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Location, location, location! There is a great life to be had in Barrie, whether you work here or commute to Toronto on the 400 every day. Barrie boasts over 300 hectares of parks, abundant waterfront on beautiful Lake Simcoe, and easy access to Ontario’s cottage country. Whether you live in Letitia Heights, Ardagh Bluffs or one of Barrie’s Historic Neighbourhoods, our local BrokerLink brokers are experts at providing coverage for you and your home that fits perfectly with your needs.

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Wherever you call home, living in comfort means having the right home insurance. Home insurance you never have to worry about because there are no surprises. That’s exactly what our local BrokerLink experts will do for you. Getting you home insurance at the best possible price means knowing exactly what you need. So we gather information about your house, the contents in your house, and your insurance history. We explore your needs to be protected against liability for accidental damage to your neighbour’s property, and any extra living expenses if your home ever needs to be restored. This forms the foundation for free competitive quotes that you can use to comparison shop. Then, we’ll find other ways to save you money, such as bundling your home insurance with your car insurance. 

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