Home Insurance in Sherwood Park, Alberta

Sherwood Park and the surrounding area of Strathcona County have a great deal to offer, from rural living to schools, jobs, shopping, dining and entertainment. We have plenty of great recreational facilities including the new Ardrossan Recreation Complex located 9 km east of Sherwood Park on Highway 16. If your family enjoys team sports, gymnastics, swimming or golf, Sherwood Park is a great place to live and play.

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Not only are housing prices a bit more affordable than Edmonton; the community of Sherwood Park is considered to be very family friendly. You’ll find there are plenty of welcoming neighbourhoods here, such as Regency Park, Glen Allen, Clover Bar Ranch, Summerwood, Clarkdale Meadows, Valley Point, Shadow Ridge, Foxhaven, Maplegrove and Fountain Creek Estates. No matter which area you and your family choose to live in, Sherwood Park is a great place to call home, and we know it because we live here, too. 

Once you find your ideal home, whether it’s near a peaceful park, on a quiet street, or one that has a backyard filled with potential—it’s time to think about home insurance coverage. Let our insurance experts at BrokerLink assist you in finding the best insurance for your residence in Sherwood Park.

We’re home insurance experts and we will find you different insurance quotes for you to compare. We will explain each one and will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. It’s our goal to find a policy for you with the perfect balance of property and content insurance coverage.

We’re here to help make sure your valuables are taken care of so you don’t have to worry about “what if” scenarios, and just enjoy your new home in this community. Call us today; we’re always available to take your call and we’d be pleased to serve you.

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