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Are you looking for an insurance broker Brockville to help with your home insurance needs? BrokerLink can help. We have experience helping our Brockville customers find quality property insurance policies, ranging from high-value home insurance to vacation property & cottage insurance, and everything in between. Learn more about how BrokerLink can help you find the best home insurance coverage in Brockville.

Home insurance coverage tailor-made for Brockville homeowners

Finding a broker for home insurance that understands your needs can be difficult, but not with BrokerLink. Our team of licenced insurance advisors will take the time to get to know you, your home, and your coverage needs. Once we have a clear idea of what kind of home insurance you’re looking for, we will go out and find personalized coverage just for you. Our home insurance specialties range from residential property insurance to high-value home insurance, rental property insurance, vacation property insurance, and more. No matter what type of policy you choose, customized coverage is guaranteed. Learn more about how property insurance policies in Brockville can protect you below:

Dwelling coverage

Dwelling coverage is a standard part of many Ontario home insurance policies, whether for a residential or a commercial property. This type of coverage pertains to the physical structure, providing financial protection in the event that your home was damaged due to an insured peril. Insured perils are those which are clearly named in your policy. You can choose which perils to include with your home insurance coverage, though the most common examples are as follows (contact BrokerLink for an exhaustive list of perils available on Brockville home insurance plans):

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Smoke
  • Theft
  • Wind
  • Car / aircraft impact
  • Explosion
  • Falling objects

Contents coverage

Next up is contents coverage, which is yet another key element of Brockville home insurance policies. Contents coverage differs from dwelling coverage in that it offers financial protection in the event that the personal belongings inside of your home (rather than the external physical structure) are damaged due to an insured peril. Again, your policy will list the specific perils that you are covered against, which commonly range from fire and smoke to wind, falling objects, and more. The exact items that contents coverage protects vary but may include artwork, jewellery, sporting equipment, furniture, electronics, etc. If there is a specific high-value item in your home that you would like covered, make sure to speak with an insurance broker about it. This may impact your chosen coverage limit for the contents coverage portion of your policy.

Personal liability coverage

The third and final core component of most property insurance policies in Brockville is personal liability coverage. Most insurance policies include a liability element and home insurance coverage is no exception. As a homeowner, you want to be protected against possible legal claims filed against you (especially given how expensive even a single lawsuit can be). Personal liability coverage offers such protection. By including this type of insurance in your home insurance policy, you will be covered in the event that a third party brings a property damage or bodily injury claim against you. Specifically, the type of fees that personal liability coverage may compensate policyholders for include legal fees (e.g. settlement fees, defence fees), medical expenses, repair bills, and more.

Additional coverage for your property insurance needs

Sometimes, standard residential property insurance is not enough. Whether you operate a business out of your home, live in an area prone to flooding, or simply want greater peace of mind from your home insurance policy, additional coverage might be a wise decision. The extra home insurance coverage offered by home insurance providers varies, so be sure to check with your local Brockville insurance broker if there is a specific type of coverage you are looking for. That said, a few of the most common types of extra coverage are listed below:

Commercial business coverage

Operating a business out of your home increases your risk. Therefore, standard homeowner’s insurance policies in Brockville may not cover your home business. As such, you will need to purchase a commercial business insurance add-on, endorsement, or rider for your home insurance policy. This way, you can be covered if an incident occurs that arises from your business activities.

Equipment breakdown coverage

There is nothing worse than a key piece of equipment in your home, like a washer or oven, breaking down without warning. Not only does this put you in a bind but fixing a broken piece of equipment can be expensive. Thankfully, equipment breakdown coverage is a type of additional coverage that can be added to many Brockville home insurance policies. By adding this type of coverage, you will receive financial protection in the event that a piece of equipment in your home suddenly fails. The money you can receive can help cover the cost of repairing or replacing the broken unit. Please note that it’s important to ask an insurance broker exactly which kinds of equipment are covered, as this can vary. Examples of household equipment that may be covered include washers, dryers, refrigerators, ovens, HVAC units, and more.

Sewer backup coverage

A sewer backup occurs when sewage or wastewater backs up in the pipes in your home and makes its way out via sinks, toilets, or other drains. As you can imagine, sewer backups are not pleasant situations, and they can cause serious damage. Thankfully, sewer backup coverage can prepare you for this unfortunate scenario by compensating you for the cost of repairs if such an incident occurs and damages your property.

What Brockville home insurance may not cover

Unfortunately, Brockville home insurance policies cannot cover everything. Understanding what your property insurance policy covers and doesn't cover is crucial, so a BrokerLink insurance advisor can help with this. In fact, a BrokerLink home insurance specialist in Brockville would be pleased to review your policy and explain your coverage, detailing exactly what scenarios you are and are not covered against. Although home insurance policies vary, Brockville customers can generally expect that their policies will not cover the following circumstances or incidents:

Brockville home sharing

If you rent out your property, whether for short-term or long-term stays, additional home insurance coverage may be required. Odds are that your basic Brockville home insurance policy will not cover you if a guest who has rented your home ends up damaging it. Therefore, before listing your home (or even part of your home) on a home sharing platform like Airbnb or VRBO, make sure to notify your insurance company first.

A vacant Brockville home

An empty home can increase your risk, which in turn, can lead to a home insurance premium increase. Therefore, if you plan to leave your home empty for an extended period of time - perhaps you are going on a two-month-long vacation with your spouse - you must notify your insurance company. Otherwise, if your house is damaged or the victim of theft or vandalism while you are away, your insurance policy may not cover you. To ensure you are protected when your Brockville home is empty or vacant, contact BrokerLink. A quick tip to keep your home safe while you are away is to have a designated caretaker check on it every 48 to 72 hours.

A Brockville home in a state of disrepair

If you allow your home to fall into a state of disrepair, your home insurance provider may not cover you. In other words, if damage occurs and the insurance company determines that it occurred due to your failure to maintain your own home, they may reject your claim. For this reason, Brockville homeowners should always prioritize year-round home maintenance, whether they do it themselves or hire someone to do it for them.

A Brockville home under renovation

One final situation in which your Brockville home insurance policy may not cover you is if your home is under renovation. Not all policies will cover damage to a home that is currently being renovated or updated. If you want to make sure you are covered for losses during an upcoming reno project, be sure to contact an insurance broker. They can review your policy and inform you of whether you are currently covered. If you are not covered, they can make recommendations on how you can update your policy to ensure you are protected against damage while your home is being renovated.

Find affordable Brockville home insurance with the following broker-approved tips

Finding affordable home insurance in Brockville is no walk in the park. Thankfully, insurance brokerages like BrokerLink strive to make home insurance as affordable as possible for Brockville residents. As part of this mission, they can provide customers with all kinds of expert, broker-approved tips, like renewing your house insurance coverage yearly or bundling insurance policies to save. If you want to qualify for a reduced rate on your Brockville home insurance coverage, continue reading:

Analyze your home insurance coverage each year

Taking the time to analyze your home insurance policy every time it’s up for renewal can save you money. Each year, reassess your insurance needs to determine if your current coverage is working for you. You may be surprised to learn that the coverage you once needed is no longer necessary, and reducing your coverage can quickly lead to a lower premium.

Outfit your Brockville home with an alarm system

Outfitting your Brockville home with a security system, especially a monitored alarm system, can lead to cheaper home insurance rates. To ensure you qualify for this discount, contact a Brockville insurance broker who can explain the specific home security systems that can make you eligible for savings.

Bundle insurance policies and save up to 15%

If you are interested in purchasing more than one type of insurance policy, wait and buy them together. For example, bundling home and auto policies can lead to a 15% discount on each policy. This is a huge discount!

Avoid transaction fees by paying for your Brockville home insurance policy upfront

If you can afford it, we recommend paying for your home insurance coverage annually rather than monthly. Why? Some insurance providers charge hefty fees for payments, meaning the more payments you make, the more expensive your policy will end up being. Inquire about applicable fees in advance so that you can make an informed decision about your payment schedule.

Do not purchase a home with a swimming pool or install one on the premises

Brockville homes with pools typically result in higher home insurance rates. Why? Swimming pools are major liability issues (especially unfenced, in-ground ones). So if you want to keep your rates low, consider buying a home without a pool and do not install one down the road.

Buy a Brockville property next to a fire hydrant or fire station

Fire safety matters and Brockville insurance companies know it. For this reason, they may reward Brockville homeowners who live near fire stations and fire hydrants with a reduced home insurance rate.

Ask a broker about other property insurance discounts you may be eligible for

The only way to find out if you qualify for a certain home insurance discount is by asking. The reality is that many Brockville customers have no idea what insurance discounts are out there. Contacting a broker and asking them about relevant property insurance discounts can help you save big. For example, non-smokers, customers that graduated from certain universities or that worked at certain companies, and even long-time customers may all qualify for a discount on their home insurance policy.

Seek insurance advice from a BrokerLink Brockville insurance broker

Brockville customers can vastly increase their odds of finding affordable home insurance by seeking advice from a broker. Trusted, licenced brokers like those at BrokerLink Brockville can help you find great coverage at a competitive rate.


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Brockville home insurance FAQs

Should I work with a Brockville insurance broker?

This is ultimately up to you. However, many customers find working with a broker worthwhile, especially when they consider the alternative - finding home insurance on your own. Given how complicated and overwhelming the insurance-buying process can be, many customers prefer to make it easier on themselves (while saving money at the same) by enlisting the help of a Brockville insurance broker.

I recently purchased my first home in Brockville, Ontario. What property insurance coverage should I buy?

The property insurance coverage you should buy depends on a variety of factors. Therefore, to determine this, you must carefully consider your budget, personal preferences, how risk averse you are, and the unique characteristics of your new home. If you are on a tight budget, then basic home insurance featuring personal liability coverage, contents coverage, and dwelling coverage might be the best option. However, if you own a particularly valuable home or have high-value items (e.g. musical instruments, vintage wine, fine jewellery, artwork, etc.) in that home, then additional coverage might be necessary.

Further, if you run a home business, then business insurance coverage should be added. For help deciding what coverage to include in your first-ever home insurance policy, contact an insurance broker today. A friendly insurance broker can offer a professional opinion on which coverages are needed to provide adequate protection and peace of mind.

If I rent a home in Brockville, what type of insurance do I need?

Renters of any type of property, from apartments to condos to townhouses, may benefit from purchasing renters or tenant insurance. In some cases, you may be required to purchase renters insurance according to your lease agreement. Although, even if you are under no such obligation, purchasing a tenant insurance policy can protect your personal belongings from a wide range of perils. Keep in mind that most landlord insurance policies do not cover the personal belongings of tenants, meaning without your own renters insurance policy, you will not have financial protection.

What perils should I include with my Brockville home insurance policy?

When you purchase a home insurance policy in Brockville, you will have the option of selecting the perils you want to be covered against. Perils typically pertain to dwelling coverage and contents coverage. Under these portions of your policy, your home’s physical structure and the belongings inside of it will only be covered if they are damaged or lost due to a specific peril named in your policy. Therefore, to determine which perils you should include in your home insurance policy, you must consider the main risks that your home faces.

Generally speaking, most home insurance policyholders choose to include common risks like fire and theft in their policies. However, depending on the weather patterns in your area, you may also want to add the following extra perils to your policy: earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding, falling objects, etc. If you are having trouble deciding which perils to include with your policy, contact an insurance broker who can offer an expert opinion on what makes the most sense for you. They can also inform you about what perils many other Brockville homeowners have added to their home insurance policies.

If you have any questions, contact one of our local branches.