Travel and Trip Cancellation Insurance

You worked hard and saved your money to go on vacation, so the last thing you should be thinking about is whether or not you’re protected. Travel insurance is coverage to protect you if there is a medical emergency, lost or stolen baggage and even trip interruption or cancellation.

There are many reasons to get travel insurance, but one of the most important is to make sure you have access to medical facilities and resources while abroad. Talk to a BrokerLink broker to understand the travel protection you need to fully enjoy your next vacation.

Learn more about what travel insurance covers

Similar to most personal insurance, when choosing your travel insurance, you have multiple coverage options to choose from. It’s up to you to decide how much coverage you want to get. However, the Government of Canada website recommends you have insurance that covers the following: pre-existing medical conditions, medical evacuation, and repatriation in case of death. The coverage you need may depend on whether you have any medical issues that might need to be addressed abroad.

How much will it cost?

The right amount of travel insurance is going to be different for everyone, so it is difficult to give an average price that could apply to all travellers. For instance, the needs of a traveller with a pre-existing medical condition are going to be higher than someone with a clean bill of health. The best way to find out how much travel insurance will cost you is to get a quote. Talk to a BrokerLink broker about your upcoming travels and learn more about your options.

Factors that affect travel insurance

When it comes to calculating the cost of travel insurance the methods used to calculate policy premiums can differ slightly between insurers. With that said, there are some general factors that could have more of an impact on the price of your travel insurance than others.

  • Pre-existing conditions: Someone with a pre-existing medical condition may be perceived to have a higher probability of filing a claim.
  • Length of trip: The longer amount of time you spend abroad, the higher the chances of you getting sick or hurt.
  • Age of travellers: The cost of travel insurance can increase with age.
  • Destination: The price of travel insurance does not vary depending on the country you visit but can vary if you buy insurance only for travel within Canada (other provinces).

We’ve got options

When discussing travel insurance many people will immediately think about health coverage. However, there are several different types of coverage to be aware of while preparing for your next trip. Here is a list of possible insurance options to consider.

  • Worldwide single-trip, top-up or multi-trip policies
  • Canada only plans
  • Full coverage or stability options
  • Emergency medical
  • All-inclusive coverage (includes emergency medical coverage plus trip cancellation, trip interruption, and baggage loss)

Often coverage options can be packaged together for individuals or groups of people to save money.

Travelling within Canada?

Thanks to a nationwide inter-provincial agreement, while travelling within Canada you can take advantage of some health-care services in other provinces. However, you may not be completely covered and it is good to be aware of any limitations of care within the destination province while travelling within Canada.

Get covered for that year abroad

Whether you're an international student coming to Canada to study or you’re a Canadian looking to travel abroad, it’s important to protect yourself with the right coverage during your stay. Peace of mind means you can concentrate on your studies, while we focus on your insurance. Plus, if you are coming from abroad to study here in Canada, it’s mandatory to have some kind of coverage.

Long term travel insurance

Are you a snowbird or travelling for more than 30 days? If so, you are certainly not alone. Many Canadians leave for warmer destinations during the winter. Just don’t forget the travel insurance you need to take full advantage of your winter getaway. Long term travel insurance policies are designed just for you. In the event that you fall sick or are injured, you’ll be able to get the treatment you need, even when flying far from home. Long term travel insurance may cover an array of unfortunate travel situations, like trip cancellation, lost baggage, and expenses resulting from an in-flight accident. Talk to one of BrokerLink’s experts today for more information or to get a quote

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