Home Insurance in Thunder Bay, Ontario

Thunder Bay offers the best of everything. It has shopping malls, parks, schools, grocery stores, restaurants and many friendly neighbourhoods. With so many great outdoor trails to explore, Thunder Bay offers residents a great outdoor lifestyle. You can hike all summer long and cross-country ski or snowshoe throughout the winter. You’ll find a beautiful view from Mount McKay, interesting flora and fauna on the shores of Lake Superior, and the rushing rivers at Silver Falls and High Falls. Don’t forget Sleeping Giant Provincial Park on a rugged peninsula near Thunder Bay.

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Thunder Bay also has something else going for it; it’s one of Canada’s most affordable places to live. Thunder Bay real estate offers great value for your money. At a time when housing affordability is a challenge for many other cities, it isn’t as much of a concern here in this picturesque part of Ontario. Another thing is certain: whether you live in Country Park, Academy Heights, west end or North McIntyre, you’re going to need home insurance coverage.

The friendly insurance experts at BrokerLink specialize in finding you the right coverage for your needs. We know all about Thunder Bay property and content insurance because we live and work here, too. 

We will help you get the best home insurance rates possible. Our process is to provide you with competitive home insurance quotes so that you can assess your options to pick the best coverage and value for your money. 

Have a car that also needs insurance? We can help you bundle your home and automobile insurance plans to save even more money. Call today and discover all the ways we can help your insurance dollars go further.

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