Home Insurance in Richmond Hill

It’s not uncommon to have questions regarding your options for home insurance when looking for a place to live in Richmond Hill, Ontario. There are countless housing options, all depending on whether you want to live in a more affluent neighbourhood like Oak Ridges, Bayview Hill, Doncrest, Elgin Mills, Hillsview, or Richvale, or a more historic one like Jefferson, Windham, or Mill Pond. To protect what you value most, you must first select a solid and reliable insurance plan. BrokerLink can help.

Richmond Hill home insurance coverage

Property and personal liability are generally covered under a homeowner’s insurance policy although it can vary between insurance providers. In the event that an insured peril impacts your home or its contents, the property insurance portion of your policy can assist with the repair bills. If a visitor initiates a lawsuit alleging injury or personal property damage while on your premises, your personal liabilities portion may assist with the price of legal fees and medical bills.

What is an insured peril?

It is any risk or occurrence that your home insurance may shield your house from. Depending on the level of coverage you pick, your home insurance policy might cover a range of insured perils. Homeowners selecting which perils are most important to insure their home against will want to base them on their unique circumstances and the location of their home (e.g., rural or urban, distance to water, the local climate). The following list includes the types of insured perils a homeowner wants to choose:

  • Lightning
  • Winter Freeze
  • Flood
  • Smoke
  • Hurricane
  • Fire
  • Wildfire
  • Earthquake
  • Power Outage
  • Hail
  • Tornado

Three types of home insurance in Richmond Hill

Standard, broad, and comprehensive home insurance are the three main types of home insurance that most insurance companies offer. Each level differs by the types of insured perils they cover. As such, be sure to carefully analyze each category to help you make an informed decision on which one is ideal for your insurance needs. Also, keep in mind that what each category may cover may differ between insurance companies:

Standard insurance

Standard home insurance, often also referred to as basic home insurance, is the most basic type of homeowner’s insurance. Depending on your insurance company, the level of protection against damage brought on by things like hail, fire, lightning, and windstorms may vary. Nonetheless, standard insurance might or might not cover some of these hazards depending on your house’s location. Furthermore, with standard insurance, only perils that are explicitly addressed within your policy are covered.

Broad insurance

For a more individualized insurance plan and protection for your property, there’s broad insurance. Your home will be protected against dangers like vandalism and theft in addition to the perils covered by standard insurance. Also, it might cover certain unforeseen occurrences like a busted water pipe. Like with standard insurance, your broad home insurance policy must expressly state each insured risk.

Comprehensive insurance

If you choose to obtain comprehensive insurance, it will protect your home from a wide variety of dangers. With comprehensive, your home is assumed protected unless a risk is expressly excluded in your contract. Homeowners frequently choose comprehensive insurance because it gives them peace of mind knowing that their way of life is protected from unplanned calamities.

To learn more about our homeowners insurance options in Richmond Hill, reach out to speak with a BrokerLink insurance broker today.


What is included in my Richmond Hill home insurance coverage?

Every Ontario home insurance policy comes equipped with three types of coverage: dwelling, contents, and personal liability. Our specialists at BrokerLink have outlined each type of coverage below to help you better understand the protection you will get from your policy:

Dwelling coverage

The structural design of the home is protected by dwelling coverage. It may be able to help you financially if one of the specified perils: fire, wind, falling objects, or theft, causes damage to the house’s structure, including the roof, exterior walls, windows, or porch.

This coverage solely protects the house’s frame. The property and the home’s contents are not included. Lightning, explosions, smoke, and collision from an automobile or an airplane are also covered by dwelling insurance.

Contents coverage

Your personal items, such as jewellery, furniture, clothing, technology, and more, are covered by your contents insurance. Your insurance provider may offer to replace or repair your belongings if they are damaged or lost due to a covered risk, such as a fire or theft.

However, there is often a maximum limit per item and overall for your contents coverage. We suggest talking with an insurance broker about supplemental coverage if you own expensive jewellery, priceless paintings, or other valuables. Alternatively, you could also include individual high-value items as floaters or riders.

Personal liability coverage

Richmond Hill homeowners are covered by liability insurance in the event that guests file grievances claiming they were hurt or had their property damaged while visiting their home. This insurance is necessary because, as the homeowner or tenant, you can be held responsible if someone is injured on your premises.

Even without accounting for potential settlement fees, medical bills, and other related costs, which all have the potential to put you in serious debt, the cost of covering a lawsuit on your own can be quite expensive. This is merely just one of the numerous benefits of having home insurance.

Additional coverage options in Richmond Hill

We understand that the standard house insurance options might not be able to provide every household with the level of protection that they need. As such, our customers have a wide range of alternative coverage options to add to their house insurance plans should they want to increase their coverage. These options are part of our riders, add-ons, and endorsements collection. Sewer backup, windstorm, guaranteed replacement cost, and unlimited replacement cost are just a few of our various endorsement options:

Sewer backup

During sewer backup, wastewater or sewage may gather and spill out of your sink, drain, or toilet. In a perfect world, you only need a little mopping to clean it up. But in a worst-case situation, that backup causes serious water damage to your house. Thankfully, adding a sewer backup endorsement to your insurance can assist you financially with the repairs.


Damage to a building’s structure, shattered windows, ruined property, and debris cleanup are all included in a windstorm endorsement. However, rain and hail-related water damage that occurs during or after wind damage such as indoor water damage resulting from a shattered window might not be covered.

Guaranteed replacement cost

This guarantees that you will be reimbursed for the full amount required to restore or replace your possessions, up to the coverage limit, without any deduction for depreciation. Most insurance policies pay out an actual cash value for your guaranteed replacement cost.

Unlimited replacement cost

Similar to guaranteed replacement cost you will be reimbursed for the full amount required to restore or replace your possessions, however there is no coverage limit. This can be beneficial to you in the event where the price of building materials has fluctuated or the cost has risen, you will be able to restore your home as it was immediately prior to the loss without worrying about running out of funds.

Is home insurance in Richmond Hill mandatory?

Although Ontario households are not legally required to have home insurance, it is still the best method to protect your home and other belongings.

Nevertheless, many Ontarians wishing to qualify for a mortgage loan must still obtain home insurance. Most mortgage lenders require homeowners to have insurance before they can even apply for a loan, let alone get it approved.

Moreover, before a landlord approves your application, you might need to prove you have either renters insurance or condo insurance. Since a landlord’s insurance coverage only protects the rental property they own and not the personal items of their tenants, it is beneficial to both the landlord and the tenant to mandate that tenants carry their own tenant and renters insurance.

What your Richmond Hill home insurance may not cover

The parameters of any agreement, including home insurance coverage, will always contain some form of limitations. As such, you must carefully examine the exclusions listed in your policy’s conditions to ensure you understand what is and isn’t covered by your insurance policy. Moreover, whenever your house insurance policy is renewed, be sure to review the exclusions section to see if anything has changed.

In the meantime, typically, house insurance policies will not cover the following situations:

Home sharing

Renting out your home while you are away may seem like a fantastic opportunity to earn some extra cash. Even if you are only renting for a short while, make sure to let your insurance company know in advance. If you fail to inform your insurance provider that you are renting out your home, they may terminate your insurance coverage and reject your claim if something happens, as renting makes your home more susceptible to theft, vandalism, and damage.


Every time a homeowner intends to leave their house for more than 30 days, they need to notify their insurance provider. This is because vacant homes are far more likely to experience claims. In addition, a lot of insurance providers mandate that homeowners assign someone to check on and enter their property every 72 hours (every 24 hours during the colder months) for signs of break-ins or damage. If not, your insurer can deny a claim for an event like a busted water pipe or a home invasion that happened while your house was unoccupied and unattended. If you’re someone who travels often, ask your insurance broker about vacant home insurance.


If a homeowner’s negligence caused the damage, there is a very high possibility that their insurance company will deny their claim. For instance, a claim is most likely denied if an insurance company inspects your property and discovers that the problem could have been corrected by completing routine home maintenance. So, the easiest way to safeguard your house and even help avoid an unexpected insurance premium increase is to do basic home maintenance regularly. Consider asking a friend or member of your family to help you learn how to manage your property or hire a professional.


Because of the additional liabilities and dangers, your standard property insurance typically does not cover home improvement projects. Therefore, consider reviewing your homeowners insurance with an insurance advisor before you start renovating any areas of your home to ensure you have the necessary coverage. Remember to let your insurer know after the home improvements are finished in case your home may need additional coverage.

How to save money on your Richmond Hill home insurance

By offering our customers reliable insurance options at competitive pricing, our BrokerLink team continuously strives to exceed their expectations. We thoroughly research all deals and discounts you may be qualified to use to help ensure you save money on your policies! Follow our suggestions below to learn more about how to reduce your insurance costs in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Our recommendations cover a variety of topics, such as bundling your policies, setting up a home alarm system, increasing your policy deductible, and more.

Bundling your policies

Consider consolidating any insurance policies you have with several insurance companies under one insurer. Then, you can inquire about bundling your home insurance policy with any additional policies you may have, such as your home with your auto insurance or your home with your vacation home and cottage insurance policies. Depending on the insurance provider, each bundled policy could save you up to 15%.

Installing a home alarm system

You might be eligible for a discount on your insurance if you install a monitored home alarm system. Although most insurance companies maintain a list of specific alarm systems that qualify, talk to your insurance broker to verify this discount possibility first.

Increasing your policy deductible

You can often lower your insurance premiums by increasing your policy deductible. The deductible is an amount that the policyholder agreed to pay when purchasing their Richmond Hill home insurance policy. A standard deductible amount for house insurance runs between $1,000 and $2,000, but it can be lower. When a policyholder submits an insurance claim, they must first pay their policy deductible before receiving their payout from their insurance company. Therefore, if you have a small deductible, such as $250 or $500, talk to your insurance broker about the benefits of increasing it.

Reviewing your coverage regularly

You can easily discover whether you are shelling out for coverage that you no longer require by reviewing your insurance policy regularly, particularly right before its renewal period. You will receive your documents 30-45 days ahead of your renewal, plenty of time for you to review them and speak with your broker before your renewal date. Speak with one of our insurance brokers if you are unsure of what coverages you may be able to eliminate from your policy.

Consider all factors

If you intend to relocate to a remote region, locating the closest firehouse or hydrant is worthwhile. The quicker firefighters can respond to a fire, the quicker they can limit the amount of damage it may cause. And lesser damage equals a smaller insurance claim. As a result, those living in rural areas close to fire stations or water hydrants frequently qualify for insurance discounts.

Also, residential houses with permanent pools usually incur higher house insurance rates than those without, pools carry a lot of liability hazards, especially if they aren’t fenced in, so keep that in mind as you search for your forever home.

Get advice from a Richmond Hill BrokerLink insurance broker

Residents in Richmond Hill are eligible for a wide range of discounts. Discounts could be available to nonsmokers, association members, and even mature homeowners. Contact one of BrokerLink’s insurance brokers today to learn more about how to reduce the cost of your house insurance.

Finding the best insurance in Richmond Hill is attainable and effortless when working with a BrokerLink insurance broker. Our licensed insurance experts work hard to find our customers the most cost-effective and trustworthy insurance policies. Each of our insurance specialists has years of experience and an unmatched track record of offering top-notch customer care.


Why work with a BrokerLink insurance broker

Researching home insurance can quickly become daunting. How do you know what’s best for you when you are trying to muddle through jargon like terms and conditions, deductibles, and coverage levels? That’s where BrokerLink comes in. With the help and advice from a BrokerLink insurance broker in Richmond Hill, together you will be able to find the best coverage for your home insurance needs.

The BrokerLink team has been helping our customers choose insurance plans that fit their needs and budgets since 1991. As experts in everything Richmond Hill insurance, whether you are looking for home insurance, auto insurance, business insurance, and more, we can guarantee you the most affordable rate on your insurance policy.

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FAQs on home insurance Richmond Hill

Am I covered if I operate my business out of my home?

Depending on the type of home-based business you run, you have two options for coverage. You can include a business use endorsement in your current home insurance policy to provide protection for home-based businesses with minimum risks and no customers who come to the property. Larger businesses with commercial property, where there is a significantly higher chance of a liability claim, would need to purchase a commercial insurance policy.

What factors do insurance providers consider when calculating Richmond Hill home insurance rates?

Insurance providers in Richmond Hill and all throughout Ontario must consider a wide variety of variables when establishing insurance prices. Knowing what elements are crucial and how they may affect your rates might be useful for some Richmond Hill homeowners. Several important elements on the list below are taken into account when determining your house insurance rates:

  • The age of your roof.
  • The size of your home.
  • Your home’s location.
  • The coverage types, your deductibles, and what limits you choose.
  • The age of your home.
  • Your proximity to large bodies of water.
  • The condition of your home’s heating, plumbing, and electrical systems.
  • Your claims history.
  • The quality of your home’s construction.
  • Your home’s proximity to a firehouse, fire hydrant, or other emergency services.

I rent a condo in Richmond Hill. Can I still buy home insurance?

Absolutely. You can purchase house insurance if you are a renter, homeowner, tenant, or another type of policyholder. If you are a tenant, it’s highly likely that your landlord asked you to get tenant insurance before you could sign your lease in the first place. Furthermore, a landlord’s insurance policy does not cover the possessions of a tenant and, therefore, you should always carry your own tenant’s insurance anyway.

I have a roommate. Can we share the same insurance policy?

Generally, a shared insurance plan can cover all roommates unless you and your spouse share a home with another couple. In that instance, the other couple will require their own insurance.

What risks does home insurance cover in Richmond Hill?

There are several types of perils your insurance may cover, all depending on your coverage level. You might be protected from disasters like fire and theft and weather-related damage like hail and wind.

If you have any questions, contact one of our local branches.