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If quality car insurance is what you’re after, an insurance broker in Liverpool can help you find it. In fact, BrokerLink’s team of Nova Scotia-based insurance brokers can help you find anything from regular auto insurance to electric car insurance. So what are you waiting for? Keep reading to learn more about our top-notch car insurance services.

Is car insurance a legal requirement in Liverpool, Nova Scotia?

To put it simply, yes. Car insurance is a legal requirement if you wish to drive anywhere in Nova Scotia. Specifically, Liverpool motorists must carry the following four types of coverage with them at all times:

Now that you know what types of car insurance you require in Nova Scotia, you might wonder where to get it. As with business insurance in Nova Scotia or home insurance in Nova Scotia, car insurance can be purchased from an insurance agent or a broker. Many drivers choose to enlist the help of a broker due to the benefits that they offer.

For instance, a broker can explain how mandatory car insurance works to ensure your policy complies with local laws and offer advice on the best types of extra protection for your needs. A broker will also shop around on your behalf and obtain quotes from the top insurance companies in the province.

Can I drive without auto insurance in Liverpool, Nova Scotia?

No. As mentioned above, you need a valid car insurance policy to drive in Liverpool. Without one, driving is illegal. Thus, driving without car insurance puts you at risk of several types of penalties. If you are caught driving without auto insurance in Nova Scotia, you could receive a fine of between $2,000 and $4,000, as well as have your car impounded for up to 90 days, have your driver’s licence suspended for up to 365 days (or longer), and face jail time. Therefore, the smartest thing you can do is purchase valid coverage that meets local laws in Nova Scotia.

Remember that driving with an expired car insurance policy is the same as driving with no insurance policy at all. In essence - they are both illegal. Thus, if your policy recently expired, you will need to renew it. To learn more about expired car insurance renewal, contact BrokerLink.

What types of car insurance coverage do I need in Liverpool?

Liverpool drivers must include the following four types of coverage in their car insurance policies:

Third party liability coverage

Third party liability coverage is the first type of compulsory car insurance coverage in Liverpool, Nova Scotia. Policyholders can file a liability claim if they get into an accident that they cause.

In other words, if you are deemed at fault for an accident, your insurance provider can help you pay for the cost of the damage via the third party liability portion of your policy. This type of coverage can pay for legal fees, medical expenses, and vehicle repair bills.

Accident benefits coverage

Accident benefits coverage will pay for the cost of medical or rehabilitative care if someone is injured in an accident. Whether it’s the policyholder or a passenger that is injured, and whether they suffer a concussion, break their arm, or even die, accident benefits can be claimed. Types of fees that it will cover include medical expenses not covered by health insurance, such as prescription medications, as well as lost income and funeral expenses.

Direct compensation coverage

Direct compensation coverage will pay for your car to be fixed if it is damaged in an accident that you were not responsible for. The payout will be issued directly from your insurance company.

Uninsured automobile coverage

Uninsured automobile coverage, also known as uninsured motorist coverage, can be claimed if they are involved in an accident with a motorist who is uninsured, underinsured, or anonymous because they fled the scene. As with liability coverage, uninsured automobile coverage can pay for medical fees and vehicle repair bills.

What types of car insurance coverage are optional for Liverpool drivers?

Compulsory coverage in Nova Scotia is the most basic form of auto insurance coverage. For this reason, many Liverpool drivers choose to add extra forms of protection to their car insurance plans. A few of these forms of protection may include:

Collision coverage

Collision car coverage is a type of optional coverage that can be added to your policy to help you pay to repair or replace your car if it is damaged or totalled in an accident. You might be eligible for a collision coverage claim even if you caused the accident, no matter if the accident was with another car, an animal, or an object on the road. Although it’s usually optional, some Liverpool drivers must be required to purchase it if they lease or finance their vehicles.

Comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive car coverage, also known as parked car insurance, offers financial security in the event that your car is damaged while parked. The types of damage that comprehensive insurance covers vary widely. For example, comprehensive insurance usually covers theft, vandalism, falling and flying objects, explosions and riots, fire, and weather-related incidents.

Thus, if your car was stolen or a fire broke out and damaged it, you could file a comprehensive coverage claim, and your insurer would issue a payout to help you repair or replace your car. As with collision coverage, comprehensive coverage is usually optional but may be obligatory in certain circumstances, such as leasing or financing your car.

Accident forgiveness coverage

One more type of optional car insurance coverage popular among drivers in Liverpool is accident forgiveness. Accident forgiveness is additional coverage that can be added to your car insurance policy as an endorsement to protect your driving record and help prevent your insurance premium from increasing if you have an at-fault accident claim. Note: coverage and eligibility vary by province.

Waiver of depreciation

A waiver of depreciation is usually added to car insurance plans as riders or endorsements and can be claimed if your car suffers extreme damage and is deemed a write-off. This type of coverage will ensure you receive a larger payout if your car is damaged so badly that it is totalled and needs to be replaced.

Note: There are specific guidelines to this coverage, such as the vehicle must be brand new or within one model year on the date of purchase to be eligible.

Loss of use coverage

Loss of use coverage might also be worth adding to your Liverpool car insurance plan as it will pay for you to get around while your car is in the shop. For instance, if you get into an accident that damages your car and it needs to be repaired, you can file a loss of use claim to pay for the cost of renting a car, taking Ubers or Lyfts, or taking public transportation until your car is fixed.

Factors that impact Liverpool car insurance rates

Now that you know more about what Liverpool car insurance covers, you might wonder how much it costs. The reality is that the cost of Liverpool car insurance depends on a number of factors. The premium that an insurance company assigns you is based on a complex risk-calculation formula that considers a wide variety of details, like your age, driving record, claims history, and more. Below is a list of some of the most important factors:

  • Where you live
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Vehicle type
  • How you use your vehicle
  • Driving record
  • Driving experience
  • Past claims
  • Prior insurance coverage
  • Number of kilometers you drive
  • Type of coverage on your policy
  • Your deductible(s)

It is important to remember that insurance companies set premiums, not insurance brokers like BrokerLink. Thus, an insurance broker at BrokerLink is not responsible for calculating your rates. However, we can provide you with a free insurance quote and give you tips on how to save money on car insurance. We also make shopping for insurance more convenient by doing all the work for you. While you sit back and relax at home, we will contact the top insurance companies in Canada and compare coverage options to find you the best possible policy.

Get a free car insurance quote from a Liverpool insurance broker

Are you ready to find out how much a Liverpool car insurance plan will cost you? Get in touch with BrokerLink and request your free insurance quote today. All BrokerLink insurance advisors are fully licensed and will be happy to provide you with a complimentary quote. Plus, all BrokerLink quotes are accurate, reliable, and obligation-free, meaning you won’t have to pay a cent to receive your free quote.

Keep in mind that the more information you provide us with, the more accurate your quote will be. Given how many factors come into play when insurance premiums are determined, we can provide you with the most reliable quote possible if we have more details about you and your driving habits.

If you prefer to receive your free quote over the phone, give us a call right away. Alternatively, you can request a free quote in person at any one of our locations in Nova Scotia. You can also use our online quote tool, which takes just 5 minutes and can be done from the comfort of your home.

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Tips to lower your Liverpool car insurance premium

So, you want to save on car insurance? You’ve come to the right place. As insurance experts, the BrokerLink team has all the best tips for saving money on auto insurance. Continue reading for a few of our top tips:

Raise your Liverpool auto insurance deductible

Raising your Liverpool auto insurance deductible is an easy way to lower your premium. Since premiums heavily depend on the deductibles you choose, picking a higher one can positively impact your rates.

Higher deductibles result in lower premiums because they mitigate the financial burden on the insurance company since they won’t have to pay as much in the event of a claim. To reward you for this, the insurer will usually lower your rates.

Bundle auto and property insurance policies in Liverpool

Bundling home and auto policies is another way to save money on Liverpool car insurance. By purchasing a homeowner’s insurance policy or a tenant insurance policy on top of a car insurance policy, you could qualify for a significant discount. Some bundles are also available for recreational vehicle insurance and car insurance.

Install winter tires on your vehicle

Installing winter tires on your vehicle may also earn you a cheaper premium. This is because winter tires make driving safer and reduce your odds of a collision. Since you will be at a lower risk of getting into an accident, an insurance company may reward you with a car insurance discount. Contact BrokerLink to find out what conditions need to be met to qualify for a winter tire discount, as well as how much money you might receive off your policy.

Maintain a clean Nova Scotia driving record

Maintaining a clean driving record in Nova Scotia is another way to lower your Liverpool car insurance premium. Insurance companies like to reward those with excellent driving records. An excellent driving record is one that does not contain infractions, such as DUIs, accidents, or traffic tickets. The cleaner your record, the lower your rates will be. If you can keep your record clean for a number of years consecutively, you might even qualify for a safe driver discount. In order to do this, it is strongly recommended that you obey local traffic laws at all times. You should also brush up on your defensive driving skills by reviewing these safe driving tips.

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FAQs about Liverpool car insurance

How do collisions affect Liverpool car insurance rates?

Collisions may cause Liverpool car insurance rates to increase, or they may have no bearing on them at all. It ultimately depends on whether you caused the accident or not. At-fault accidents go on driving records and remain there for up to six years in Nova Scotia. At-fault accidents are the type that often result in raised rates as you are considered a riskier driver after getting into an at-fault accident. On the other hand, if you get into an accident that wasn’t your fault, then your rates are likely to stay the same, even with the accident on your record. Additionally, your rates might also stay the same if you get into an at-fault accident but you have accident forgiveness coverage, which prevents your premium from going up after your first at-fault collision.

What types of car insurance can I buy from an insurance broker in Liverpool, Nova Scotia?

A Liverpool insurance broker can help you find all types of car insurance, including but not limited to third party liability coverage, collision coverage, accident benefits coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, direct compensation coverage, comprehensive coverage, waiver of depreciation, loss of use coverage, roadside assistance coverage, and accident forgiveness coverage.

Can I add a second driver to my Liverpool auto insurance plan after purchasing it?

Yes, most insurance policies will allow you to add additional drivers to your policy up to a limit. In order to add a second driver to your policy, contact your insurance company or broker and be prepared to provide information about the second driver. You should know their age, full legal name, and be able to provide a copy of their driver’s licence. They must have a valid driver’s licence in your province to be added as a driver to your policy.

Where can I get a free auto insurance quote in Liverpool?

Getting in touch with an insurance company or an insurance broker is your best bet if you want to request a free car insurance quote in Liverpool.

What do I do if I get into a car accident in Liverpool?

Call emergency services right away, especially if someone is injured. Wait for the police and other emergency service personnel to arrive and have yourself checked out by a medical professional. Exchange contact and insurance information with any other drivers involved in the accident. Once it is safe to do so, contact your insurance provider to inform them about the accident. You should aim to get in touch with your insurer within 48 hours of the collision occurring. If it is safe to do so, take photos of the accident and any other vehicles or objects involved. Your insurance company will give you clear instructions on how to file an auto insurance claim. This way, you can receive a payout to help you cover the costs of the accident, whether they include vehicle repair bills, medical expenses, etc.

How much does a car insurance policy cost in Liverpool, Nova Scotia?

It varies. Car insurance premiums vary widely since drivers have different records, claims histories, and vehicles. To find out how much a policy will cost, request a free quote from an insurance professional near you.

Can I make changes to my Liverpool car insurance coverage?

Yes. The best time to make changes to your Liverpool car insurance coverage is when your policy is up for renewal. However, if you can’t wait until then, contact an insurance agent or broker as soon as possible. A few types of changes policyholders make include raising or lowering their deductible, raising or lowering their coverage limits, adding or removing a driver, adding or removing coverage types, or adding or removing vehicles.

If you have any questions, contact one of our local branches.