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Living in Stratford, Ontario is convenient and practical, thanks to the abundance of attractions and possibilities present all around. Stratford offers everything from the classic Dufferin Park area to the picturesque Avon River South area, the modern McCarthy Road area, or the historic John Street Area. With so many options, moving to this touristy town just makes sense, but you will need to acquire the right coverage for your new home before you do. BrokerLink can help you find the right coverage at the right price without you lifting a finger.

Stratford home insurance coverage

Property and liability are two primary elements that Ontario home insurance normally covers, though individual insurance companies could offer different coverage options. If an insured peril causes damage to your home or the home’s contents, the property insurance portion of your policy will assist with repair. If a guest files a lawsuit alleging they were harmed or their personal property was damaged while visiting, your liabilities component may assist with expenses for legal fees and medical bills.

What qualifies as an insured peril?

Any risk or incidence that your homeowner’s insurance could protect your home from. Your house insurance may include a wide array of insured perils, but it depends on the kind of insurance coverage you choose. Depending on your particular situation and where you live, you will want to choose the most crucial risks to protect your home against (e.g., rural or urban, local climate, distance to water, etc.).

A list of insurable perils that you can select when choosing your coverage level is provided below:

  • Smoke
  • Wildfire
  • Tornado
  • Lightning
  • Fire
  • Power Outage
  • Earthquake
  • Winter Freeze
  • Hail
  • Flood
  • Hurricane

Three categories of Stratford home insurance

Standard, broad, and comprehensive are the three main types of home insurance that are offered by the majority of home insurance providers in Ontario. Each coverage category caters to a distinct variety of insured risks. Therefore, you must carefully study each category before choosing which one is best for your home insurance requirements. Keep in mind that different insurance companies may offer varying coverage for each category:

Standard insurance

Standard home insurance, also known as basic home insurance, is the lowest tier of homeowner’s insurance coverage. The level of protection that standard insurance offers against damages brought on by events like fire, windstorms, hail, and lightning can largely depend on your insurance provider. And even more, your home’s location could affect whether some of these perils might not be covered by standard insurance. Furthermore, standard home insurance only protects against perils clearly stated in your policy. This is the most commonly purchased home insurance to satisfy the need of a mortgage clause.

Broad insurance

If your home is protected by broad insurance, it provides a more customized insurance package. On top of the perils covered by standard insurance, your property will be insured against additional risks, such as vandalism and theft. Also, it may provide coverage for some unforeseen occurrences, such as a busted water pipe. Insured perils must also be clearly described in a broad insurance policy.

Comprehensive insurance

Your home will be protected from a multitude of insured perils and risks if you opt for comprehensive insurance. Broadly, your home is assumed covered by an unexpected event unless the hazard was expressly excluded from your insurance policy. Homeowners typically choose comprehensive home insurance thanks to its sense of comfort.

Is home insurance mandatory in Stratford?

Home insurance is not required by law for residents of Ontario, unlike auto insurance. Yet, it persists as one of the best means of protecting your assets and property.

But, since most mortgage lenders require their clients to have it, the majority of Ontarians seeking a loan for their mortgage will end up needing home insurance.

Likewise, a landlord may not consider your application until you present proof of owning either condo insurance or tenant and renters insurance.

So, even though home insurance is not required in Stratford, many aspiring property owners or tenants will nevertheless need it.

What is included in my Stratford home insurance coverage?

Every homeowner’s insurance policy in Ontario comes preloaded with three types of coverage: dwelling, contents, and personal liability. Our insurance professionals at BrokerLink have outlined each form of coverage below to offer you a better grasp of the level of protection you will receive from your policy:

Dwelling coverage

The dwelling portion protects the house’s framework. Financial assistance may be available to you should any of the threats listed—such as fire, falling objects, lightning, or wind—causes damage to the exterior walls, windows, roof, doors, or porch/deck of your home.

Nevertheless, this coverage just covers the existing house. Your possessions and the land are not included. Additionally, lightning, smoke, explosions, and collisions with cars or airplanes are covered by dwelling insurance.

Contents coverage

Your personal items, such as jewellery, furniture, clothing, gadgets, and more, are covered by your contents insurance. Your insurance provider might cover the cost of repairing or replacing your belongings if they are damaged or lost due to an insured danger, like a fire or theft.

There is typically a limit established per asset and overall contents coverage. If you possess priceless jewellery, irreplaceable works of art, or any other valuable collectibles, we suggest talking to an insurance expert about whether you need high-value home insurance instead. On the other hand, you could include particular items on your insurance policy as floaters or riders.

Personal liability coverage

You are covered by your liability insurance if guests of your Stratford home submit accusations claiming personal property damage or injury. You could well be held accountable if someone is injured on your premises; therefore, this insurance coverage is crucial.

Even without accounting for potential settlements, medical costs, and other associated fees, the price of filing a lawsuit on your own can be extremely high and could leave you deeply in debt. Having home insurance has several benefits, and personal liability coverage is a big one.

Additional home insurance options in Stratford

We are hyper-aware of the possibility of how certain households may not be able to acquire the coverage level they want from typical home insurance options. That’s why our customers can add various extra coverage types, including add-ons, endorsements, and riders, to their house insurance plans to increase their level of protection. We have multiple options for homeowners, including windstorm, solar panel, and sewer backup:


A windstorm endorsement includes the destruction of property, shattered windows, structural damage, and debris cleanup. However, damage caused by a storm’s rain and hail, such as water damage due to a shattered window, might not be included.

Solar panels

In response to Ontario’s FIT program, several Ontario insurance providers have created a unique floater coverage for homeowners who install solar panel systems. Others have designed their additional coverage to be an extension of your current house insurance policy. The floater or additional cover for your solar panels would safeguard them against harm, including hail damage, and also offer liability protection for selling your collected solar energy back to the Ontario Power Authority.

Sewer backup

Your toilet, drain, or sink may fill up with sewage or wastewater and overflow in the event of a sewer backup. In an ideal world, cleaning things up would only require light mopping. In a more likely scenario, though, that backup results in significant water damage to the house. Fortunately, you can get financial help with the repairs by acquiring a sewer backup endorsement.

What your home insurance in Stratford may not cover

Any form of agreement’s terms, including those for house insurance, will always have some level of restrictions. As a result, it is imperative that you fully read the exclusions specified in your policy’s terms to verify that you are fully aware of what is and isn’t protected by your home insurance. Moreover, be certain to examine the exclusions portion of your home insurance policy each time it is renewed to determine whether anything has changed.

On the other hand, the following situations frequently are not covered by any home insurance plans:

Home vacancies

Homeowners must inform their insurance company whenever they plan to vacate their property for longer than 30 days since claims involving vacant properties are much more likely to occur. Also, many insurance companies require that homeowners designate someone to visit and inspect their house every 72 hours or, if it is winter, every 24 hours to look for indications of damage or robberies, like a shattered window or broken door. If not, your insurance company may decline a claim for anything that occurred whilst you were away and left your home unattended.


The likelihood is high that a home insurance provider will reject a claim if the resulting damage was due to the homeowner’s negligence. For instance, if an insurer inspects your house and determines that the issue could have been resolved by doing basic home maintenance, your claim is very likely to be rejected. Ergo, performing routine home maintenance is the simplest approach to protecting your home and coverage. Consider employing a professional or enlisting a friend to help show you how to maintain your property correctly.

Infestation damage

Call an exterminator right away if you spot any signs of infestations, such as rodent droppings or tiny piles of sawdust. It’s imperative to hire a professional since, if ignored for an extended period of time, pests can significantly damage your house in various ways.

Since pest control is seen as part of your routine home maintenance, damage due to an infestation, just like negligence, is not covered by your homeowner’s insurance. If you perform regular home maintenance, you should be able to spot the early signs and take care of them before any serious damage ensues.


Home renovation projects are often not covered by your conventional property insurance because of the extra liability and insurance risks. Hence, before you begin updating your house, think about having your house insurance reviewed by an insurance specialist to make certain that you have sufficient coverage. Also, whenever you do any renovation work, don’t forget to notify your insurance company in case your house needs additional protection.

Why work with a BrokerLink insurance broker

Some homeowners may find it exhausting and overwhelming when trying to research home insurance policies. How can you choose which policy is best for you when sorting through deductibles, coverage levels, and terms and conditions? This is where BrokerLink shines. By working with a BrokerLink insurance broker in Stratford, they can offer you guidance and expertise to help you choose the best insurance coverage for you. From a single phone call, they can offer you quotes for upwards of 10 companies for you to consider.

Since 1991, the BrokerLink staff has been assisting our customers in selecting insurance policies that meet their specific needs and budgets. As experts in all things Stratford insurance, we will find you the best insurance policy at an affordable price. Call us today or visit our Huron street location.


How to save money on your home insurance in Stratford

By offering reliable insurance solutions at competitive pricing, the BrokerLink team continually puts our customers’ needs first. We thoroughly research any deals and discounts you may qualify for to make certain that you receive the most affordable insurance rates. Read our tips below to find out what you can do today to reduce your insurance costs in Stratford, Ontario. Our recommendations include things like making annual payments, increasing your policy deductible, bundling home and auto policies, and more:

Make annual payments instead of monthly payments

Choosing to make one annual payment for your house insurance coverage rather than on a monthly basis is one surefire strategy to save money on your home insurance. Each time you pay your monthly bill, the majority of insurance companies will charge you additional administrative fees. Therefore, since you are paying for these additional fees 12 times a year, paying for your insurance every month usually results in a higher cost. By restricting your payments to one per year, you are sure to discover significant savings.

Increase your insurance deductible

Increasing your coverage deductible is a common way to reduce your insurance costs. Upon acquiring their Richmond Hill house insurance policy, the policyholder consents to pay a particular amount as their deductible. Your typical home insurance deductible ranges from $1,000 to $2,000; however, you could decide on less. If you opted for a lower deductible when first purchasing your home insurance policy, for example, only $250 or $500, talk to your insurance agent about the advantages of raising it.

Should you choose to raise your deductible, be aware that you will have to cover the cost of damages up to that amount in the event something happens. It may also be a good idea to also evaluate the value of the things in your home that may cause a claim and the cost to replace those items, as these items may cost a lot more to replace now than they did before.

Bundle your policies together

If you have any policies with multiple insurance providers, you might want to consider combining them under a single provider. Then you can ask the insurer about bundling your home insurance with any other ones you may have, such as your vacation home and cottage insurance.

Bundling policies can be especially financially beneficial for newlyweds. If you and your spouse are moving in together, speak with your broker about combining policies, such as your auto insurance, and then bundling the new policy with your home insurance. Learn more about the many other insurance-saving options for married couples.

Contingent on the insurance company, you might save up to 15% by bundling your policies. Not only can this save you money, but it can also save you time from having to make multiple phone calls come renewal time.

Review your coverage often

Regularly examining your insurance plan, especially prior to the renewal period, will assist you in identifying any insurance you are paying for but no longer need. Prior to your renewal date, you will have at least 30 to 45 days to study your documents and consult with your insurance broker. If you are uncertain about what coverages you might be able to remove from your policy, consult an insurance broker.

Installing a home alarm system

By installing a home security system, you may qualify for a discount. Speak with your insurance advisor first to confirm the alarm system discount possibility, as the majority of insurance providers keep a list of certain security systems that qualify.

Consider all factors

Finding the nearest fire station or hydrant is important if you plan to move to a rural area. The more quickly firefighters can arrive on the scene of a fire, the more quickly they can reduce the potential damage. Why is that important to insurance companies? Because less damage results in a lower insurance claim. So, rural residents who live near firehouses or hydrants usually qualify for an insurance discount.

Also, while you look for your dream house, bear in mind that dwellings with permanent pools typically have higher house insurance premiums than those without; pools pose significant liability risks, particularly if they aren’t fenced off.

Get advice from a Stratford BrokerLink insurance broker

Many Stratford residents are eligible for various discounts, including discounts for mature house owners, loyal customers, and nonsmokers. Contact an insurance broker at BrokerLink to learn more about how to lower the price of your home insurance.

Finding the ideal insurance in Stratford is made simple and accessible by working with a BrokerLink Stratford insurance broker. Our licensed insurance experts' top objective is locating our customers' reputable, reasonably priced insurance coverage. Each of our insurance specialists has years of experience navigating the insurance market and a proven track record of offering first-rate client care.


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FAQs on home insurance Stratford

I rent a condo in Stratford. Can I still buy home insurance?

Yes! Whether you are a tenant, owner, renter, or some other sort of policyholder, you can buy homeowners insurance. As a tenant, there is a good chance that your landlord already required renters insurance prior to signing your lease. Either way, you should always have your own tenant and renters insurance because your landlord’s insurance plan does not protect their tenant’s personal property.

I have a roommate. Can we share the same insurance policy?

Except when you and your spouse are sharing a residence with another couple, a shared insurance policy should generally cover all roommates. Otherwise, the other couple will need their own insurance.

What are the benefits of Stratford home insurance?

Although residents in Stratford are not required to carry home insurance, there are still a number of benefits. A decent home insurance policy will specifically safeguard your home and its contents from physical damage as well as defend you against third-party liability claims.

In accordance with the terms of your coverage, your policy may also benefit you in the awful situation of a windstorm, sewer backup, equipment failure, and more. Fundamentally, having a thorough insurance policy may prevent you from having to cover damage or losses out of pocket. Your insurance policy may also provide coverage for additional living expenses in the event that you have to be displaced due to an insured peril.

How much does home insurance cost in Stratford?

Several criteria must be considered by insurance providers when establishing house insurance premiums. As such, the cost of insurance will differ greatly for each individual. The neighbourhood where you reside, your claims history, the size and value of your dwelling, the number of inhabitants, and the insurance options, deductibles, and policy limits you select will all have an impact on the cost of your home insurance.

Is it worth working with insurance advisors?

Although many Stratford residents believe that having an insurance advisor is very favourable, you are the only one who can confirm this.

If you have any questions, contact one of our local branches.