Home Insurance in Guelph

What is it that gets Guelph declared one of the best places to live in Canada again and again? Well, its close proximity to Toronto, just down the 401, is part of it. Plus, there’s Guelph University, St. Patrick’s Ward, and over 1,000 hectares of parks, including the Riverside Floral Clock Gardens and John McCrae Gardens. Protect your good life with insurance brokers in Guelph.

How do I get home insurance in Guelph?

Are you looking to insure your home in Guelph? BrokerLink is ready to help. Our team of highly-skilled insurance brokers specializes in home insurance in Ontario. Whether you are in need of tenant insurance, or insurance for your rental property or second home, we are certain we will find you a customized insurance solution. Read on to learn more about home insurance and how you can find reliable and affordable coverage with BrokerLink.

Guelph home insurance coverage

Despite that Ontario has not made home insurance a requirement, having a home insurance policy is still one of the best ways to protect your property and personal belongings. Between the financial protection it offers against a wide range of risks and the added peace of mind, knowing you are protected against the unexpected, home insurance is certainly a worthwhile investment.

Also, some homeowners may need to purchase home insurance in order to apply for a mortgage, as many banks and lenders require home insurance in Guelph as part of their loan agreements. And if you're in the market to rent, landlords can require you to have tenants insurance before approving your rental application.

While property insurance coverage varies by policy, standard policies in Guelph usually include the following:

Dwelling coverage

The physical structure of your Guelph house is covered by dwelling coverage. If an insured peril damages your property, you might be covered by the dwelling portion in your Kitchener house insurance policy. Common dangers that are insured with dwelling coverage include:

  • Smoke
  • Lightning
  • Theft
  • Wind
  • Fire
  • Car/aircraft impact
  • Falling objects
  • Explosions

Contents coverage

The contents of your home are covered by contents insurance as opposed to the structure of your house, which is covered by dwelling insurance. Furniture, clothing, electronics, athletic equipment, jewellery, and other items may be covered by contents insurance in the event of damage or loss.

Personal liability coverage

Should a guest be hurt while visiting your premises, personal liability insurance may come in handy. You can be held liable in such a situation and responsible for all costs, including legal and medical bills. However, if you have home insurance, the personal liability section of your contract might assist in covering the costs. It may also safeguard you should you damage a neighbouring house.

Additional home insurance coverage in Guelph

While typical insurance shields your house from many unforeseen events, it may not always provide the type of coverage you require. For homeowners who require more comprehensive coverage alternatives, BrokerLink offers a number of different coverage types. We list some examples of additional coverage below, such as business coverage, equipment breakdown coverage, and sewer backup coverage:

1. Business coverage

When you run a business out of your home, you should consider adding business insurance. The majority of basic Ontario home insurance policies do not cover damage brought on by commercial operations; thus, it might even be unavoidable. Therefore, unless you add a business coverage endorsement to your policy, your insurance provider might not cover something that occurred as a result of your home business.

2. Equipment breakdown coverage

Equipment breakdown insurance is essential if a piece of equipment in your home breaks down unexpectedly or without warning. Equipment like your kitchen appliances, washer and dryer, home security systems, and HVAC systems (furnace, air conditioner, heat pump, etc.) may be insured by this coverage add-on. Although it is not generally included in standard Guelph home insurance policies, this additional coverage can be beneficial, particularly when you consider how costly it can be to repair or replace damaged home furnishings and equipment.

3. Sewer backup coverage

Sewer backup insurance can be something Guelph homeowners choose to include in their homeowner policies. The expense of repairing damage to your house brought on by a sewer backup may be partially covered by adding this coverage to your insurance policy.

Please take note that existing property insurance contracts frequently have the extra insurance coverages described above added as riders or endorsements.

What your Guelph home insurance may not cover

Most home insurance policies feature dwelling coverage, contents coverage, and personal liability coverage. But did you know there are circumstances that your property insurance policy will not cover or may even become void? That’s why it is crucial for homeowners to understand what isn’t covered by their property insurance policy, especially in situations that could render their coverage invalid.

We’ve put together the list below to help Guelph residents better understand what their house insurance policy might not cover:

Home sharing

In order to help supplement their income, more Guelph homeowners are turning to renting out their properties for brief periods of time. Home-sharing is another name for this idea, which became well-known thanks to websites like Airbnb and VRBO. While house sharing might generate monthly income, if you fail to notify your insurance company, it could cancel your homeowner’s insurance coverage.

Vacant home

It's crucial to let your insurance provider know if your property is vacant for extended periods of time, more than one month in a row, as a vacant home may affect your premiums. So if you're a regular snowbird, get in touch with your insurance broker before you head south for the winter. Advise your broker of your home caretaker and their contact information, as most companies require that you have someone check the property every 72 hours. Otherwise, your current homeowner's insurance company might not cover you if a loss or damage happens while you are abroad.

Failing to maintain

If you neglect to take care of your home and allow it to deteriorate into a state of disrepair, your home insurance coverage may become invalid. For instance, your insurance provider can decline to cover damages if your roof had missing shingles, which then lead to water damage.


Finally, if a renovation causes property damage, your property insurance policy might not protect you. We advise notifying your insurance agent as soon as possible if your house is undergoing renovations because these changes may affect how much your homeowner’s insurance will cost.

How to save money on your Guelph homeowners insurance

Here at BrokerLink, we are devoted to assisting homeowners in finding comprehensive insurance coverage at competitive rates. We love to compare rates on your behalf to find you the best affordable price. We are also thrilled to share some of our money-saving tips with you below to help you avoid overspending on home insurance!

1. Install a security system

Installing a home security system is a terrific method to improve your sense of security in your house while also saving money on your Guelph homeowner’s insurance. Because certain security systems add an extra layer of security to homes, some insurance companies will give homeowners discounted rates if they install them. To find out more about the kinds of security systems that can be eligible for a home insurance discount, get in touch with one of BrokerLink’s insurance brokers.

2. Bundle up and save

Consider purchasing multiple types of insurance from the same insurance provider when looking for different forms of insurance in Guelph (such as home insurance, tenant insurance, and cottage insurance). You might save up to 15% as a result for each policy. So don’t delay if you’re looking for another policy, buy them all at once to maximize your savings!

3. Increase your policy deductible

By raising your deductible, you can quickly reduce not only the cost of your Guelph home insurance premiums but also the cost of all types of insurance. A bigger deductible typically translates into a reduced rate, whether the insurance is for a home, an automobile, a tenant, or something else entirely. On that basis, it’s crucial that you understand your deductible’s value as well as the implications of increasing it. If you need to make an insurance claim, a greater deductible means you will have to pay more out of pocket for an insured loss. As a result, you should only increase your deductible to a level that you can easily afford in an emergency. To find out more about deductibles and to determine whether raising your homeowner’s insurance deductible is best for you, get in touch with BrokerLink.

4. Pay annually instead of monthly

Another strategy to lower your home insurance prices is to switch from monthly to annual payments. Every payment you make to an insurance company is frequently subject to administrative fees; as a result, you end up paying 12 monthly fees rather than a single annual premium. Therefore, if you have the option of paying your property insurance monthly or yearly, don’t forget to inquire about the costs involved with each option.

5. Consider all factors in your home purchase

Did you know that simply owning a pool increases the cost of your homeowner’s insurance? This is due to the potential risk that swimming pools pose to insurance companies, especially if they are not fenced in. We’re not saying you shouldn’t own a pool, mind you. It’s just something for you to be aware of while looking for a home in Guelph.

6. Buy a house near a fire hydrant or fire station

If your house is close to a fire hydrant or a fire station, you may qualify for a discount on your homeowners insurance. Be sure to talk to your broker if you're considering purchasing a home close to one or both of them. They can assist you in identifying any particular requirements that must be met in order for you to be eligible for this insurance discount.

7. Consult with a BrokerLink insurance advisor

Lastly, we advise speaking with a BrokerLink insurance expert if you want to reduce the cost of your property insurance. Each broker on the team at BrokerLink is fully licensed and committed to finding our customers the best available policy. In order to locate Guelph homeowner's insurance coverage that satisfies your specific demands, we will take the time to fully comprehend what you need. Additionally, we handle the legwork for you, which makes purchasing home insurance simpler than ever. Look no further than BrokerLink if you want an insurance professional at your disposal who will compare prices and find savings on your behalf.


Is Guelph home insurance mandatory?

When you live in the province of Ontario, home insurance is not a mandatory requirement for homeowners. Be that as it may, some homeowners may still find themselves needing homeowners insurance as mortgage lenders can and often make it a condition of their loan agreement. This is because having home property insurance offers additional protection not just for you but also for them in the event of a loss. As such, many homeowners will need it if they wish to apply for a mortgage to buy a home. Furthermore, landlords in Guelph can make tenant insurance a condition of their rental lease. Reach out to BrokerLink to learn more about home insurance requirements in Guelph.

Debunking common home insurance myths

There are numerous widespread misconceptions about home insurance. To help with their clarification, BrokerLink's insurance professionals have created the list below:

Myth: It is cheaper to insure an older home

According to one of the most common misunderstandings regarding home insurance, older homes typically result in cheaper home insurance coverage. The truth is that an older home may cost more to insure if it has not been maintained, such as if it has outdated wiring, a worn-out roof, inefficient HVAC systems, or inferior building materials.

Myth: Home insurance policies protect vehicles stored in the garage

Certain homeowners might believe that their insurance policies cover any vehicles kept in their garage. But vehicles kept in your garage are not intended to be covered by home insurance plans. Vehicle protection, even for vehicles parked inside their garage, is provided by your auto insurance policy. Residents of Guelph who want their cars to be protected while parked must specifically add comprehensive insurance to their auto insurance coverage. Contact BrokerLink to learn more about the main distinctions between house insurance and auto insurance from one of our qualified insurance brokers.

Myth: Basic home insurance policies protect against sewer backup

Another widespread misconception is that homeowners insurance policies automatically provide coverage for sewer blockages. To be clear, sewage backup coverage can guard against a scenario in which your home's sanitary system is overwhelmed and backs up into your house through the pipes or toilets. Homeowners in Guelph might be shocked to hear that typical home insurance coverage does not cover this terrible scenario. Rather, a rider can be added to a house insurance policy to add this additional form of coverage. Speak with one of our insurance brokers if you want your policy to cover sewer backup.


Three reasons you should work with an insurance advisor at BrokerLink

We recognize that searching for home insurance in Guelph can be overwhelming given the variety of options available. However, we at BrokerLink are prepared to make the exact opposite happen. Thanks to our exceptional customer service, insurance knowledge, and unrivalled resources, we offer a hassle-free insurance experience. Discover three advantages of dealing with a BrokerLink insurance advisor by reading on:

1. We work independently of insurance providers

The fact that an insurance broker operates independently of insurance companies is its first advantage. This enables BrokerLink to always put the customer first. We pay close attention to your particular requirements and offer unbiased, honest advise on the best coverage for your house.

2. We do the work for you

We advise working with a broker if researching house insurance policies online is the last thing you want to do after a long day of work. Insurance advisors work for insurance brokerages like BrokerLink and perform the legwork for you. They will compare rates on your behalf by contacting Canada's leading insurance companies after asking you a few questions about the kinds of coverage you're searching for. They then assess the quotes and find savings to give you premium insurance options that fit within your price range.

We can help you when the unthinkable happens. As brokers we are the go between for companies and customers, if you should have a claim we are there to guide you through the process. We can make sure that you can get back to normal life as soon as possible after a claim.

3. We are home insurance experts

The fact that we are experts in home insurance is a final advantage of working with a BrokerLink insurance advisor. The BrokerLink staff has been committed to helping customers discover insurance coverage that fits their requirements and budgets since 1991. We can guarantee that you get the most affordable cost on your coverage because we are specialists in everything related to Guelph insurance.

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How much does home insurance cost in Guelph?

When determining premiums, insurance firms must take a variety of criteria into account. As a result, the amount that each individual can afford to pay can differ greatly. Your claim history, the neighbourhood you live in, the value of your property, the number of people that live in your property, the size of your property, and the policy limits, deductibles, and coverage types you select are just some of the things that will affect how much you pay for house insurance.

What are the benefits of Guelph home insurance?

In Guelph, homeowners are not forced to have home insurance, but it still has several advantages. Specifically, good house insurance coverage can shield your residence and its belongings from physical harm as well as protect you from third-party liability claims. Your insurance may also protect you in the unfortunate event of a sewer backup, equipment failure, or business use, depending on the conditions of your coverage. Basically, having a comprehensive house insurance policy might save you from having to pay out-of-pocket for losses or damages.

What risks does home insurance cover in Guelph?

Depending on the type of insurance you acquire, the risks that are normally covered are conditional. You may be protected against events like fire, theft, and certain weather damage, depending on your policy.

I recently bought my first home in Guelph. What type of home insurance do I need?

The simple answer to this issue is that it relies on the specific details of your home as well as your preferences and level of risk. Ontario does not have a law requiring homes to have insurance; thus, Guelph residents are free to choose the plans and protection they want. However, it is advised that all homeowners have a home insurance policy that, at the very least, contains the standard coverage (e.g. dwelling insurance, contents insurance, and personal liability insurance).

I have a roommate. Can we share the same home insurance policy?

In general, roommates may be covered by the same insurance policy. However, if you and your spouse live in a joint residence with another couple, they will require separate insurance.

For more FAQs, visit the BrokerLink FAQs page.