live because then your provider can factor in crime rates, population density, traffic accident rates, and more. You may also be subject to rate fluctuations if you live in an area that is prone to climate-related accidents.

5. Age

As stated previously, inexperience often signals to providers that you are at higher-risk of being involved in an accident. Drivers under the age of 25 will experience inflated rates, which over time will start to decrease (so long as you remain claims-free!) You can combat the hike in your rates by taking an approved defensive driving course.

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Alberta is a great place to drive and it's a one-of-a-kind experience for visitors to the province, but as a resident you're probably aware of how congested traffic can get and how troublesome rush hour can get. Luckily, your Sherwood car insurance can cover you if you ever get into a pinch - but we wouldn't call the process of shopping for coverage a "fun way to spend your time." With BrokerLink, all your coverage needs can be met in a few clicks! A licenced professional will help you and your loved ones find comprehensive coverage.

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If you’re a member of a group or association, you may be eligible for more discounts.

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Sherwood Park car insurance FAQs

No one opts to select their insurance policy as their bedtime reading.

At BrokerLink, our team more than understands the nuances and many "grey areas" of insurance. For the everyday policyholder, there simply isn't time to understand every single thing there is to know about insurance. That's why we're here.

We are happy to navigate the complexities of insurance on your behalf and provide you with some answers to many of our frequently asked questions:

What is a policy bundle discount?

If you have multiple insurance policies, you can choose to switch providers to have all your policies purchased through a single insurance company. Many insurance companies will offer a discount for return customers. So if you have a home insurance, tenant insurance, condo insurance, etc. policy, switch over to the same provider as your auto provider to reap the benefits. The same may apply if you own multiple vehicles.

Will my auto insurance cover me if I use my vehicle to do deliveries?

Auto insurance in Sherwood Park may only cover your vehicle for personal usage unless you have purchased a separate commercial policy for when you are using your car to do deliveries. Some companies, such as Uber, will offer their employers with commercial policies - but otherwise you might need to go through the process of acquiring coverage on your own.

Does my car insurance protect me if I'm using a rental vehicle in the States?

It can if you have the right endorsement. Complete Rental Protection is an endorsement you can add to your existing policy. It combines two popular endorsements: Damage to Non-Owned Vehicles and Loss of Vehicle Use. Some travel insurance policies may also include coverage for rental vehicles.
Your credit card might also include coverage for rental vehicles, but you should always check first to see what this coverage includes and if it's enough for your vehicle.
Finally, you can insure a rental vehicle by purchasing the rental agency's insurance. This is the most expensive option and can cost you up to $50-$60/day to insure, and the coverage is often limited.

For more FAQs, visit the BrokerLink FAQs page.