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Canadian business owners need to protect their lifelong investment and legacy.

As a business owner, it’s imperative to protect your business assets, and against any liability exposures that your business may face. BrokerLink understands the unique risks associated with commercial operations and the need to protect your business from loss or liability claims filed against the business by third parties.

Equip your business with commercial insurance tailored to your operational needs. Get in touch with our brokers today.

Does my business need commercial insurance?

Commercial insurance protects you and pays for any damage occurring due to accidents, disasters, and injuries caused due to one’s negligence — all of which would require additional out-of-pocket expenses for repairs, replacement, and compensation. Commercial insurance eliminates the financial burden of these additional expenses, providing you with the necessary cover to address these emergencies.

What does commercial insurance cover?

At BrokerLink, our commercial insurance brokers strive to equip every business with a leading insurance policy to protect the assets and, eliminate the burden of legal liability, and ensure business continuity.

You can count on your commercial insurance policy to cover:

  • Buildings: avoid out-of-pocket costs for restoration, rebuilding damaged buildings caused by the insured perils.
  • Contents, Stock & Equipment: every business has contents of some kind of stock or equipment like computers, phone systems, forklifts etc. and these items need to insured properly as it is the lifeblood of any business.
  • Leasehold Improvements: To insure the leasehold improvements made in a rented commercial place is the responsibility of the tenant. This coverage allows the tenant to re-build the space back to what it was before any insured damage.
  • Liability: protect your business, its reputation, and its financial liability from costly liability claims in case of injuries suffered by, others as well as damage to others property caused by negligence.
  • Business income coverage: secure your bottom line and avoid loss of income caused by accidents, disasters, crime, and other events that would otherwise have devastating impacts on business continuity.
  • Commercial auto coverage :protect assets such as vehicles used in service delivery or transporting goods and get coverage for damage to the vehicle and potential liability claims made by third parties.
  • Transit coverage: protect business assets from damage and secure necessary cover for when repairs or replacements are required due to accidents or mishandling while in transit.

Commercial Insurance for All Businesses

Whether your business is a sole proprietorship, a partnership, or an established corporation, our brokers can introduce the right commercial insurance policy for your needs, ensuring all-round protection you can count on 24/7.

Our commercial insurance brokers are dedicated to providing your growing enterprise with the right financial protection for property damage, loss of income, and liability claims. We work with leading insurance providers in Canada who are equally dedicated to tailoring industry-specific coverage at very competitive rates.

  • Property: discover leading coverage options for core business assets, such as infrastructure, equipment, income, data, and more, against the risk of damage due to accidents, natural disasters, and property crime.
  • Auto: whether your business relies on a fleet of delivery trucks or a single truck to deliver goods to the customers a commercial auto policy is necessary insuring the truck and the cargo being carried.
  • Professional liability: avoid costly legal action initiated by unsatisfied clients who suffer losses or demand compensation for professional errors and omissions occurring in providing advice and services.
  • Farm: protect the work you do on your farm through commercial insurance tailored to the risks, equipment, and processes that farms are exposed to, and fulfill your mission of sustaining entire communities with ease.
  • Contractors: whether you offer construction, plumbing, or appliance installation services, protect your contractor’s business from claims and avoid losses caused by equipment breakdown or property damage.
  • Retail: avoid losses stemming from damage to building, stock, equipment etc.
  • Fleet: a comprehensive fleet insurance policy prevents loss of income and the impact of an accident or property damage liability claim.
  • Oil & gas: this specialized insurance coverage is crafted according to the needs of companies that engage in consulting on or providing oil and gas services, ensuring comprehensive protection for this industry.
  • Transportation: coverage tailored for those hauling goods for others, whether local delivery, cross-Canada or to the USA.

Ask Our Brokers About Commercial Insurance

Our insurance brokers are proud to support the needs and Canadian businesses. That’s why we partner with leading insurance companies to obtain multiple quotes for your business. In other words “we do the shopping for you”

  1. Tell us about your business: there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Small businesses and established enterprises alike require tailored solutions for protecting assets and ensuring financial viability. Tell our brokers about your industry, the size, and the risks that it’s exposed to — and we’ll obtain the right coverage for your business.
  2. Compare quotes: We represent several insurance companies and shop the rates of these companies and negotiate the terms and rates that meet your insurance needs

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