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Those that choose to call Sarnia their home, they're probably already familiar with "Sarnia Semper," which means "Sarnia Always." Just like the motto, residents of Sarnia "always" want to ensure that their homes and family are protected with the right insurance coverage. No surprises. Whether you've chosen to nestle into the north-end communities such as Wees Beach or Wiltshire Park or in the southern-end communities like The Tree Streets or Sherwood Village, you can depend on BrokerLink's Sarnia home insurance brokers.

What your Sarnia home insurance covers

In insurance language, a peril is something that your home may have insurance for. Each insurance policy may vary in what it covers, depending on your insurer and what you've purchased, so never assume something is insured. We advise you to familiarize yourself with your insurance documents. Different companies may offer protection for different items, but exclude coverage for others based on your scenario and environment. If your house is nestled in a popular flood plane, for example, you may not be eligible for flood insurance. Discuss with your local BrokerLink home insurance broker in Sarnia about relevant protection or assistance on how to find the best insurance. We won't leave you to figure it all out on your own.

The following list doesn't cover all of what may be included in your policy, but it includes examples of some of the most common insured perils:

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Earthquake
  • Flood
  • Hail
  • Hurricane
  • Power Outage
  • Tornado
  • Volcano
  • Wildfire
  • Winter Freeze

You should also be aware of what your policy excludes, the same way you should be aware of what your policy includes. The average policy for home insurance in Sarnia may not cover infestation damages, wear-and-tear, or emergency claims due to a lack of maintenance.

Sarnia home insurance categories

In Sarnia, home insurance policies are customizable and you can purchase as much or as little coverage as you would like. Your policy could cover just the most basic, common perils, or it could cover a wide array of perils with only a few minor exclusions. Home insurance in Sarnia may be classed into three divisions: basic, broad, and comprehensive. Note how perils are excluded or included, as this is how categories differentiate from each other:


Each insurance company may offer different types of basic coverage, but ultimately you can expect any standard basic policy to insure your home for damages due to windstorms, lightning, fire, and hail. What is actually included in your basic coverage may vary from property to property, but only the perils listed in your documents will be covered.


Broad coverage is one step beyond basic coverage, insuring your property for a generalized array of different perils. In addition to the perils and events included in basic coverage, most broad policies will also insure your home against vandalism and theft, as well as unforeseen damages like burst pipes. Perils must be specifically listed in your broad policy to be covered.


This is easily the most extensive form of home insurance. Sarnia residents may benefit the most from comprehensive coverage, as it will cover you for a wide array of different perils and events apart from those specifically excluded in your policy documents. Most homeowners choose to purchase comprehensive coverage, knowing that it is worth its cost over and over and that if there were any damages, they'd have protection.

The average cost of home insurance in Sarnia

Insurance is priced individually for each family and household, so you can't expect to pay the same amount as your neighbour does for their home insurance. Sarnia residents needn't worry! An affordable policy is within your grasp when you enlist the help of BrokerLink's dedicated and informed insurance brokers. While the cost of insurance does tend to vary between homes, the amount you'll end up paying shouldn't need to break the bank. Our advisors can help you get multiple quotes for your home so you can compare between and reap the best savings by choosing the lowest price. The process of getting a free quote is quick and easy. Chatting with an expert, such as our handy advisors here at BrokerLink, is one of the best ways to get an affordable price.

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Key factors in calculating your Sarnia home insurance premiums

From home to home, and household to household, the cost of insurance will always vary. But, as a homeowner, you need home insurance. Sarnia residents may be wondering what impacts the cost of their insurance, and we here at BrokerLink believe there's power in being informed. Saving money is easier when you know what's being factored into your final cost.

Beneath are a list of the main factors that will affect your insurance costs:

1. Key factors about yourself and your household members

Although your Sarnia home insurance costs are heavily weighed by your home and its characteristics, insurers will also take into account you and your household members. They may consider the following characteristics:

  • Your insurance history: A longer, continuous insurance history bodes better than if you have not been insured or insured intermittently. This is often why younger policyholders tend to have a more difficult time finding insurance due to a lack of sufficient credit history or a lack of insurance history.
  • Past cancellations: This ties in with insurance history. Some cancellations happen at no fault of your own, whereas others may result from your inability to make payments on time. This can act like a black mark on your insurance record, making it difficult to get insured again in the future.
  • Claims' history: Having made numerous claims in a short period of time can signal to insurers that you are likely to make multiple claims again in the future. Companies like it when customers try to remain claims-free and only make claims when absolutely necessary.

2. Key factors about your property, its condition, and more

The overall value of your home and other characteristics about it will influence your insurance costs. Insurers may look at the following key factors:

  • The value of your home: Homes that cost more to build and are worth more overall may be more expensive to insure, as this means they will cost more to repair if a covered peril were to occur.
  • The size and location of your home: The more square footage, the more there is to rebuild. All the same, the environment your home is in will influence rates. If it is nestled in a high-crime neighbourhood or near a large body of water, you may pay more.
  • The condition of your home and its age: Older homes have a higher propensity for damages and financial loss as a result of outdated systems. You can mitigate this impact by doing regular renovations and keeping your home as well-maintained as possible.
  • The contents inside your home: Contents insurance, as a part of home insurance in Sarnia, is gauged based upon the overall value of your contents. The more you own and the higher its value, the more your insurance will cost you. In addition, some special high-value possessions may need add-on coverage to be insured.

The variation between insurance companies in Canada when it comes to premiums boils down to the differences in the way each insurer weighs various factors. They may use different statistics. It helps to know what goes into your premiums, so you can better understand your price point.

Our advice on how to get the best rates for Sarnia home insurance

As you can see from the list above, there's a lot which goes into your insurance rates. With so many variables at play when it comes to your final premium amount, it can be overwhelming to try and think of a way to find a lower price. Thanks to our extensive market access here at BrokerLink, you can be beyond confident in our ability to compare options with your budget and needs in mind. It's just what we do.

Not only do we help you find the best protection for homeowners in Sarnia, but we also offer tips and tricks on how to save money. Everyone's situation is different, and if budget is a concern of yours, you're likely to be looking for ways to trim down on unnecessary expenses. BrokerLink's insurance professionals can advise you on all the best ways to get the best price. Check our list of tips below, or give us a call if you want a one-on-one chat:

1. Try bundling your home and auto insurance

Insurance companies strive for your business, and they want as much of it as you're willing to give. To further incentivize customers, they offer discounts if you have multiple policies through them. So, if you switch your car insurance to the company that you have your home insurance policy through, you'll receive a reduction of between 10-15% on both policies.

2. Avoid filing small claims and maintain your home

One of the best ways to keep your premiums low is to avoid filing claims where possible. You can do this by looking after your home, making necessary renovations to keep your home's systems up to date, and handling any smaller issues before they worsen with time by yourself - rather than making a claim. Being claims-free can win you some serious discounts on your Sarnia home insurance rates!

3. Raise your deductible(s)

Many aspects of your home insurance are subject to a deductible, which is essentially the amount you must pay before your insurance provider pays the remainder. If you increase your deductible, your premiums will go down. Choosing to raise a $500 figure to $1,000, for example, may mean you'll be responsible for a larger share of each claim you make, but your premiums will decline.

4. Review your coverage frequently

It's understandable that every homeowner would want the best, highest quality insurance, but higher coverage (or "too much" coverage) can result in unnecessarily inflated premiums. The downside of purchasing insurance through a company directly is that the company may steer you in the direction of more expensive coverage, but a broker who can work with you and review your coverage regularly may be able to suggest where your gaps lie and where additional coverage may be unnecessary.

5. Invest in a security alarm system

Everyone wants to keep their home safe from vandals and thieves. Your insurance company wants the very same. One of the best ways to doing this is to invest in a security alarm system for your home. Some higher-end models will come equipped with camera monitoring systems, AI security unlocks, and more. Not all systems are approved for a discount and some may be costlier than what the discount would grant you, so be sure to ask your broker for advice on which system is best for your home and circumstances.

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If you’re a member of a group or association, you may be eligible for more discounts.

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Your home insurance needs may be very different than those of your neighbours, which is why we insist on getting to know you and your needs. Whether you need home insurance that includes liability for accidental damage, or coverage that includes additional expenses which you may need during home restoration, you can always count on BrokerLink's insurance experts to find you coverage at the best possible price. We give you free competitive quotes for exactly what you need so you can compare. Using the facts we know about your home, its contents, and your insurance history, we can find great coverage from some of the top leading insurers in Canada.

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Sarnia home insurance FAQs

The insurance industry is constantly evolving, and complex at its core. Sometimes, it also seems as if the professionals in this industry speak another language entirely. What's a deductible? What's co-insurance? What are all these strange terms we keep hearing? While we would never expect you to become an insurance expert solely to understand your own policy, we do believe there's some power in having the right knowledge. Read the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions to learn about the different myths and truths about insurance.

Does my Sarnia home insurance cover me if I rent out my property?

Your standard home insurance in Sarnia may not cover you if you rent out your property or a portion of it to tenants, long or short-term. You would need to acquire a separate endorsement or standalone home-sharing insurance (for short-term rentals) or landlord insurance (for long-term rentals.) Always inform your provider of any intentions you may have of renting out your property, whether that's just a portion of your basement to long-term tenants or your entire home on a short-term basis through a home-sharing platform, like Airbnb.

What kind of water damage is insured by my home insurance policy?

The nature of water damage can be very complex, and a standard home policy may be limited for particular cases. In the case of water damage, if the damage was a result of an otherwise insured peril (such as if a falling tree tore a hole through your roof and the water entered through the hole) it may be covered. But, if the water resulted from a sewer backup or overland flooding, and you did not have the necessary endorsements, it may not be covered. We advise Ontario homeowners to consider the benefits of sewer backup insurance and overland water coverage, as the frequency of flooding damage in Ontario would surprise most homeowners.

Is it required to purchase home insurance in Sarnia?

Provincially, home insurance in Sarnia is not required. It is, however, often necessitated by mortgage lenders if you have financed your home. This is to protect their investment the same way it is to protect you. Even if you are mortgage-free, we advise carrying home insurance in Sarnia to protect your house, belongings, liability, and your way of life.

How do I insure a home-based business?

Your home insurance in Sarnia does not typically include coverage for any business-activity related losses. This includes if you have clients visiting your home or have any business inventory stored in your home. You may be able to acquire insurance for a home-based business two different ways: one, you can purchase a home-based business endorsement. This serves as an extension of your existing Sarnia home insurance and can supplement your personal policy. You must already have home insurance for this option. Two, you can purchase a standalone policy. For larger businesses, such as day homes or massage clinics, the latter may be a more efficient option, as any claims you file for business-related losses will also not impact your home insurance rates.

How do I choose the right coverage?

By working with a Sarnia home insurance broker.

If you have any questions, contact one of our local branches.