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It's a great thing, to have a home in Milton. It means you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Being part of the Halton district, you'll be in one of Ontario's nicest regions, and being so close to Toronto just down highway 401, you'll have access to all the big city has to offer. So, no matter where you live in Milton, it's important to protect your home with the right insurance at the best possible price from one of our local BrokerLink insurance brokers.

What Milton home insurance covers

When you need coverage for common perils, such as extreme weather events, fires, vandalism, and theft, you purchase home insurance. Milton residents may be unfamiliar with the term "peril" - basically, a peril refers to any insured event which could cause damage to your home. Every protection plan may offer coverage for different kinds of property damage, depending on the extent of coverage you have chosen to purchase and the coverage options you have opted to include. Additional coverage may be available for you and your household, depending on the insurer you're with and the coverage you already have. Our Milton insurance brokers are happy to advise you on what coverage is best for you and your situations. We'll get you a great fit and the best rates.

The list below contains just a few samples of what may be covered by your standard home insurance policy in Milton:

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Earthquake
  • Flood
  • Hail
  • Hurricane
  • Power Outage
  • Tornado
  • Volcano
  • Wildfire
  • Winter Freeze

As much as you should know what your policy covers, you should also be aware of what it does not. Some policies may list what is covered, and some policies may only list what is excluded. Most home insurance policies will exclude damages that occur gradually. They may also exclude damages due to infestation, wear-and-tear, and lack of maintenance.

Milton home insurance categories

The right home insurance coverage is the protection plan that best suits your needs, whether you're looking to insure a $200,000 duplex with one bathroom and one bedroom or a multi-million dollar mansion with five bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a two-car garage. Because all homes are different, different home insurance categories exist, ranging from basic to comprehensive. See the differences in each category below and note how the primary variation is in how perils are included or excluded:


Even with basic insurance, there's some variation between insurers in what it covers. It tends to be that a basic home insurance policy in Milton will insure your property for common perils, such as damages due to lightning, windstorms, fire, and hail. Only what is listed in your policy may be covered. One benefit of basic coverage is that it tends to be the least expensive, but it also offers the least protection.


A broad property insurance policy goes one step beyond that of a basic one. Broad policies may cover all of what basic policies do, with the addition of protection for unforeseen perils, such as burst pipes, and things like vandalism and theft. In order to be covered, perils must be specifically listed in your broad policy, the same way as a basic policy.


Comprehensive policies are the most extensive form of protection when it comes to home insurance. Milton residents commonly choose this option due to the greater peace of mind it offers against a broad array of different perils. Unlike basic and broad policies, any perils not specifically excluded on a comprehensive policy will be listed.

The average cost of home insurance in Milton

Provincial averages for home insurance tend to vary, but it's tough to pinpoint a price on insurance coverage since there's so many variables. Regional factors, property factors, household factors, and more contribute to the overall price you'll end up paying. Rest assured, BrokerLink can lay it out bare for you and your family to easier understand, and as dedicated home insurance brokers, we'll do our best to find you a great fit and help you save money. Cost can be a concern for many, but we like to view home insurance as a necessary expense - and certainly not one that needs to cost you an arm and a leg. Request a free Milton home insurance quote to see a rough estimate of your final costs.

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The main factors insurers use to calculate your Milton home insurance premiums

As mentioned previously, there's a lot that affects the cost your home insurance in Milton. This is to reflect the risk that each household and property presents, as well as the overall amount it would take to repair or restore that home to what it was before if an unforeseen calamity occurred. We believe there's power in knowing about which key factors contribute to your Milton home insurance premiums.

Read on for some of the information insurers will use when gauging your rates:

1. Information about you and your household

It's easy to assume that your property itself is likely the largest factor in your overall rates, but information about you and your household members are also heavily considered. The following characteristics may be considered:

  • Any past cancellations - Being cancelled isn't always a big deal, but it can signal to insurers that you may not have been as consistent about making payments as your previous company would have liked. This can make your insurance far costlier.
  • Past claims - Being claims-free is easily the best way to save costs, but it isn't always possible. Still, where you can, try to avoid making unnecessary claims to reduce the chances of your rates being raised.
  • Your insurance history - A consistent, longer insurance history with few to no claims bodes better for your savings than if you have not been insured long and/or made numerous claims in the past.

2. Details about your property

The type of home that you have and what its details are will also influence your insurance costs. Your insurer may examine the following key factors when calculating your rates:

  • Your property's overall value - As you'd probably expect, a small home that is worth around $200,000 may be less expensive to insure than a multi-million dollar home. The costlier the property is, the more it will cost to repair.
  • Your home's environment - Environmental or regional factors play a huge role in your costs. If your area or neighbourhood sees a lot of crime, climate-related claims, or otherwise, you may end up paying more for your insurance.
  • Your possessions - Your contents insurance may be more or less depending on the value of your belongings. Some insurance providers will even have you insure specific high-value items, like jewellery or collectables, separately under an endorsement.
  • Your home's condition and age - If your home is in disrepair, with outdated systems, you may pay more for your insurance as losses are far likelier. Newer homes or recently renovated homes bode better if a storm or extreme weather event were to occur.

In Canada, each insurance company will have a different database of statistics that they will then use to gauge your costs. This is why there can be a lot of variation between insurers. Luckily, our Milton home insurance brokers have access to top-notch markets and can get you multiple quotes from different carriers to find the best one for your circumstances.

Tips and tricks for getting reduced Milton home insurance rates

Now that you know all about what goes into your Milton home insurance rates, it's time you learned about how to save money. Like auto insurance, knowing is half the battle to saving your hard-earned money. But with so many variables at play when it comes to your final costs, how can you know where to start? BrokerLink has extensive market access when it comes to finding the right fit for residents of Milton, and our ability to find you coverage that suits your budget is unrivalled. It's all down to getting to know you.

Beyond simply helping you find great protection, we're also here to be your advisors. For homeowners in Milton, the following list of our top five tips and tricks on how to save costs are invaluable and can help you to stay within an ideal budget:

1. Raise your deductible(s)

Much of your coverage is subject to something called a deductible, which is your percentage of an assumed risk. When you make a claim, you'll likely need to pay that amount. Deductibles can also directly contribute to how much you'll pay for your insurance. By raising this amount, say from $500 to $1,000, you may qualify for lower rates.

2. Fix small issues yourself

Making multitudes of small claims and filing claims whenever you notice an issue can start to negatively impact your insurance rates. The more claims you file, the more your insurance will cost. Some claims are inevitable, but you can reduce the impact by tackling smaller repairs on your own (and some will cost less than your deductible regardless!) and maintaining your home so as to avoid any unnecessary problems in the first place.

3. Qualify for a multi-policy discount

Since insurance companies want your business, your provider might offer incentive for your return business. If you have additional policies, like auto insurance, you may choose to switch providers so that both of your policies are under the same insurance company. Many providers will offer a discount of between 10-15% per policy for bundling!

4. Do an annual review of your coverage

Circumstances change as life evolves. You may downsize, at what point you may want to consider doing a review with your broker to see if your current coverage is still reflective of your insurance needs. If not, it might be time to make some modifications. The same goes for the reverse situation. If you are upgrading or your insurance needs increase, make sure that this is reflected in your policy to avoid under insurance.

5. Invest in an alarm system

Theft and vandalism are more common crimes than you might think. A deterrent for these is a monitoring or alarm system, which sometimes come with visual markers (such as signs or stickers) that can scare off prospect thieves and squatters. Some approved alarm or monitoring systems can qualify you for an home alarm system insurance discount, depending on your insurance company and the system you choose.

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If you’re a member of a group or association, you may be eligible for more discounts.

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Your home is more than a house, so you'll want the right Milton home insurance to protect it. But how do you know you're getting the best possible price? Well, lucky for you, BrokerLink's experts have insights to the Milton area and access to top-notch insurance carriers. All the quotes that we give you will always be the proper coverage for your home, its contents, and fitted to your liability needs. We may also suggest supplemental coverage for your extra living expenses and enhanced liability coverage if you are liable for damages to a neighbour's property. Many homeowners in Milton trust BrokerLink for their complex insurance needs.

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The simple fact is, we never want you to have to make a claim. Making a claim means having suffered a loss, and we want your lifestyle to remain as untouched as possible. But, since we don't live in a perfect world, things happen. That's why having a BrokerLink insurance broker at your side is one of the best things you could ask for. Our experts will get to know you so that they can better assign you the perfect coverage. Contact us for further advice on the best coverage plans by getting in touch over the phone, by email, or visiting in-person at one of our 200+ branches throughout Canada. We also encourage you to take advantage of our free online quote tool, which can provide you with a competitive quote in minutes.

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Commonly asked questions about Milton home insurance

The thing about insurance is that it can be confusing to the naked eye. There's a reason why so many people make a profession out of understanding it on a deeper level. You don't need to know insurance the same way we do, but having a base understanding of your policy and your individual needs can go a long way. See our answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Milton home insurance. If something you need to be answered isn't addressed here, contact us during our business hours to discuss.

Will my Milton home insurance cover me if I rent out a basement suite?

Standard home insurance does not include rental insurance. In order to have coverage for damages caused by short or long-term tenants, you would need to acquire a separate rental policy, whether that's a landlord policy or a home-sharing endorsement to be fully covered. Always disclose any business activities or intentions to rent some or all of your property to your insurance broker, as non-disclosed changes of use may not be covered and could even risk voiding your policy altogether.

Why compare quotes?

Because every insurance provider is very different from others. Where one insurance company might weigh environmental factors over insurance record factors, another might do the opposite. It's important to compare quotes and find a company that weighs its factors in your favour and has the coverage you need so as to receive the best rates and the best fit. Some companies may offer specific discounts, where others may not offer the same. Comparing quotes helps you see all the different options out there so you can choose the best.

Do I need commercial insurance if I am a therapist who sees clients at home?

You might. You can acquire business insurance in two different ways if you work from home: one, you can purchase a home-based endorsement, which may offer some limited protection for business-related liability and your equipment. Two, you can purchase a standalone business policy. Depending on the nature of the work you do, either or may be more beneficial in your situation. If you run a business out of home, be sure to disclose your business activities to your broker.

What is the significance of living near a fire hydrant?

Since environmental factors contribute to how much you'll pay for your home insurance in Milton, you may have heard that living near a fire hydrant will actually lower your rates. This is somewhat true. Living closer to a fire station, police station, or a hydrant can help save you money on your insurance since your provider may perceive you as more likely to receive help in time if there's a fire, a break-in, or another event. While living next to a hydrant may not make a huge difference overall in your insurance premiums, it's worth noting.

What is a jewellery insurance rider?

A jewellery rider is a type of home insurance endorsement that you may need if you own any high-value belongings. Many standard policies won't cover jewellery unless it is specifically requested, and even then that coverage may be limited. For higher-value items, generally worth $2,000 or more, it might be necessary to acquire a rider or floater since standard policies may limit personal property coverage to $500 or $2,000. Also, you may wish to consider getting an appraisal for any jewellery or items that are worth more than $15,000. This ensures you can get an accurate assessment of their total worth, and therefore have the right means to insure them sufficiently.

Do I need to buy home insurance in Milton?

Home insurance in Milton isn't provincially-regulated, but it may be necessary to purchase if you have a mortgage. Banks and mortgage lenders want you to have insurance to protect their investments. Even if you are mortgage-free, it is still highly recommended you purchase insurance to protect your investments, your way of life, and your household. Property insurance is a small price for great protection.

If you have any questions, contact one of our local branches.