Life Sciences Insurance

If you’re just beginning your start-up, a basic Commercial General Liability policy will most likely work for you. This meets the needs of your landlord and also covers you while attending trade shows. But once your ideas start gaining traction and you’re in trials or signing up clients, it’s time for more specialized coverage.


Some of the most life-changing healthcare breakthroughs and modern medical miracles happen in laboratories. These well-equipped testing and research and development centres work to produce new drug therapies, medical equipment, and treatments or procedures to keep Canadians healthy. As well, to achieve cures or a better quality of life for those battling a critical illness.

Pharmaceutical companies and laboratories are no strangers to the risk of healthcare and life sciences research. Chief among these are clinical trials, wherein qualified individuals are administered certain drugs or treatments before these are prescribed to the general public. Running successful trials requires protection from interruptions to your life-saving innovation.

What Is Life Sciences Insurance?

Life Sciences Insurance equips pharmaceutical and research and development companies with the necessary liability protection. It covers risks associated with clinical trials, such as pollution and negligence, as well as the manufacturing of unsafe products. Life Sciences Insurance equips you with financial cover to avoid disruptions to your life-saving work while securing the value of human life you hold in your hands.

This comprehensive liability protection plan covers the cost of legal fees and court-ordered awards or settlements. But more than that, this coverage establishes long-term risk management consulting to identify and prevent potential errors, side effects, production backlogs, and other disruptions. With both financial cover and risk management resources, Life Sciences Insurance helps ensure ongoing research and innovation.

Life Sciences Insurance Coverage

  • Clinical trials: covers resulting bodily injury or physical harm, property damage from pollution, integrated medical malpractice, and Errors and Omissions coverage.
  • Product handling: access liability coverage and ongoing risk management for product tampering, radioactive contamination, and bio-contamination.
  • Product safety and performance: understand your organization’s risk profile through product liability assessments and obtain coverage tailored to identified exposure to maintain brand integrity.
  • Corporate governance and legal compliance: preserve the company vision by integrating Directors and Officers (D&O) coverage to shield corporate leadership from claims of negligence, non-compliance and related liabilities.
  • Business continuity: restore operations after major disruptions with adequate coverage for sustained losses, and prevent future disruptions through effective risk management.
  • Inventory management: manage supplies and stocks in cargo transit and ensure proper handling that adheres to quality control standards.
  • Specialized services: access trade credit and political risk assessments, forensic accounting claims services, and other tailored solutions to ensure regulatory compliance, asset protection, and profitability.
  • Contract Research Organization professional liability: for companies that use CROs to conduct clinical trials on their behalf, Life Sciences Insurance covers product liability exposure, malpractice, and errors and omissions exposure arising from the improper filing of findings.
  • Lab consumables and Research & Development equipment and stock including research animals.
  • Terrorism and ideologically motivated attack (that is not declared an act of terrorism by the government.)
  • Commercial General Liability: for lab premises, exhibits at trade shows.

Ask Our Brokers

At BrokerLink, we are committed to protecting the health and safety of Canadians. That’s why we support local-led and global innovations designed to improve the quality of life and treat critical illnesses or chronic conditions. For this, we equip pharmaceutical companies and researchers with a comprehensive Life Sciences Insurance plan.

Our goal is to help companies reduce risks in manufacturing and clinical trials, and prevent disruptions to life-saving work. Trust our brokers to provide you with leading coverage options from major Canadian providers, and tailor these to reduce exposure for specific risks.


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