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Located in central Alberta, Red Deer is surrounded by picturesque farmland. It is halfway between the province’s two major cities, which gives Red Deer the best of everything, but without the headaches. In fact, there are people who live in Red Deer and commute to work in Edmonton and Calgary. The Queen Elizabeth II highway, divided all the way in both directions makes it just over an hour drive to either city. This means the citizens of Red Deer are just over 60 minutes away from two international airports. It’s easy to see why so many Albertans choose to call this city home.

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The city of Red Deer continues to grow with new housing developments all over the city. All this choice makes it simple for residents to select an area to live in that fits their needs. Whether you are looking for a property with easy access to schools, parks, shopping centres, restaurants, gas stations, soccer fields or other amenities, you will find it here in Red Deer. It doesn’t matter if you choose the neighbourhood of Clearview, Deer Park, Pines, Vanier Woods or West Lake, the need for home insurance is inevitable.

Every homeowner should have a home insurance policy that covers them in case disaster strikes. Our insurance experts at BrokerLink are available to help you figure out your specific coverage needs. We will get you competitive insurance quotes, help you compare them and we will find the one that suits you best. Each policy is different and the rates can depend on the size of your home, the value of your belongings and many other factors. We’ll assist you in comparing insurance rates in Red Deer and make sure that you are getting the best value for your hard-earned Alberta dollar. Give us a call.

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