Home insurance in Port Colborne

Port Colborne is a city that is situated in the Niagra Region of Ontario, Canada. Settled at the top of Lake Eerie, this location is home to numerous cultural events and festivals and is often bustling with various activities for its residents and for tourists. It also offers a vibrant, growing community with a diverse population and a thriving economy. If you've chosen to live here, BrokerLink can help you to protect your way of life with comprehensive home insurance.

What does home insurance in Port Colborne cover?

In Ontario, home insurance is not mandated or regulated the same way that auto and sometimes commercial insurance is. Home insurance in the Niagara region may only ever be required if you have an ongoing mortgage, and your lender or financial institution has you purchase coverage. As such, most policies are not "regulated" and therefore may cover any number of different perils. A "peril" is an insurance term which is used to refer to a potential exposure that a residence might be faced with. For example, a peril might be a residential fire. Your home may be insured for a certain amount if a residential fire breaks out. Not all homes are eligible for coverage depending on circumstances and where their homes are located. If you need assistance selecting coverage, contact an insurance broker from BrokerLink to help you out personally when choosing the best options. They will get to know you, your needs, and you will never be left in the cold.

While the list below doesn't include all of what your Port Colborne home insurance policy could cover, it does include some of the most commonly insured perils:

  • Fire
  • Smoke
  • Lightning
  • Earthquake
  • Flood
  • Hail
  • Hurricane
  • Power Outage
  • Tornado
  • Wildfire
  • Winter Freeze

As much as you should be aware of what your policy does cover, you should be just as conscious of what it specifically excludes. Virtually no home policy will offer coverage for maintenance costs, infestation, or intentional activities. You also may need to acquire separate endorsements to cover perils like earthquakes, overland water, and sewer backup.

Port Colborne home insurance categories

Choosing the right level of coverage is one of the many decisions you will have to make when purchasing home insurance. Port Colborne residents may have the option of selecting from one of three levels of coverage, from basic/standard to comprehensive. As you might expect, the more extensive the protection, the more it will cost. You should always purchase as much coverage as your home needs, as it can cost you more down the line to skip out on "enhanced coverage" in favour of saving money. Below, we detail the three most common categories:


Standard or basic coverage for residents of Port Colborne is designed to insure your residence up until a specified limit for an array of common perils, including such events as residential fire, lightning, windstorm, and hail. While standard coverage even varies from policy to policy, the coverage most standard/basic policies provide can be limited. If this is the type of coverage you have, be sure to familiarize yourself with the wording of your policy so you can understand exactly what is and isn't covered in your plan.


Broad coverage is a bit more extensive than basic coverage, but not quite as much so as comprehensive coverage. Think of broad coverage as generalized insurance for your property. With broad coverage, you may have protection for everything that was listed under your standard policy, in addition to certain add-on perils, like vandalism and theft. You may also have protection for certain unforeseen damages, such as burst pipes. Talk with your broker to learn more about what may be included in a broad insurance policy, as perils must be named in order to be included.


Although this last option is considered to be the most expensive form of coverage in Port Colborne, comprehensive coverage offers the most enhanced protection for your residence. It may cover your property for anything that is not specifically excluded in your policy documents. It tends to be that many residents of Port Colborne opt for comprehensive coverage, as it offers the greatest protection for your residence and the most enhanced peace of mind. It's a little more to pay for far greater protection.

The average cost of home insurance in Port Colborne

It is very difficult to pin down a single price point for home insurance in Port Colborne, especially as costs can vary depending on several factors. Accurate underwriting can keep rates more manageable for homeowners who statistics are more "favourable" in the eyes of insurers, while allotting the higher premiums to higher-risk residences and homeowners. With each passing year, underwriting technology evolves and becomes more and more accurate, adding to the list of stats that are used to gauge rates. Figures for home insurance in Ontario range very broadly, ranging between $1,000 and $1,700/year.

This is why it is so critical to shop around and compare quotes from various carriers with the aid of a BrokerLink expert. Contact a member of our professional licensed team today and get started on finding the right type of protection for your home.


Here are the major factors that are used to calculate your home insurance premiums in Port Colborne

Every homeowner and resident in Port Colborne may see notable variation in their insurance premiums, which is largely attributed to the fact that everyone has a very different home and lives a very different life. Premiums tend to vary based upon your life, your needs, and the type of residence you live in. In order to save on costs, you should know precisely what goes into these costs.

Below, see an example of the main factors which will impact your insurance premiums:

You and your household members

As you might imagine, your property itself is a huge factor in what you'll pay, but what our customers often don't know is that the household is also a key factor in your premiums. You may expect variation based upon:

  • Your age, gender, and marital status: Although this is more heavily weighed when it comes to auto insurance, older folks who are married tend to pay less for their insurance, since they fall into a less risky category.
  • Your insurance history: Having a record of multiple claims, suspicious claims, or numerous claims for small fixes can really hike your insurance premiums, so it's better to be mindful of when you're making a claim and take preventative action to avoid that claim again in the future.
  • Past cancellations: Sometimes cancellations happen because an insurer stopped servicing a region or a product, but they can also happen because we failed to make a payment on time, or because our risk changed for the worse. This can make getting re-insured more expensive, or it can make it difficult to get insured at all.

Your property and its characteristics

The cost of home insurance in Port Colborne, Ontario, is hugely dependent on several factors about your home. House insurance rates may fluctuate based upon:

  • The materials your home was made from: How expensive they are, how difficult they are to obtain, etc. This can affect the rebuild/replacement cost of your home.
  • The age and condition of your home: Older homes may be viewed as having higher risk due to a higher propensity for damages or issues.
  • The overall value of your home: Your insurance needs will need to reflect the total rebuild/replacement cost of your property, which is impacted by its total value.
  • Your home's contents: The belongings you keep in your Port Colborne home may impact how much contents coverage you need, and certain high-value items may necessitate added coverage to even be insured.

Keep in mind that while all of the above factors can be tweaked depending on your living situation, the cost of home insurance in Port Colborne can also be impacted by things out of our control, like severe weather events, natural disasters, and other local conditions. It's a good idea to review your coverage before renewal with a broker to ensure it can always meet your needs as accurately as possible.


BrokerLink's top tips for keeping your Port Colborne home insurance rates as low as possible

Whether or not we like it, home insurance is an expense. As part of any insurance agreement, we need to exchange premiums for insurance coverage. Addressed above, those premiums are calculated based on a huge database of various statistics, which may cause us to pay more or less for our insurance. It can be daunting to think of the cost of your home insurance in Port Colborne and having to shop around for coverage online solo. This is where BrokerLink shines. We have all the industry expertise and knowledge needed to give you the best tips and tricks on how to keep your insurance rates as manageable as possible.

As part of our personal service to you, we go beyond finding you amazing coverage in the Niagara region and throughout Canada. We also give you the necessary knowhow that you require to make sufficiently informed decisions about your insurance. We have an array of tips for you to view below, which can help you to save money when applied correctly. For additional questions about prices or services, give us a call today or request a free Port Colborne home insurance quote with our digital tool:

Purchase additional policies through the same insurer

Bundling home and auto policies, or tenant and auto, or any other policy you may have (excluding pet insurance, which is not eligible for bundle and save discounts) may help you to save up to 10% per policy with select insurers. Since many insurers desire return business from their customers, they may incentivize policyholders to insure additional assets through them by offering a discount in return. In addition, this can make it more convenient, being able to access your insurance all in one place.

Take care of your property

Doing regular preventative home and auto maintenance can not only help you save on both home and auto insurance, but it can reduce the risk of ever having to make a claim at all. Property that is regularly reviewed, looked after, and serviced is less likely to be damaged in the event of a severe weather event and catching small issues before they worsen can save you from a serious headache later down the road. Plus, as part of your insurance contract, you're expected to be a good homeowner, and maintenance costs are not covered.

Shop around with a BrokerLink expert

If you're dissatisfied with your current rates and looking into the idea of changing your home insurance policy, then why go about it solo? As you may already be aware, searching for insurance on your own is a lengthy, time-consuming process that won't even land you the same results as you would find if you had worked with a broker. With our market access, we can find you numerous competitive home insurance quotes in Port Colborne.


Invest in monitoring systems

Monitoring systems, including smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and burglar alarms are all additional means to keeping your home safe. Some of these homes may even qualify you for a discount on your Port Colborne home insurance. They mitigate the risk of residential fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, and also vandalism and theft. They can serve as a deterrent system, especially since many systems have visual indicators, like signs and stickers. Since not all systems are recognized by insurance carriers, be sure to ask your provider before going out to the store and purchasing your own monitoring system.

Select a higher deductible

When you file a claim, your insurance company will have you pay your deductible amount before they cover any of the remaining costs towards repairs or restoration. Average deductible amounts range between $250-$1,000. Because a deductible represents your portion of the risk assumed, raising your deductible amount (within reason) may qualify you for lower insurance rates. Work with your broker to gauge a fair deductible amount.

Local Ontario Insurance Links

If you’re a member of a group or association, you may be eligible for more discounts.

Why BrokerLink?

Buying insurance is much easier when you the best options at a great price are available at your fingertips. We offer competitive insurance packages to residents of Port Colborne, including comprehensive house insurance, and connecting with an insurance broker in Port Colborne is a surefire way to guarantee your insurance needs are met in a seamless, pain-free process. As a 100% Canadian-owned and operated brokerage with 200+ branches across Canada, BrokerLink's first priority will always be you.

We're in your community

Thanks to our extensive reach across Canada in over 200 community branches, we have had the opportunity to live in the very communities that we serve. While technology can make it much easier to serve you, nothing truly beats the personal touch of having the "brokerage next door." We are proud to live and work in the Niagara region with you and offer you personalized service, whether that's home, recreational vehicle, business, pet, or auto insurance. We will never be just a faceless brand behind a screen.

Contact us

Getting in touch with BrokerLink is so easy. We believe that providing insurance for our customers should not be limited to one or two mediums, and so our insurance brokers are happier than ever to connect with you in any one of three different ways. You can give us a call over the phone, send us an email, or visit us in person at one of our local branches. Once we connect with you during our working hours, we will begin the hard work of getting you a new policy customized to your property's needs at the best price.

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Port Colborne home insurance FAQs

Things happen, and sometimes in the stress of a loss, it can be difficult to remember that your insurer has your back. BrokerLink's professional licensed team is available to minimize the sheer overwhelmingness that you could be feeling when you try to find the right protection for your home, your car, or anything else. Not only do we do the heavy lifting on your behalf, but we're also happy to answer any questions you may have about your insurance coverage.

Is home insurance tax deductible?

No, unfortunately, home insurance premiums are not considered tax deductible in Canada. Since homeowners' insurance premiums are deemed personal expenses, they are not eligible for tax deductible. However, other expenses pertaining to homeownership are tax deductible, like property taxes and mortgage interest. Ask a tax professional for advice.

How is home insurance different than renters insurance?

Home insurance is not all that different from renters insurance, save one key different. Tenant and renters insurance only insures your contents and liability, not the actual physical dwelling. This is because, as a renter, you don't own the physical structure of your unit. As a homeowner, the entire property is your responsibility.

Because of this as well, home insurance tends to be more expensive than renters insurance, as it may be a larger property that holds more contents, with more risk, and your coverage would also need to reflect the total replacement value of your home.

What is an additional interest?

Both home insurance and renters insurance may have an additional interest. Home insurance and renters insurance additional interest is essentially a third-party who may be notified of any changes you make to your insurance policy. Sometimes this is required by a landlord or mortgage provider to ensure that you always maintain the minimum mandated amount of insurance, per your rental or mortgage agreement.

Is insuring a seasonal property the same as insuring a primary residence?

While insuring a seasonal property is very similar to insuring a primary residence, vacation property and cottage insurance takes into account the potential physical differences that a cottage/vacation home and a primary residence might have, in addition to the fact that a seasonal property may only be occupied a few times a year. Some insurers may have you check up on your property through the year to ensure safety and security. While renting out your property is a good way to ensure it can be occupied year-round, you'll need to inform your insurer about this in advance to be sure you can acquire the necessary coverage you would need to cover any rental activities.

Is water damage covered by my home insurance in Port Colborne?

Yes and no. It depends on the cause of the water damage, since some instances of water entering the home may not be covered by a standard policy unless you were to acquire some form of endorsement. Overland water and sewer backup are popular endorsements to cover groundwater flooding, spring run off, and sewer backup into the home. Our insurance brokers highly recommend asking about both of these insurance options, since water damage does tend to be one of the most common causes of property damage in the province of Ontario.

If the water damage had resulted from an already covered peril, such as a residential fire that left holes in your roof and rain entered through that hole, then chances are that water would also be covered. All in all, it's better to be safe than sorry.

If you have any questions, contact one of our local branches.