Homeopathy Insurance

Like any healthcare provider, homeopaths work closely with their clients and are at times vulnerable to different legal liability suits. From serious allegations to minor slip and falls, a dissatisfied patient can cause financial and professional strain on a practitioner. Acquiring the right insurance from a representative who understands your business is essential to ensuring that when the time comes, policy will be there to protect you.

Risk management strategies

Western medicine typically works to fix diseases and illnesses when they present themselves, whereas alternative treatments work to create a balance and well-being in body and mind. Homeopathy is one such holistic approach, offering medicines known as "remedies”, which are derived from natural sources. Complementary treatments can be used to alleviate and treat both minor and acute ailments through stimulating the body’s natural defence mechanism.

How to prevent potential insurance claims

It starts with good communication – your clients should be "in the know” when coming to the clinic for the first time.

  • Walk them through what to expect. Will there be any side-effects to the treatment plan you have created for them?
  • Set realistic expectations.They may expect to be cured of their ailments after a few visits.
  • Ensure furniture and equipment are in working order.
  • Good housekeeping standards will minimize any general liability claims. Ensure equipment and furniture are checked regularly. This could be something as simple as the chairs in your waiting room! Due diligence on the part of the clinic owner and practitioner will be the best prevention.

Thorough note taking and record-keeping is also essential in today’s busy world. Not only does it ensure you are up to date on the services rendered a patient – but the patient can take comfort in your level of professionalism.

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