Snowmobile Insurance

Sub-zero temperatures, soft, white ground, and chilly air all point towards another snowy winter in Canada. With icy roads and snowy trails, you’ll need a reliable way to get out of town to open terrains or trails.

Many Canadian residents love riding their snowmobiles or ski-doos. It’s a motorized vehicle built for the harsh road conditions in the winter, as well as recreation in the snow. Rated especially for snow and ice, you can cruise through rough terrains quickly and safely in sub-zero weather. But just how safe are you on a snowmobile plowing through icy terrains?


What Is Snowmobile Insurance?

Designed specifically for winter travel and recreation, snowmobiles are built exactly for snowy open roads and icy trails. Because of these, it’s no secret that snowmobiles travel through some of the most treacherous road conditions. And even if they’re built exactly for the winter, the risk of an accident isn’t far behind.

Snowmobile insurance is a comprehensive protection for your ride and safety in these high-risk seasonal conditions. It’s designed to protect your snowmobile from the impact of accidents, such as physical damage, personal injury and income replacement, and third party liability. When you plow through these hazardous road conditions for mobility, work, or even recreation, you’ll want complete protection to navigate the increased risks of open roads in the winter.

Property Damage

The risk of an accident occurring in open roads is high — and we can’t underscore its increase as snow and ice fill the terrain when the temperatures drop in Canada. An upset, collision, or rollover can easily damage your snowmobile and its parts, which require repair or replacement to restore function.

Snowmobile insurance also covers damage sustained from common property crimes, such as theft and vandalism, as well as natural events like lightning strikes and hail. It doesn’t matter whether you operate a snowmobile purely for recreation or work — even the most experienced drivers who are no strangers to open roads and trails require this comprehensive protection.

Personal Injuries From Snowmobile Accidents

Just like in any vehicular accident, snowmobiles can also cause severe personal injuries to drivers and other third parties involved. The weight and exterior of these motor vehicles alone can easily crush or bruise someone, and cause massive internal injuries when driving on distant and icy roads.

Snowmobile insurance protects you and your loved ones from the impact of snowmobile accidents. While emergency medical care may be covered by government healthcare, you may need rehabilitative treatments, as well as income replacement and disability benefits. In severe accidents that result in loss of life, snowmobile insurance pays out a death benefit to help secure the immediate financial needs of your loved ones.

Snowmobile Liability

An upset or collision is already bad enough for your health and the damage to your snowmobile. But what happens when these accidents hurt other people — or worse, when you are found responsible for them?

Snowmobile insurance includes liability coverage. This set amount is based on a specified coverage limit in your plan and covers the cost of legal fees and settlements for the property damage and injuries sustained by a third party. This coverage protects your savings and helps you get back on your feet — and on the snow in open roads safely.

Ask Us About Snowmobile Insurance

At BrokerLink, we know just how much winter work and recreation is part of life in Canada — and how much you count on a working snowmobile to shuttle you around despite the snow and ice. For this, we’ve partnered with the leading insurance providers in Canada to equip you with snowmobile insurance. With a plan tailored according to your lifestyle and budget, we can protect you when you’re on the coldest and snowiest open roads.


Snowmobile Insurance FAQ's

How Much Does it Cost to Insure a Snowmobile?

The cost of snowmobile insurance varies depending on where you live and your insurance history. To get a quote, call an insurance broker.

Are Snowmobiles Covered Under Homeowners Insurance?

It really depends on your coverage and the specific policy you hold. Most likely, your home owner's insurance does not extend to your snowmobile. Call your broker to determine what is covered under your policy and if you need to purchase additional coverage to protect your snowmobile.

Do I need Snowmobile Insurance in Ontario?

If you drive your snowmobile off your property you must have liability insurance. This is the law in provinces and territories across Canada.

Can You Drive a Snowmobile with a G1 license?

Yes, you can drive a snowmobile with a G1 license. In order to operate a snowmobile in Ontario, you must be 16 years of age and have any class of drivers license.