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Unbeatable insurance solutions for Sudbury residents are just a phone call away thanks to BrokerLink. We are a full-service insurance brokerage and the go-to brokerage in the Sudbury area. Specializing in auto, home, and business insurance, among others, we can help find a policy that meets your unique needs.

Greater Sudbury is one of Canada’s largest municipalities by area and boasts a low population density. With more than 330 lakes in the area and a lifestyle you can find only in Northern Ontario, it’s no surprise you’ve made it your home. Protect that home, and everything else you value, by calling BrokerLink. We are located in town, and our friendly insurance brokers live here too, so they know how to help you best. They’ll create a customized insurance policy that fits your needs and provide you with competitive quotes, ensuring you get the best insurance rate possible. Contact your Sudbury broker today for your home insurance, car insurance and other personal and business insurance needs.

Home, business, and auto insurance for Sudbury residents

BrokerLink’s team of knowledgeable and friendly insurance advisors is pleased to help Sudbury residents find home insurance, business insurance, auto insurance, and much more.

Home insurance

Home insurance is important for many Sudbury homeowners as it can help protect your property and its contents from all kinds of unforeseen incidents. Most homeowners insurance policies aim to safeguard residential properties against property damage and liability claims. Specifically, your policy can protect your home from damage caused by fires, water damage, hurricanes, tornados, power outages, and more. We can also help renters in Sudbury protect against property damage and third party claims with tenants insurance. To learn more about Sudbury home insurance, contact BrokerLink.

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Business insurance

Owning and operating a business in Sudbury comes with inherent risk. Luckily, BrokerLink can help you find business insurance to make sure you are protected in the event of an incident. We can find a business insurance policy to meet your needs, whether you own a small business or a major corporation. From commercial general liability coverage, commercial property coverage, and professional liability coverage to cyber liability coverage, umbrella coverage, or another coverage type entirely, we will ensure your business is protected.


Auto insurance

The BrokerLink team has auto insurance experts who are available to find you a quality Sudbury car insurance policy. We understand the ins and outs of auto insurance coverage and will ensure you choose a policy that complies with provincial law. We can help you find mandatory insurance coverages like third party liability, direct compensation - property damage, accident benefits, and uninsured automobile coverage, as well as optional coverage in the form of comprehensive, collision, or accident forgiveness coverage.

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Other insurance coverages

BrokerLink can also help you find the following types of insurance:

  • Associations
  • ATV and Snowmobile Insurance
  • Farm Insurance
  • Cyber Insurance
  • Storage Unit Insurance
  • Employee Benefits
  • Life Insurance Broker
  • Landlord Insurance
  • Musical Instrument Insurance
  • Wine Cellar Insurance
  • Equine Insurance
  • Group Insurance
  • Travel and Trip Cancellation Insurance
  • Trailer and RV Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Identify Theft Insurance
  • Boat Insurance
  • Condo Insurance
  • Vacation Property and Cottage Insurance
  • Tenant and Renters Insurance

How to save money on insurance in Sudbury

Insurance should never break the bank, and BrokerLink’s insurance advisors work to find great coverage at competitive rates. We contact insurance companies to obtain and compare quotes to find you the lowest possible rate. We can also make you aware of discounts you didn’t know you were eligible for and provide you with expert advice on how to save money on insurance in Sudbury. Speaking of which, we have put together the following list of money-saving tips for Sudbury insurance:

Bundle multiple insurance policies together

One way to save money on insurance is to purchase multiple insurance policies from one provider. For example, if you are in the market for home insurance, as well as car insurance, business insurance, or recreational vehicle insurance, wait and buy them together. Doing so could save you up to 15% on each respective policy. The same goes for buying more than a policy of the same type of insurance (e.g. two car insurance policies - one for you and one for your spouse). Insurance companies may reward you for your loyalty.

Pay for your policies annually rather than monthly

Paying for your Sudbury insurance policy annually rather than monthly is one way to save money. Since insurance companies usually tack on administrative fees for every payment you make, making fewer payments can save you money.

Raise your policy deductible

Increase your policy deductible and you may qualify for a lower rate. Taking on more financial responsibility in the event of a claim is one way to reduce your premium and save money on insurance.

Install snow tires on your vehicle

Installing winter tires on your car is one final way to save money on insurance (car insurance, specifically). Insurance companies recognize that driving with winter tires is safer and reduces your odds of an accident in the winter. They will reward you by giving you a car insurance discount of up to 5%. Keep in mind that insurers often have terms and conditions that must be met for you to qualify for a winter tire car insurance discount. For example, all four tires might have to be the same make and model and they might have to be on the car during a specified period of time.

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If you’re a member of a group or association, you may be eligible for more discounts.

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