Home Insurance in Kawartha Lakes

Buying a house in Kawartha Lakes is one of the most significant investments you’ll ever make, so it’s understandable to have questions concerning home insurance. Your home is what helps safeguard the individuals and objects you value most, so you need to ensure you have the best coverage that won’t leave you stranded. And therefore, whether your home is in Lindsay, Bobcaygeon, Fenelon Falls, Omemee, or Woodville, let BrokerLink help ensure the security of your home and those you hold most dear.

Kawartha Lakes home insurance coverage

Although home insurance might differ between companies, most policies can be divided into two primary categories: property and liability. Damages to the property you own due to an insured peril, such as the physical structure and the contents within, are covered by your residential property insurance. Liability is intended to cover actions you take or that occur in the house you own or rent, and it can shield you from legal action or claims.

A peril is what’s known as a risk or event that your home could be covered for in a homeowner’s insurance policy. The risks for which you are protected will vary based on your insurance plan and the scope of your coverage. Your location and your unique situation will significantly impact the risks you decide to cover under your insurance. Below are some examples of hazards that might be covered by home insurance:

  • Lightning
  • Hail
  • Fire
  • Winter Freeze
  • Power Outages
  • Flood
  • Earthquake
  • Wildfire
  • Volcano
  • Tornado
  • Hurricane

Three categories of home insurance

Insurance companies offer a variety of house insurance options, from basic to comprehensive. Although the intricacy of insurance policies might vary, three categories can be used to group coverage options. The main difference between each category is the inclusion or exclusion of perils—so pay close attention to how this is done.

Standard home insurance

The most basic insurance often covers your property when there is damage from incidents like fire, lightning, windstorms, and hail; however, possibilities will differ between providers and even from region to region. Depending on your residence, the kinds of occurrences covered by basic home insurance may vary, but only the risks specifically mentioned can be covered.

Broad home insurance

General home protection is provided through broad coverage. With specific risk protection, you have a broad range of coverage. Broad coverage can offer additional security beyond the basic perils, defending against things like theft- and vandalism-related damages. For unforeseen disasters like burst pipes, broad coverage could also provide protection. A broad homeowner’s insurance policy may not cover everything, so be sure to clarify this with your broker since board coverage requires perils to be specified.

Comprehensive home insurance

Comprehensive home insurance will protect your house from damages resulting from a multitude of perils. With comprehensive, it is assumed that your home is covered unless something is expressly excluded under the terms and conditions. Many homeowners choose comprehensive insurance for peace of mind and the assurance that their home will be protected in the event of most disasters.

It’s beneficial to have an informed advisor on your side when choosing property insurance because there are numerous variables to consider. Speaking with an insurance broker in Kawartha Lakes is one of the most effective methods of learning about the many coverage options and deciding which of them is most important for your property.

Let’s further break down what your home insurance coverage includes

Just as no two Kawartha Lakes residents are alike, no two residential property insurance policies are either. Ontario home insurance policies typically include three specific types of coverage: dwelling, contents, and personal liability coverage. You can learn more about what to expect from your house insurance policy by reading the explanations of each important aspect of your Kawartha Lakes home insurance provided below by our insurance specialists at BrokerLink:

Dwelling coverage

Dwelling coverage safeguards the house’s physical structure. This means that if a covered hazard, such as wind, theft, fire, or a falling object, damages the physical structure of your home, your house insurance can help. However, keep in mind that dwelling coverage only protects the structure itself. It does not include the home’s contents nor the ground on which it is situated. Other perils included in dwelling coverage are collisions with vehicles or aircraft, explosions, smoke damage, and lightning strikes.

Contents coverage

Your possessions, such as electronics, furnishings, clothing, recreational items, jewellery, and more, may be covered by contents insurance. Your insurance may cover the expense of repairing or replacing your damaged assets if they are damaged or stolen as a result of a covered risk, such as fire or theft.

Nonetheless, there is typically a set amount per item for contents coverage. If you own any expensive jewellery or works of art, it is best to speak with your insurance broker about supplemental coverage to make sure you have appropriate coverage. You also have the option of adding individual objects to your insurance policy as a floater or rider, which can provide them extra protection in the event of a loss.

Personal liability coverage

If a Kawartha Lakes resident has personal liability coverage, they are shielded from liability claims, including those brought by visitors who claim to have been hurt or to have had their property damaged while visiting the homeowner’s property. This kind of coverage is crucial because you, the property owner, might be held accountable if an incident leading to injury or damage occurs on your property.

Even without factoring in potential settlements, medical bills, and repair costs, bankrolling a lawsuit alone could be challenging. But because of the personal liability coverage your Kawartha Lakes house insurance policy includes, you won’t have to foot the bill yourself. Instead, your insurance company would assist in paying for various costs, including medical and legal charges.

Additional home insurance coverage options

If you’re seeking even more coverage options, BrokerLink also provides a variety of riders, add-ons, and endorsements that can be extended to your standard house insurance policy. This is because typical home insurance does not always provide the level of protection you need. Some of these additional coverages include business use, equipment malfunction, and sewer backup. What these coverages provide is outlined below:

Business use coverage

Generally, anything performed frequently for profit (such as a small business using a spare room as their office) at home is considered home use for business purposes. If your property is damaged as a result of your business operations, having business use coverage will help cover the costs of repairs. Normally, a home insurance policy does not cover anything related to running a business out of your home.

Equipment breakdown coverage

Those who have ever owned a home are undoubtedly aware of the high cost of repairing or replacing malfunctioning equipment. Especially when it occurs unexpectedly, broken equipment, such as a washing machine or furnace, can potentially cause financial troubles. Equipment breakdown insurance is therefore strongly advised for all homeowners.

Sewer backup coverage

Sewer backups are a very frightening issue for many homes. If sewage or wastewater piles and flows out of a toilet or sink due to a sewer backup, it could cause water damage to your home. Fortunately, obtaining an endorsement for sewer backup coverage will be extremely helpful in assisting financially with repairing any related damages. Learn more about home flooding prevention here.

Here’s what your Kawartha Lakes home insurance may not cover

You can’t depend entirely on your standard Kawartha Lakes home insurance policy to ensure every possible situation that may occur is covered. Even home insurance has limits, which are always described in the terms and conditions of your contract. To assist with identifying any limitations within your contract, you can speak with an insurance expert before or after buying your policy. Every time you get a new homeowner’s insurance policy, it is also important to identify any changes that are made to your exclusions. Your Kawartha Lakes house insurance most likely does not cover the following circumstances:


Because of the higher risk associated with home upgrades, house insurance may not include coverage for damages arising from renovation work. If your home is having renovations done, discuss the type of coverage you require with your insurance advisor. When the project is finished, don’t forget to notify your insurer to ensure your home is still adequately insured.


If your house is empty for more than 30 days, you must inform your insurance company. A vacant property will likely require an insurance premium increase since there is a greater chance of insurance claims for an unoccupied home.

Also, the bulk of insurance providers need you to assign a person to check on your home at least once every 72 hours. Your insurer may deny a claim for any loss or damage sustained while your property was unoccupied if you choose not to name a housekeeper while you are away. Hence, if you like to take lengthy vacations, always notify your insurance company in advance and make plans for a friend to check on your home.

House neglect

There is a high probability that an insurance company would reject a claim if a homeowner submitted one for damage to their home and the insurer discovered that the homeowner’s negligence caused the damage. For instance, the walls and floor would ultimately sustain major water damage, mould growth, and deterioration if a damaged or jammed window was left open, allowing water to seep in over time. Because the homeowner neglected to replace the window, any claim for water damage is probably going to be denied. Ergo, by doing routine maintenance, you may safeguard both your insurance and your house.

Home sharing

In an attempt to boost their income, many people are opting to rent out their properties (think VBRO and Airbnb). If you’re considering renting out your home to see if you can successfully do the same, make sure to inform your insurance advisor, even if it's just for a brief period of time, like a weekend or over the holidays. When you rent, your home is more vulnerable to damages and loss, and failing to inform your insurance advisor could even result in the cancellation of your homeowner’s insurance.

How to save money on your Kawartha Lakes house insurance

At BrokerLink, we strive to make it simpler for homeowners to acquire dependable coverage at affordable rates. We also pledge to explore all potential cost-saving measures for you. If you’re looking for additional recommendations on how to lower the price of your Kawartha Lakes house insurance policy, keep reading. These suggestions include increasing your policy deductible, bundling home and auto insurance, factors to take into account when buying a property, and more:

Increase your policy deductible

Even though home insurance protects policyholders from financial losses, they still their own have financial obligations to their insurance providers. Policyholders are responsible for covering the cost of their insurance deductible before their provider releases the remaining amount for an insurable loss. Policyholders decide how much they want to pay for their deductible, but usually, a home insurance deductible is between $1,000 and $2,000.

Review your coverage often

We strongly urge you to re-evaluate your coverage each year before renewing it. Doing so can help you decide on removing any types of coverage that you no longer need. If you’re uncertain about which coverage types to keep on your insurance policy, get in touch with your insurance broker for guidance.

Bundle your policies together

To considerably lower the cost of insurance, ask about bundling together your insurance policies, such as your home insurance with auto insurance, business insurance, or vacation property & cottage insurance. Depending on the insurance provider, you could save anywhere from 5% to 15% on each bundled plan.

Install a home security system

Your home insurance may qualify for a security system discount if you set up a monitored home alarm system. However, before making any purchases, be sure to ask your insurance advisor about the terms of this discount. The majority of insurance providers maintain a list of particular security systems that they allow.

Consider all factors when buying your home

It can be financially beneficial to consider the proximity of your property to a fire station or a fire hydrant, particularly if the house is located in a remote area when you’re hunting for a new home. The accessibility of rescue services for the property during a house fire might mean the difference between repairable smoke damage and total home loss. As a result, you might qualify for a discount on your insurance if a firehouse or even just a fire hydrant is nearby.

Pool owners typically pay higher insurance premiums than those without one since possessing a pool raises significant liability concerns, especially when it is not fenced in. Therefore, you can avoid paying additional insurance expenses by purchasing a home without a permanent pool on the property.

Get advice from a Kawartha Lakes BrokerLink insurance advisor

Residents of Kawartha Lakes will be thrilled to learn that they can qualify for a number of insurance discounts. For instance, loyal clients, group participants, and nonsmokers can all be eligible for discounts. To discover more about how you can lower the cost of your homeowner’s insurance, contact one of BrokerLink’s insurance brokers. A Kawartha Lakes insurance advisor can assist you in finding high-quality homeowner’s insurance quickly and easily. With many years of expertise under their belts and a history of excellent customer service, each of our licensed insurance brokers at BrokerLink is committed to assisting your family in finding the finest home insurance solutions.


What’s the difference between home insurance vs. homeowners insurance?

If you find yourself confused about the terms “house insurance” and “homeowners insurance,” given how frequently they are used interchangeably, we won’t blame you. The fact is, home insurance and homeowners insurance are one and the same. Check out our home insurance vs. homeowners insurance blog to learn why.

Why work with a BrokerLink broker

Given the multitude of insurance alternatives available, we are cognizant of the daunting task that finding home insurance in Kawartha Lakes can quickly become. That's why BrokerLink, your local full-service insurance brokerage, is ready to simplify things. We ensure our customers have a worry-free insurance experience with the help of our excellent customer service, extensive insurance knowledge, and unmatched resources. Therefore, we believe you should strongly consider using an insurance broker in Kawartha Lakes to handle all of your insurance needs. This is why:

Our brokers are independent of insurance companies

Our BrokerLink insurance experts always give the concerns of our customers our priority. We assess your unique needs before providing you with frank and transparent advice on the right kind of coverage for your home. We compare quotes from a number of top insurance providers to provide you with the finest coverage at the best rates rather than focusing just on one type of insurance.

Our brokers can help you when the unthinkable happens

As brokers, we work as mediators between insurance companies and our customers. We can help you file insurance claims and ensure you can resume your normal life as quickly as possible.

Our brokers are home insurance experts

Since 1991, the BrokerLink team has been dedicated to finding insurance policies that meet the needs and budgets of our customers. We are experts in all things Yarmouth insurance and can ensure you receive the most competitive rate on your policy.

We’re in your community

Getting involved in the community is a big part of who we are. We live and work in your community. We love meeting our neighbours!

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If you’re a member of a group or association, you may be eligible for more discounts.

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FAQs on Kawartha Lakes home insurance

Do I need home insurance in Kawartha Lakes?

Despite the fact that Ontario does not have legislation requiring homeowners insurance, purchasing insurance is still among the simplest methods of safeguarding your home and other valuables. The financial security it offers against numerous risks and the enhanced sense of safety that comes from knowing that you are insured against the unexpected make purchasing home insurance anyway a popular decision.

Although, many prospective homeowners in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario, will undoubtedly need to have home insurance anyhow before getting a mortgage approval. This is due to the fact that to be eligible for a loan, customers of mortgage lenders must obtain homeowners insurance. A landlord may also want proof of your tenant and renters insurance or condo insurance before processing your application.

Can I get cottage insurance for my secondary home if it’s located on an island?

Although a cottage property on a distant island may seem like serenity, it requires specialty insurance rather than your typical home or cottage insurance. Moving materials and labour over to an island to build or service a cottage property can be expensive, particularly once you factor in the additional risks that are involved. Therefore, it is imperative that you discuss this specialty insurance policy with your insurance advisor first.

Is home insurance tax deductible in Canada?

Truthfully, it depends. In some circumstances, you might be able to deduct your house insurance from your taxes, whereas, in others, you may not.

If you have any questions, contact one of our local branches.