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With many family-friendly neighbourhoods to select from, alongside plenty of green space, Windsor is an incredible place to live in. Whether you are a homeowner here of a detached home, a semi-detached home, a townhouse, or something else, you need home insurance coverage reflective of your needs as a resident here in Windsor. Get started with BrokerLink.

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What home insurance in Windsor covers

"Perils" are, in insurance lingo, an event or a risk that your home may have insurance for. The exact perils you're covered for and to what extent often vary depending on the differences between policies and insurers. Note that, provided the difference in insurance companies, there's never any guarantee as to what is "always" covered - so your best bet is to work with a broker to not only help you save money, but to understand exactly what you're covered for if anything unexpected happens. A BrokerLink Windsor home insurance broker's job is to advise you, be that on what perils you include based on your specific region and situation, and what also to exclude since it'll only just cost you more money. Having the assistance of someone who knows insurance and who can take a look from a personal POV is more valuable than money can express.

This list may not be exhaustive, but it includes several popular examples of what tend to be included in a standard Windsor home insurance policy:

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Earthquake
  • Flood
  • Hail
  • Hurricane
  • Power Outage
  • Tornado
  • Wildfire
  • Winter Freeze

Remember that not every peril or event may be covered by your insurance. The nature of insurance is that it can only cover sudden or accidental risks, and may include non-measurable catastrophes, such as acts of war or nuclear meltdowns. Also, a typical policy will virtually never cover infestation, maintenance costs, or general wear-and-tear.

Categories for Windsor home insurance

Although insurance policies can be extremely complex in nature, as can coverage options, you can more-or-less class your standard policy into three different categories. Note the way that perils are included or excluded in these categories, as this is the main differentiation:


As the name suggests, this coverage is the most basic or standard of all options for your property insurance. Exactly what it covers can vary from area to area and provider to provider, but ultimately you can always expect a standard policy to protect your home from damages as a result of fire, lightning, wind storms, and hail. What actual events are included under your insurance policy will vary but only what is listed in your documents will be covered by your insurance.


This category of home insurance is a little more encompassing than your basic coverage and gives you coverage for a broad array of different perils. It may cover everything included in a basic policy, but will also include protection for vandalism and theft. Broad coverage may also include protection for unforeseen damages, like burst pipes. Always check with your Windsor home insurance broker to ensure you are clear on what is and is not included in a broad home insurance policy, as perils must be listed specifically to be covered.


The majority of comprehensive home policies are designed to insure your property for damages due to a huge range of multiple different potential causes, but some are specifically excluded - and those that are will be listed. Ideally, homeowners purchase comprehensive insurance and inform themselves on what their policy does not include to ensure they are clear on everything that their insurance covers and there are no surprises.

What is the average cost for home insurance in Windsor?

Unfortunately, there's no one true answer to the question of, "how much does home insurance in Windsor cost?" We can only provide averages and rough estimates. Your home insurance premium, i.e. the amount you'll be paying per month (or once per year, depending on your choice of payment method) is gauged on a huge array of factors, so it's tough to say for sure without getting to know you and your circumstances. Your best bet is to get free Windsor home insurance quotes with our easy-to-use online tool. Also, getting a broker in your corner is a great way to have an extra hand in comparing quotes, assessing protection needs, analyzing certain risks, and more. It'll also save you the time you would have otherwise spent researching the various different policies that exist.

Factors used to calculate home insurance premiums in Windsor

Once again, gauging costs for insurance in Windsor, Ontario is tough because there's a lot of variation between homeowners, between homes, and between insurance companies. It's easiest to cut down on costs when you know precisely what's going into your premiums.

Here is a list of the main factors impacting your insurance costs:

1. Your property, its condition, and other factors

The main factor impacting your insurance costs is, well, your home. Differences in premiums from neighbour to neighbour may be attributed to the type of home you own and its factors:

  • The age of your home and its condition - Older homes are riskier to insure for a multitude of reasons, but the main reason is that they have not been renovated in some time and therefore their systems are more prone to disaster.
  • The value of your home - How much your home cost to build, including labour and material costs, its square footage, and more will factor into how much it will cost to insure. The higher value, the more your premiums will be.
  • The value of your home's contents - Do you own any high-value items? Have a lot of electronics, clothes? Your contents should be insured to their total value, but the more that value is, the more it'll cost to insure them.
  • Where your home is located in Windsor - Homes located far from any police station or fire station face a higher risk of loss due to break ins, fire, etc., because they may not receive help in time. Homes in high crime or claim neighbourhoods may also pay more.

2. You, your family, and who lives in your house

You are another major factor in the total cost of your insurance, and your insurer will take a look at who you are and what your insurance history is like when they gauge your rates.

  • Your insurance history or "claims" history - If you have made plenty of claims in the past, especially within a short frame of time, you'll likely pay more for your insurance. Homeowners with histories filled with claims are often judged to be riskier than those who have made fewer or no claims.
  • How long you've been insured - A person who has been insured for longer versus someone who is a new homeowner that has had a short or nonexistent insurance history will likely pay less for their insurance. Experience shows you know how to care for your home, and inexperience can be flagged the same as having a poor insurance history.
  • Past cancellations - Being cancelled can happen for any reason, and not every reason is bad. But if you have been cancelled due to non-payment, you'll likely end up paying more for your home insurance in Windsor.

Different insurance companies will weigh different factors heavier than others. It really depends on the insurer. Navigating what does and doesn't impact your costs can help you understand the price better.

Here's how to get better home insurance rates in Windsor, Ontario

A lot factors into your home insurance costs, as you can see from our list above. With so many different factors impacting your overall costs, how can we possibly reduce our rates? No one wants to change homes to have to make their insurance more affordable, nor does anyone want to trim coverage unnecessarily to make it work within their budget. Frankly, it can be a bit of a nuisance to go about having to find coverage completely solo. Getting the best premiums means finding the best home insurance company, right? The answer is: sort of. The "best" is really up to the insured, and what's best varies for everyone.

BrokerLink is here and eager to help Windsor homeowners through the entire insurance journey, and then some. We work hard to give you the most catered advice so that, when you need to make a decision, we help you choose the right coverage, and get you the cheapest home insurance in Windsor. Check out our tips:

1. Purchase a monitoring or security system

Some security systems will qualify you for a discount on your insurance. Unfortunately, not all security systems are approved for discounts, so be sure to check with your insurance broker or provider before you make any decision about which device is best for you. Some systems come fully equipped with cameras and motion detectors, but they have significant upfront costs - as well as ongoing maintenance fees, which can seriously add up. Make sure the discount is worth the price before you purchase.

2. Buy insurance through the same provider

If you have any other insurance policies, such as auto or life, it may do you good to switch your policies over so that they can be insured through the same provider. Bundling can save you between 10-15% on both policies, so it's a great idea for returning customers to prove their loyalty and simultaneously offers a convenient portal through which you can access all of your insurance documents.

3. Be a good homeowner

This point should go without saying, but part of your insurance agreement is that you promise to be a good homeowner. This includes maintaining your home, doing repairs when needed, cleaning up, tackling issues before they worsen and spiral out of control, and more. Plus, the more claims you make, the more your insurance will end up costing you anyway.

4. Choose a higher deductible

You are obligated to pay a deductible before your provider steps in to cover the remaining amount of the claim you submitted. This amount may be $250 on the low end or upwards of $1,000. If you can feasibly pay more out of your own pocket if you should ever need to make a claim, your home insurer may reward you for raising your deductible.

5. Work with a broker to choose the right coverage

It can be difficult to choose exactly the amount of coverage we need. Every insurance company is different, so it's wise to work with a broker to gauge exactly what your needs are and what options you should choose. Advice from a broker can help you avoid any unnecessary purchases while also ensuring your gaps are sufficiently covered.


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For the average resident of Ontario, insurance is one of those things on the list that you never really want to have to deal with. With BrokerLink's assistance, insurance, in whatever form that takes, doesn't have to be difficult. Get the right help on your Windsor home insurance coverage by working with one of our trained and friendly experts. We're more than just experts: we're nerds in insurance, and can't wait to lend you our expertise.

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Windsor home insurance FAQs

We're not going to sugarcoat it: insurance isn't the most enjoyable subject in the world (at least, not for the non-experts) so we would understand why you aren't swapping your nightly read out for your policy documents each evening. Windsor homeowners have their lives to be living, and spending hours ironing out the finer details of your policy or shopping around endlessly for affordable home insurance quotes isn't anyone's idea of a good time.

Enter BrokerLink. We believe that most home insurance policies can be made that much easier to understand with a little bit of insight, which is why we've compiled a list of some of your most frequently asked questions about home insurance in Windsor. Give us a call if something you need to be answered isn't addressed here:

How do I get the best home insurance rates in Windsor?

"Best" is really a subjective term since we believe that what is best for one individual or family may not be best for another. The best home insurance companies are the ones that can get you the most customized insurance policy that includes all the necessary coverages while still maintaining your budget.

Is normal wear and tear covered by my home insurance in Windsor?

No, general wear and tear is certainly not covered by your home insurance. Windsor residents are expected to look after their property as best they can, which includes dealing with any small issues as they pop up, doing small repairs, renovating their home to keep older systems and infrastructure up-to-date, and so on. If your home suffers an infestation due to your lack of general maintenance, this will not be covered.

Am I covered if I cause damage to another person's property?

This would fall under the scope of your liability insurance, which generally covers homeowners and their families if any damages are caused to another individual's property as a result of their actions. Coverage can apply anywhere in the world. This may also cover you if you are ever sued as a result of any damages you caused to a third-party, including colossal legal expenses such as defence costs, settlements, and judgement awards.

Can home businesses be included under my Windsor home insurance?

Work with a broker and inform them about your situation. Tell them a bit about the extent of your home business, like if you have any business equipment or if you have clients come to your home. They may suggest you purchase a home-based business endorsement as extra coverage or you may be required to buy a separate commercial policy altogether. However, by purchasing this coverage you can ensure that you will be covered in the event something was to arise. If you do not inform your broker about your home based business you will run the risk if a claim arises and you may not have any coverage. Or if your company chooses to do a home inspection they may choose to cancel your policy due to business exposure.

For more FAQs, visit the BrokerLink FAQs page.