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If you're looking for an amazing place to live, then look no further than the city of Mississauga. Mississauga is the biggest city in the Peel Region and is currently ranked as Canada's 6 largest major city, boasting a population of 721,599 people, and still growing. If you've chosen Mississauga as your home, you need home insurance to protect your property and everything inside of it.

Types of home insurance in Mississauga

Depending on the level of the plan you end up selecting, the exact details of your home insurance coverage in Mississauga will differ. Below are a few of the standard options that may be a right fit for you and your home, broken down into detail:

1. Dwelling

Your Mississauga home insurance policy may cover the physical structure of the building that you live in, i.e., your house, as well as any other structures on your land. This can include detached and attached garages, sheds, signage, and so on. Depending on the scope of your coverage, your home may be protected against the following:

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Smoke
  • Theft
  • Wind
  • Car/aircraft impact
  • Explosion
  • Falling objects

The exact details of what you will be covered for can vary based on your home insurance provider. It also may vary depending on what you choose. Mississauga homeowners may benefit from discussing with a broker to determine their exact coverage needs.

2. Personal Liability

If someone is ever injured on your property, there's a chance you could be held responsible for the associated medical and legal costs. While this might seem very unlikely, it can happen, and the costs can rack up very quickly. Part of your coverage is a component known as liability coverage. This can kick in to help cover any of the costs associated with a settlement or even a lawsuit. This coverage may also kick in to cover you if you or a household member causes damage to neighbouring homes.

3. Contents Coverage

This portion of your policy is designed to cover any of the personal belongings that you keep inside of your home from direct physical loss. This may include things such as your furniture, electronics, jewellery, clothing, and so on. Some higher-value items, like heirlooms or collectibles, may necessitate the purchasing of a special rider to have coverage, since your contents coverage limits may not be enough to insure them sufficiently.

The average cost of home insurance in Mississauga

Costs for home insurance vary regionally, but it's difficult to say what your insurance premiums will look like without getting to know your circumstances, first. A home insurance premium is made up of numerous different factors, and the best home insurance companies will use their database of statistics to weigh your risk factor against their existing figures. Mississauga home insurance rates can vary, averaging into the low one thousands, but that doesn't mean you'll pay "the average amount." Your situation is unique. BrokerLink can help you compare home insurance quotes to see which option is best for your circumstances. Affordable home insurance is possible and, with a little knowledge, you'll gain a good idea of just how to get it.


The key factors that insurers use to gauge your rates for home insurance in Mississauga

With so much variability between different policies, you might imagine that there's a lot of variability in price, too. This, while true, boils down to a rather complex science. Each insurer has their own database of statistics that they'll use to calculate your insurance costs. The home insurance quotes you receive are a direct result of the factors that insurers use to calculate your rates.

Here are some of those key factors, broken down into two categories: your home, and you:

1. Your house

As you might imagine, the property you call home is one of the biggest key factors in determining your rates. Your insurer will look at a few major characteristics:

  • Where your home is situated - If your property is nestled near hazardous variables, like Lake Ontario, or another large body of water, you might pay more for your insurance. On the flip side, living near a fire hydrant or fire station may impact your rates positively.
  • The overall value of your home - As you might expect, the more your home costs to build, the more it will cost to repair or restore. Additional features, like private garages, sheds, swimming pools may also impact your rates.
  • The current condition of your home - Older homes tend to pay more for their insurance because they're likelier to suffer damages as a result of weakened roofs, home systems, and so on. Newer homes tend to withstand the elements better.
  • Your home's contents - As mentioned previously, the value of your contents is reflected in your contents coverage, which may be more or less depending on what you own. Special high-value items may need add-on coverage to be insured.

2. Your household

Like your home, you and your household members will play a role in what you'll end up paying for your insurance. They may examine a few characteristics:

  • Your insurance history, and how long you've been insured - A lapse in your insurance history seldom bodes well for your rates, so try to stay continuously insured where possible.
  • Claims history - The more claims you make, the higher your rates will be. Some claims are inevitable, but do your best to avoid filing too many small claims and simply fix tiny issues by yourself where you can.
  • Cancellations due to non-payment - While cancellations can happen (and they may not even be your fault) cancellations due to non-payment may be a red flag to your insurer.

There's variation between every insurance company, so it's often difficult to assess exactly how much one will end up paying for their insured property. The best insurance coverage is the insurance coverage that fits your needs and your budget.

Our guide on saving money on your Mississauga home insurance

There's a lot that goes into your home insurance in Mississauga, and it can be daunting to try and think up a way to save on costs. An insurance expert is the solution here, and BrokerLink's best have decades of experience in serving our communities' insurance at an affordable price. Part of it comes with shopping around and doing comparisons, but we have advice beyond simply "working with a broker" that may give you a leg up.

We're here for you, whether that's to help you get the best fit or the best price for your home insurance. Mississauga residents may benefit from taking a look at our top tips on how to save money on their insurance. For any additional questions, give us a call and we'll happily discuss any concerns you may have during business hours:

1. Pay semi-annually or annually

Monthly payments are great and convenient, especially if you choose to do automatic electronic funds transfer. They may be more affordable for some. But for those that can afford to do so, paying upfront semi-annually or annually can cut down on the twelve months' worth of administrative fees. It may also be more convenient, having to pay once or twice per year rather than twelve times, and it reduces the risk of forgetting to pay.

2. Choose a higher deductible

Your deductible may come into play when you make a claim. The claims process typically requires you to pay out a deductible, i.e., a specific dollar or percentage amount, before your insurer steps in to pay the remaining amount. Since this amount directly correlates to how much you'll pay for your insurance, raising your deductible (within reason) can help you get lower rates. As this is an amount you will pay upfront, make sure it's something that's feasible for your financial situation.

3. Take care of your home

Being a good homeowner is part of your home insurance agreement with your insurer, and you're expected to maintain your property and fix small issues before they worsen. Failing to do so may result in your claims being denied. Overall, being a good homeowner may mean you can identify issues before you need to make a claim, which can increase your odds of being claims free. Claims free policyholders tend to pay less for their insurance.

4. Purchase a centrally monitored alarm system

Since theft and vandalism are such commonly insured perils, mitigating your risk of them can prove to your insurer that you're willing to invest in your home's security. Some alarm systems may qualify you for discounts, depending on the provider. Be sure to ask your broker which systems are approved to avoid investing your money in something which, yes, may protect your home, but won't pay off in the form of an alarm system discount.

5. Bundle policies

If you have any other insurance policies, consider insuring them through the same provider as the one that you have your Mississauga home insurance policy through. Multi-policy discounts can help you win up to a 10-15% reduction on both policies, plus they offer greater convenience when it comes to accessing your insurance documents!

Start the process and request free Mississauga home insurance quotes today. You can get a competitive quote in as little as five minutes with our quote form, or you can give us a call.


Here's what you need to know before getting home insurance in Mississauga

Unlike auto insurance, having a home insurance policy is not mandatory by law. There are, however, some few circumstances where it might be required, such as if you have a mortgage on your home. In this case, a lender will ask you to provide proof of insurance. But we at BrokerLink like to think that even if you are mortgage-free, having standard Mississauga home insurance goes a long way to protect your home - and everything inside of it.

Insurance coverage levels for home insurance in Mississauga vary from policy to policy and insurer to insurer. With so much variation, it can be tough to decide just what exactly you need, based on your circumstances, your home, and your budget. BrokerLink's home insurance brokers in Mississauga work with you, get to know you and help you find the right fit.

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Any homeowner who values their investment needs the right resources to protect their property. The easiest way to protect your home in Mississauga is to get the right home insurance fit. If cost or finding the right coverage is a concern of yours, working with BrokerLink is the best way to meeting your insurance needs.

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Mississauga home insurance FAQs

The insurance industry is ever-changing, and with all these strange insurance terms, it can be tough to stay with the trends. As self-proclaimed insurance nerds, BrokerLink's advisors are happy to help you out on any questions you might have about property insurance, rates, ways to save, and more. We're here for you and want to make the journey of insurance buying all the easier. Let's straighten out the uncertainties. See below for some answers to our frequently asked questions about Mississauga home insurance:

Will my sporting equipment be covered by my home insurance in Mississauga?

Your policy contains what is known as contents coverage, which can cover your belongings up until a specified amount. For special items, you may need to specifically request their coverage and/or acquire an additional rider to cover high-value items. Sports equipment under a certain value may be insured as per usual, but some higher-value belongings, like expensive clubs, kayaks, and bikes may need an endorsement to be covered.

What is a sewer back up endorsement?

Not all forms of water damage are covered by your insurance. In fact, a standard home insurance policy in Mississauga may only cover water damage if the damage occurred as a result of a covered peril, like a falling object. Gradual water damage is almost never covered. But damages due to things like a sewer backing up may be covered, so long as you have purchased the correct endorsement. Ask your broker about add-on coverage like this one.

Do home insurance policies cover mobile homes?

It depends on the type of mobile home, and whether that mobile home is considered your primary residence or not. Some mobile homes can be covered by a Mississauga home insurance policy. An insurance broker can work with you to understand the specifics of your situation and give you advice on a plan that fits.

Is it mandatory to have home insurance in Mississauga?

No, it isn't mandatory to have home insurance in Mississauga. It is, however, highly recommended that you carry some level of homeowners insurance for its multitude of benefits, such as protecting your home when things go wrong, giving you liability coverage wherever you are in the world, and providing you and your family with peace of mind. If you have a mortgage, most of the time you will be required to carry home insurance.

Can my Mississauga home insurance policy cover my vintage comic book collection?

It absolutely can. Valuables can be covered under home insurance, with the only catch being that some special valuables may need additional coverage to be protected. If you have any valuables worth several thousand dollars, you may consider discussing these with the help of an insurance broker to ensure that you're sufficiently insured. For some items, you may need to request to insure them as not everything will be covered automatically.

What benefit is there in paying premiums annually rather than monthly?

Many factors affect your home insurance premiums, and it can be daunting to try and think of a way to combat your expenses. One of the best ways to doing this is to opt to pay for your policy once per term (either every twelve months or six, depending on the term length you're insured for) and cut down on your home insurance costs by getting rid of the monthly administrative fee. Paying annually also may mean there's no risk of being cancelled mid-term due to non-payment, and you'll be insured for that entire time. It's also more convenient for some, plus it might take a little planning off your shoulders.

What are the benefits to having home and auto insurance through one provider?

Home insurance companies, and insurance companies in general, want your business. They'll incentivize you to come back by offering a significant discount on your Mississauga home insurance premiums - and whatever additional policy or policies you've decided to get insured through them. Oftentimes, you can receive up to a 10-15% discount per policy by insuring your other assets through your home insurance company!

For more FAQs, visit the BrokerLink FAQs page.