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If you're looking for a great place to raise your kids, then be sure to check out London, Ontario. There's an abundance of fun activities here, including Adventures on Wonderland and the London Regional Children's Museum. London is also incredibly pet-friendly, with plenty of greenspace including the Greenway Off-Leash Dog Park. To live here though, you'll need comprehensive home insurance in London suited to you and your family's needs.

What home insurance in London covers

"Peril," according to insurance language, is virtually a risk or an event which your personal property may be covered for. What you have coverage for may vary depending on your insurance provider and the extent of your coverage. Your policy documents will fully detail the terms of your coverage, what is included, and what may not be. Some coverages may not be covered but may be available in the form of additional coverage (such as overland water coverage, sewer backup, and so on) for an increased premium. If you feel that your home may benefit from enhanced protection, discuss with your London home insurance broker about acquiring special endorsements. Working with an expert means you'll always have someone in your corner who really knows insurance, and really knows you and your needs. A BrokerLink expert will be more than happy to approach matters from a personal POV and lend you their expertise based on what makes the most sense for you and your situation.

While the list below is not exhaustive, it's comprised of some of the most common perils that a policy covers:

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Earthquake
  • Flood
  • Hail
  • Hurricane
  • Power Outage
  • Tornado
  • Volcano
  • Wildfire
  • Winter Freeze

While it's integral to be aware of what your policy covers, it's just as important to be conscious of what it doesn't. Your standard London home insurance will not cover you for the cost of repairs or losses due to lack of maintenance, wear and tear, or infestation.

London home insurance categories

Insurance policies are almost always complex in nature, but you can class your standard home insurance policy in London into three separate categories. Note the way that perils are included or excluded in the descriptions below, as this is majorly what separates the main categories:

Basic or standard

Your basic or standard home insurance policy may vary in what it covers depending on the specific home insurer, but you can generally expect your average London home insurance plan to protect you from damages as a result of wind storms, lightning, fire, and hail. Check your policy to be sure of what constitutes a covered loss rather than have a rather nasty and unexpected surprise if the time comes to make a claim.


Consider broad coverage like you would a "generalized" form of protection for your property. With broad insurance, you'll get protection from a number of different specific risks. In addition to the protections listed above, you will also receive protection from theft and vandalism. Your broad protection may include coverage for unforeseen damages in addition to the basic coverage, as well as perils such as burst pipes. Be sure to discuss with your broker what is considered in your London home insurance policy, especially since risks need to be listed to be covered with this category.


As this form of coverage is the most extensive, you can expect your comprehensive policy to insure your property against damages from a huge range of possible causes, but some may be excluded. The ones excluded will be listed. Most homeowners tend to want to purchase comprehensive insurance, as this coverage gives them the most peace of mind. It helps them to know that if there is damage to their home, they'll have coverage for it.

Average cost of home insurance in London

The cost of your home insurance in London varies depending on your individual situation, as well as the kind of coverage you have purchased. The "best coverage" is the protection best suited to your specific needs, and the optimal way to determine what your costs will end up being is to get a home insurance quote. Thankfully, our experts here at BrokerLink help you get multiple quotes and options to compare rather than you needing to go about the journey alone and get only a single option. Getting a home insurance quote with us is quick, easy, and free. When you work with a broker, you'll save the time you would have otherwise spent by researching the huge range of different policies that are out there. You cut down on costs majorly by getting customized protection without additional strings.

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The main factors that affect your London home insurance cost and how premiums are determined

Remember: the cost of your home insurance in London varies depending on insurance providers, your needs, the kind of home that you have, where you live, and so much more. It's easiest to cut down on unnecessary expenses when you know what goes into your insurance. The cheapest home insurance shouldn't be because you cut corners - it should be because you had the know-how you needed to get an affordable price.

Here are the top factors that go into calculating your insurance costs:

1. Details about yourself and who lives with you

While a lot of your premiums will be calculated based on what your home is like and where it is located, who you and your family are is a notable consideration as well. Factors about you that may be considered when calculating your final costs include:

  • How long your insurance history is - If you have been insured for a longer time and have made few or no claims during this time, you'll likely be assessed to be lower risk than if you had less of an insurance history built up and/or had multiple claims.
  • Your existing claims' history - Insurance policyholders who have made numerous claims may be flagged as higher risk. Having no claims, on the other hand, may win you a claims-free discount.
  • If you have ever been cancelled - Cancellations can happen for any reason - and some are nothing to be worried about, such as if your insurer stopped serving a specific region or a specific product (but you will need to find insurance again!) But they can also happen due to things such as non-payment, for which you may be flagged as a high-risk policyholder. It can be difficult to obtain insurance again after being cancelled due to non-payment.

2. The type of home you have and its details

The variation between home insurance policies and their costs may come as a result of the variety between homes. Factors which can influence your costs include:

  • Your home's overall value - The more your home would cost to repair or replace, including the cost of its construction materials, finishing, etc. will impact the value of your home. Sometimes, older homes may be more expensive to insure because their materials have increased in value with time, or because their systems are likelier to malfunction.
  • Your home's condition and its age - Again, older homes may be more expensive to insure and you may find your home insurance costs higher because of the risk that having older system can play. They also pose more liability risks.
  • The value of your home's contents and how much you own - The total value of all you own, taken together, may give you an idea of how much coverage you must purchase to insure these items. Higher-value items may be more expensive to insure, such as any jewellery, arts, collectibles, etc.
  • Where your home is located - Homes located close to hazardous features, such as large lakes and rivers, or homes far away from police and fire stations may be more expensive to insure. Crime rates and claim rates in your neighbourhood may also be taken into consideration when your rates are being calculated.

Different factors are weighed heavier than others, depending on your insurer. You can understand your price better by knowing what goes into your rates.

Tips for how to save money on your London home insurance rates

As you can see from the list above, numerous factors go into how much you'll pay for your home insurance in London. There are numerous difference factors impacting your overall rates, and it can be tough to even comprehend the idea of going about your insurance journey entirely alone. How do you find the most competitive home insurance rates? How do you get complete protection without needing to pay an arm and a leg for your coverage?

BrokerLink is here to give you, a London homeowner, the insurance advice you need to get what you deserve when it comes to coverage - and then some. Our catered advice helps you make informed decisions about your London home insurance. Check out our top tips for saving money on your insurance costs:

1. Purchase a security system for your home

Some alarm systems will qualify you for a discount on your insurance. If your home were broken into, these alarm systems make it possible that you'll receive help in time and suffer no loss. If the break-in is successful, these alarm and monitoring systems can also help simplify the claims process. Be sure to discuss with your provider about which systems are approved for discounts, since monitoring systems can cost quite a lot.

2. Bundle policies

Do you have an auto insurance policy? A home insurance policy? If so, great. By purchasing multiple policies through the same insurance company, you can qualify for a multi-policy discount, which may save you up to 15% on each policy you have. This may also apply for policies other than auto.

3. Pay for your home insurance premium annually

Doing a one-time annual payment rather than twelve payments over the course of a single year can help you save money on your home insurance in London. Ultimately, this is due to the fact that your insurance premiums will also come with administrative fees, and having to pay those fees only once versus twelve times will reduce your overall costs significantly.

4. Be a good homeowner

As a policyholder, you're expected to care for your home. By taking care of small damages before they grow into larger issues and genuinely looking after the various systems in your home, you'll save more money. Affordable home insurance in London is certainly possible when you do your due diligence and look after your property.

5. Select a higher deductible

Your deductible directly correlates to how much you'll pay for your insurance. Part of getting the best deal comes with choosing a correct deductible amount, which you can decide upon with the assistance of a broker. A higher deductible may mean you'll pay more out-of-pocket if you need to make a claim, but it'll also reduce your insurance premiums month-to-month.

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If you’re a member of a group or association, you may be eligible for more discounts.

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Every single neighbourhood within London is unique and has its own amazing benefits to offer, such as access to the Thames River and its corresponding parks, or nearby proximity to grocery stores and shopping areas. You can choose to purchase your home in one of any areas, including Westminster, East London, Old South, Carling, Highbury, Huron Heights, Talbot, or Byron. No matter where you decide to put down your roots and raise your family, it's a good idea to purchase customized London home insurance for your needs.

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London home insurance FAQs

For your average homeowner, there's very little fun in insurance. Don't worry, we're not offended if you find the concept of reading your insurance policy over and over a bore - we're here to straighten things out. If you find yourself confused about what your London home insurance coverage entails, reach out to your friendly local insurance broker at BrokerLink.

There's power in having the right knowledge, and getting affordable home insurance in London is possible with the right know-how. We're experts and have the knowledge you need, so look to us to clear up any potential grey areas. Our duty is to get you comprehensive coverage and answer any questions you may have.

Am I required to purchase home insurance in London?

No, it is not a provincial requirement for you to carry a property insurance policy. In London, Ontario, the only circumstances where you may be required to carry coverage is potentially if you had a mortgage. Your lending company or bank will likely make it a condition of your loan that you acquire home insurance. This is to help protect their investment as well. Still, even if you're mortgage-free, it's still highly advised you purchase protection.

Will my London home insurance cover a stolen identity?

Most companies will offer identity theft protection, which is extra coverage you can purchase for an increased premium that is specifically designed to cover you (and anyone else on your policy) if your identity is stolen and provides any expenses necessary to restore your identity to its original state before the identity theft event.

What is the difference between tenant insurance and homeowners insurance?

While both of these policies are designed to protect roughly the same thing (i.e., your valuable asset, your belongings, and your liability) a tenant policy does not cover your physical dwelling. Think of it in terms like this: the coverage provided by your tenant policy is designed to carry off from where your landlord's master policy left off. Your landlord has insurance to cover the physical dwelling, but your only responsibility is your personal liability and your belongings. A tenant policy may also cover any associated costs (otherwise known as additional living expenses) that may result from a forced evacuation due to a covered loss.

How much coverage do I need for my personal belongings?

That depends. To correctly estimate how much coverage you will actually need for your contents, you should get a professional appraisal or work with a broker to gauge an accurate amount. Do a home inventory with documentation to evaluate, on paper, the total cost of everything you own. A home inventory can also help if you ever need to make a claim, since it gives your insurance company physical evidence of what was lost.

Does my home insurance in London include liability coverage?

Yes, your home insurance will include liability coverage. Liability covers you and your family from any legal expenses resulting from claims of bodily injury or third-party property damage. These costs can rack up very quickly and can be extremely expensive if you didn't have the appropriate insurance coverage.

What is temporary additional living expenses?

If you were forced to evacuate from your home due to a covered peril, this portion of your homeowner insurance would help protect you from any necessary expenses needed to recuperate following a loss. This includes food costs, temporary living arrangements, clothing, childcare, and more. Like all components of your home insurance, this coverage may have a specified limit as detailed in your policy.

For more FAQs, visit the BrokerLink FAQs page.