Mitsubishi car insurance

Congratulations on your new Mitsubishi! Mitsubishi is a Japanese automobile manufacturer known around the world. Many Canadians choose Mitsubishi vehicles for their safety, reliability, and affordability.

Mitsubishi offers a wide range of vehicles to Canadian drivers, including SUVs, crossovers, hatchbacks, and even a plug-in hybrid.

The automaker is headquartered in Minato, Japan and since 2013, has been owned, in part, by fellow Japanese auto manufacturer Nissan.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a well-made Japanese car that won’t break the bank, Mitsubishi is a fantastic option.

If you are thinking of purchasing a Mitsubishi or have already taken the plunge, then you’ll need to budget for quality car insurance.

All drivers in Canada require car insurance, no matter what province they live in or what make of vehicle they drive. Auto insurance is designed to protect all drivers, passengers, and cars on the road. Plus, it offers peace of mind to Canadians knowing that no matter what happens, they’re covered.

Throughout this article, we will outline all there is to know about Mitsubishi car insurance in Canada. From the types of coverage available to the factors influencing insurance premiums, keep reading to learn more about Mitsubishi auto insurance.

About Mitsubishi car insurance

The Mitsubishi brand we all know today was founded in Japan in 1970. However, the company’s automotive origins date back as far as 1917, when it was the Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co. The former Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co. was responsible for producing Japan’s first-ever series-production automobile.

Over the years, Mitsubishi has become a multinational company with a presence in countries all over the world. Some of the most popular models in Canada include the Mitsubishi Mirage, Outlander, and Eclipse Cross. The brand’s offerings, though modest in number, are extremely affordable and well-suited to families.

Mitsubishi fun facts

  • Mitsubishi launched its first plug-in hybrid vehicle, the Outlander PHEV.
  • The Mitsubishi logo was selected by the brand’s founder, Iwasaki Yatarō. It was a nod to both Yatarō’s family crest and the emblem of the Tosa clan who first employed him.
  • Mitsubishi had a 30-year-long partnership with famous actor Jackie Chan. Chan used Mitsubishi vehicles almost exclusively in the films he starred in during their partnership.

Types of Mitsubishi car insurance coverages

When purchasing car insurance, there are several decisions Mitsubishi drivers will have to make. One of the most important decisions is which types of coverage to include in their policy. Though certain types of coverage are mandatory in Canada, there are several optional coverages. In addition, drivers will need to decide how much of each type of mandatory coverage to purchase. To better understand the coverages available to Mitsubishi drivers, check out the list below:

Third party liability coverage

Third party liability coverage is required in Canada. It seeks to protect the policyholder in the event they’re found at fault for an accident. Under this type of coverage, you can recover compensation for medical expenses, vehicle repair costs, legal counsel, and court fees if required.

Collision coverage

Collision coverage is optional but may be a wise choice for Canadian drivers. This type of coverage protects the policyholder against the cost of property damage if they get into an accident with another car or object on the road. Regardless of whether you are liable for the accident, you can still recover compensation.

Comprehensive coverage

For peace of mind, Mitsubishi drivers may opt to include comprehensive coverage in their car insurance policy. Comprehensive coverage provides financial protection against circumstances other than car accidents, such as theft, vandalism, fire, and water damage.

Accident forgiveness coverage

Accident forgiveness coverage may be a wise choice for Canadian drivers. When you include accident forgiveness coverage in your Mitsubishi insurance policy, your insurance company can’t increase your rate after your first at-fault accident. This type of coverage is optional in Canada.

Factors that affect Mitsubishi insurance premiums

Calculating insurance premiums is far from straightforward. A wide range of factors are considered when determining insurance rates, and each insurance company weighs these factors differently. Therefore, a quote from one insurer likely won’t be the same as a quote from another. For this reason, working with an insurance broker is key. A broker can help you obtain and compare quotes from all the leading insurance providers in Canada, ensuring you find the best policy at the most affordable price. To learn more about the factors that will affect the cost of your Mitsubishi car insurance, keep reading.


Your age can be used to determine how much you pay for Mitsubishi car insurance. Young drivers typically pay the highest insurance premiums because they lack experience. Further, statistics show that drivers over the age of 60 may be more likely to get into accidents on the road and may pay more for car insurance accordingly.


Where you live and work (if you drive to work) may also impact your insurance premium. If you live in a major city like Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, or Calgary, your insurance premium may be higher. This is because high-density cities have more traffic, which increases your odds of getting into an accident. In contrast, if you live in a rural part of the country, your insurance premium may be less because there are fewer cars on the road. Lastly, if you live in a region that is prone to climate related incidents, such as floods, your Mitsubishi car insurance may be more expensive.

Driving experience

The amount of driving experience you have speaks to skill and risk levels, which is why insurance companies take it into account. Young drivers with little to no driving experience often pay the highest insurance premiums, whereas drivers who have years or even decades of experience under their belt may pay less.

Driving record

Insurance companies may require a copy of your driving record when calculating your insurance premium. Why? Driving records are clear indications of a driver’s risk level. The cleaner your record, the lower your insurance premium will be. If you have a poor driving record, such as one filled with speeding tickets, accidents, and DUIs, then you may pay more for insurance. To keep your record as clean as possible, always drive the speed limit, obey the rules of the road, and drive defensively rather than offensively.

Model and year of Mitsubishi vehicle

Which specific Mitsubishi model you purchase can also influence your insurance premium. More expensive vehicles tend to cost more to insure. Since Mitsubishi is an affordable car brand, insurance rates could be lower, especially if you choose one of their cheaper models, like the Mirage or RVR. Additionally, buying a used car vs. a new car can also affect your insurance rate. Finally, the safety rating of the vehicle you drive may also come into play.

Annual mileage

Lastly, how frequently you plan to drive your Mitsubishi may impact your insurance premium. If you only drive a few times a week, then your odds of getting into an accident are less and you may pay less for low mileage car insurance. Oppositely, if you have a long daily commute during rush hour or drive as part of your job, then you may spend an above-average amount of time on the road, which could result in higher car insurance rates. Frequently driving on major highways or at night may also raise insurance premiums.

Tips for saving money on Mitsubishi car insurance

Car insurance doesn’t always come cheap, even when you choose an affordable vehicle like a Mitsubishi. Luckily, BrokerLink’s insurance advisors are going to let you in on a little secret: there are ways to save on car insurance. From installing winter tires on your vehicle to attending an approved driving school, check out this list of ways to get cheap Mitsubishi car insurance:

  • Purchase car insurance for multiple vehicles together (savings of up to 20%)
  • Buy multiple insurance policies (home insurance + car insurance, leisure vehicle insurance + car insurance, etc…) from the same provider (savings of up to 15%)
  • Purchase a hybrid vehicle, like the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (savings of up to 5%)
  • Increase your deductible
  • Enrol in an approved driving school (for young drivers)
  • Pay auto insurance annually rather than monthly
  • Install winter tires on your Mitsubishi vehicle

Work with an insurance broker

If budget is a major concern, we recommend consulting with an insurance broker. BrokerLink’s insurance advisors know the industry better than anyone and will dedicate themselves to finding a policy that’s within your budget.

We are experts at unlocking discounts and finding the best coverage for the best price. So whether you’re purchasing your first-ever car insurance policy or your existing policy is about to expire, BrokerLink can help.

For the most competitive Mitsubishi car insurance policies, contact BrokerLink today.

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Mitsubishi car insurance FAQs

Is it cheaper to insure a used Mitsubishi than a new one?

It is often less expensive to insure a used car than a new one, though this depends on the age of the model. Older used cars may cost less to insure for several reasons. They may be less likely to be stolen and if damaged, may cost less to repair or replace.

That said, it's worth noting that new vehicles tend to be more fuel-efficient and may come with a warranty that a used car doesn't, so while insurance for a used car can cost you less, there could be additional, non-insurance-related expenses that cost more.

Who offers the best car insurance for a Mitsubishi vehicle?

No one insurance company offers the best Mitsubishi car insurance. Insurers are constantly underwriting behind the scenes and changing their rates. Plus, insurance companies do not weigh factors equally, which means a quote from one provider likely won't be the same as another. For this reason, if you want to find the best Mitsubishi car insurance possible, we recommend working with a broker. Insurance brokers are experts in the field of car insurance and can help you find the best coverage for the lowest possible price.

What is the least expensive Mitsubishi car to insure?

The general rule of thumb for car insurance is the less expensive the vehicle, the less expensive your insurance will be. Some of the least expensive Mitsubishi models include the Mitsubishi Mirage and RVR. That said, all Mitsubishi cars are budget-friendly, which means no matter what model you choose, your insurance premium shouldn't be hugely impacted. Plus, the make and model of vehicle you choose isn't the only factor considered when calculating insurance premiums. An insurance company will consider a variety of factors, such as your age, driving record, location, sex, and marital status.

Is it safe to buy car insurance for my Mitsubishi on the internet?

Shopping for Mitsubishi car insurance online is safe, however, it isn't always easy. With so many insurance companies competing for your business, browsing coverage options can take hard work and dedication, which not everyone has.

Is Mitsubishi car insurance mandatory?

Yes, car insurance is mandatory in Canada no matter what type of vehicle you drive. To register your vehicle, you will need to show proof of insurance. And not just any insurance will do. Your Mitsubishi insurance policy must meet the minimum requirements set by the province. For example, in Alberta and Ontario, all car insurance policies must include a minimum of $200,000 in third party liability coverage. Failure to obtain insurance before getting on the road could result in serious fines.

*This article is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or associated with Mitsubishi.

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