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Overland water damage protection

With increased amounts of precipitation along with unpredictable and more severe weather, the likelihood of experiencing a water-related property insurance claim has increased significantly.

To better protect the things you care about, several of the insurance companies we represent now offer greater protection against water damage. Some insurers have included in their water damage packages, limited protection for: 

  • Damage caused by groundwater; i.e. a rising water table, underground stream or well
  • Damage to water and sewer lines on your property
  • Expenses to install a back flow valve, sump pump or sump monitoring system after a loss.    

Water damage coverage provides protection for damage caused by water suddenly entering your home during severe weather events, such as heavy rain, spring run-off, overflowing lakes and rivers and improperly positioned downspouts or eaves troughs. ‘Overland’ water damage protection must be purchased with traditional sewer back-up coverage.

Unfortunately, not all properties will qualify for overland water damage protection. With water damage coverage becoming more complex, it's important to discuss with your BrokerLink broker to ensure you have the water damage coverage that is right for you and your home.

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