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Seniors Car Insurance

Experience can be a great thing for any driver looking to save money on car insurance in Canada. Insurance companies take experience into account when determining premiums, and if you have a long history of safe driving, you are more likely to pay less for insurance. For this reason, seniors will often see lower rates than their younger friends. In this article, we’ll share a few things that affect insurance rates for seniors. We’ll also share some tips and tricks for seniors looking to save money on car insurance.

Canada’s laws on senior citizen drivers

In Canada, there is no age limit on who can be qualified to get car insurance. As long as you are capable of driving, you will be able to buy car insurance.

Take note that some provinces require folks over the age of 80 to take a driving license renewal program. There’s no need to stress! Programs like these are an opportunity to refresh your knowledge of driving rules and make sure you’re staying safe on the roads. You might have been driving for over fifty years, but it never hurts to take a refresher course. Some of the things you might have to do in a driver’s license renewal program include:

  • Eye exam
  • In-person class
  • Pass a driving test

How to save on seniors car insurance

Here are a few tips and tricks on ways you might be able to save on car insurance if you’re a senior:

Maintain your health

This is important for many reasons – keeping your car insurance premium low is just one of them! Maintaining good health will help keep you safe on the road. It will lower your chance of an accident which will help keep your premium low.

Opt for User Based Insurance (UBI)

User based insurance means your insurance company uses an app to monitor your driving. You usually get a discount just for using the app, and if you practice safe driving habits, you can save even more. Don’t worry, your privacy is protected when using these apps. Talk to your insurance broker to see if you qualify for user based insurance.

Take advantage of retiree offers

If you are retired, you may be able to save on your insurance. Talk to your broker to see if you qualify.

Group memberships

Sometimes groups offer deals on insurance. For example, if you’re in a curling club, hunting or fishing club or any other type of group, ask them if they have a relationship with an insurance company. You may be able to get a discounted or preferred rate.

Reduced time on the road

If you find yourself driving less frequently, make sure you let your insurance broker know. You may qualify for a lower rate.

Safety tips for senior drivers

One of the most effective ways to keep your insurance rate as low as possible is by avoiding accidents. Here are a few tips you can consider that will keep you safe on the roads:

Make sure your car is in good condition

Get regular maintenance checks and keep your car in good working order.

Take the weather into account when driving

If there is rain, snow or fog, make sure you adjust your driving habits accordingly.

Ask your doctor if your medication can affect your driving

Some medications can affect your sight or concentration. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist to see if this is the case. If your medication does affect your driving, you may be able to plan your driving and medicine schedule so you stay safe.

Avoid heavy traffic areas when driving

One of the best things about being a senior is you can finally operate on your own time table! Consider driving at off-peak hours to reduce the chance of an accident.

Avoid driving at night

Limited visibility can make driving at night more difficult. Consider avoiding it if you can.

Take a driver’s education course

It’s not mandatory until you’re 80, but consider taking a driver’s education course before then.

Continue to enjoy your retirement by protecting yourself with the right car insurance for seniors. Let BrokerLink help you explore your options.

BrokerLink knows seniors auto insurance

At BrokerLink, our licensed insurance advisors have access to the best plans for seniors. We take the time to get to know our clients so we can find customized plans that fit their needs. We work with the most trusted insurance companies across Canada. Plus, we have extensive experience insuring all kinds of insurance, including car insurance for seniors.

Call BrokerLink today to get seniors car insurance

It’s easy to get in touch with a BrokerLink insurance advisor. Here are a few ways to reach us:

Pro tip: Even if your car isn’t new, you can upgrade it with safety features. Additional safety features can lead to discounts on your insurance. Talk to a broker to learn more!

FAQs on seniors auto insurance

If I retire before my 50th birthday, can I take advantage of car insurance retiree discounts?

Yes. Retiree discounts are usually based on the fact that you’re no longer making a daily commute to work. Whatever age you retire at, make sure you let your insurance broker know. They’ll add any applicable discounts.

Should I get telematics for my car?

Yes you should! Telematics such as Intact’s my DriveTM use an app on your phone to monitor your driving activities. You’ll save money if you practice safe driving habits. Note that you’ll need a smart phone to use telematics. Talk to your broker to learn more.

What are accident-free discounts?

Accident-free discounts might be available to drivers with no at-fault accidents on their record. Keep in mind that many factors will determine your rate. While your driving history is important, and it’s great to have an accident-free record, there are other things an insurance company will consider.

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