Commercial insurance in Brampton

What’s the best way to find commercial insurance? Through an insurance broker in Brampton. BrokerLink has licenced insurance brokers in your area who can help your business find quality coverage at an affordable rate. We will work to find you a business insurance policy in Ontario that meets your needs - nothing more and nothing less.


Customized business insurance solutions for Brampton business owners

Business insurance should always be customized to reduce the risks that your specific business faces. BrokerLink understands this, which is why your dedicated insurance advisor will take the time to learn about your business before recommending commercial coverage. Your dedicated BrokerLink insurance specialist will walk you through your options, explaining how each type of coverage works and the risks that it can protect your business against. A few of the most popular types of insurance coverage we recommend to Brampton businesses are as follows:

Commercial general liability insurance

Commercial general liability insurance is a staple of any Brampton commercial insurance policy. It is designed to protect businesses from a variety of third-party legal claims, like those alleging property damage or bodily injury. It is a type of third-party liability insurance and it can compensate policyholders for everything from medical bills and property repair bills to settlement and defence fees.

Product liability insurance

Product liability insurance is ideal for any business that sells products to customers. Without it, you could be held liable if a product you sell causes bodily harm or property damage to another. For example, if you sell kombucha, and a bottle that you sold causes an allergic reaction in a customer, they could sue you. In this instance, the product liability portion of your policy would help you pay for any associated costs, like legal fees or medical expenses.

Cyber liability insurance

Cyber liability insurance is designed to safeguard your Brampton business against the fallout of a cyber attack, hack, or breach. If a cyber incident such as this happens to your business, your insurance provider may help cover costs like legal expenses, credit monitoring, client notification, and more.

Commercial property insurance

Protect your Brampton business’s physical location and the business-related contents inside of it with commercial property insurance. If your property is damaged, commercial property insurance will step in to help pay the cost of repairing or replacing it, so long as the damage was caused by an insured peril listed in your policy.

Business interruption insurance

Business interruption insurance may be part of your commercial property insurance coverage. It goes a step further than commercial property insurance in that businesses can be compensated for lost income due to forced closure. The catch is that the forced closure must have been caused by damage or losses caused by a named peril in your policy. Named perils range but may include fire, vandalism, theft, etc.

Crime insurance

Crime insurance is designed to protect Brampton businesses against the harsh reality of employee and customer crimes. Crimes like theft or fraud happen more often than you might think. Crime insurance coverage can mitigate the financial losses associated with them.

Commercial auto insurance

Commercial auto insurance is critical for any Brampton business that uses cars for business purposes, whether that be delivering products to customers, transporting materials, or something else. Why is commercial auto insurance so important? Without it, if you got into an accident while using your car for commercial purposes, your personal auto insurance policy wouldn’t cover you. Plus, car insurance is mandatory throughout Ontario, which means driving without insurance is illegal. Thus, if your business uses even one company car, you must add commercial auto insurance coverage to your policy. Please note that if your business uses multiple cars, such as a fleet of trucks, then you will need to buy fleet insurance. You can learn more about fleet insurance requirements and how to insure business vehicles by contacting BrokerLink now.

Extra commercial insurance protection in Brampton

BrokerLink can help Brampton business owners find more than basic commercial insurance coverage. Tailor-made insurance is our middle name, which is why we go above and beyond to help our Brampton customers find the best possible coverage for their businesses. Some of the extra coverages that we can help Brampton businesses find include marine insurance, employer liability insurance, sewer backup insurance, tool floater insurance, and more. Check out a full list below:

  • Employer liability insurance
  • Employment practices liability insurance
  • Employee benefits liability insurance
  • Directors and officers/management liability insurance
  • Legal expenses liability insurance
  • Builders risk insurance
  • By-law policy insurance
  • Commercial earthquake insurance
  • Overland water insurance
  • Sewer backup insurance
  • Equipment breakdown insurance
  • Tool floater insurance
  • Umbrella insurance

The benefits of Brampton business insurance

If you aren’t convinced that your Brampton business could benefit from commercial insurance coverage, consider the list below:

  • Brampton business insurance offers financial protection against major losses, reducing their impact on your business.
  • Brampton commercial insurance can make your business look more credible and reliable, boosting its reputation.
  • Brampton commercial insurance can save you money, given that the payout you would receive to cover a single lawsuit would likely be more than the cost of your premium.
  • Brampton commercial insurance can protect your business from unforeseen or unexpected events, like fire, water damage, theft, or vandalism.

Business insurance costs in Brampton, Ontario

How much does Brampton business insurance cost? This is a question on the minds of many business owners. With so many costs associated with running a business, it’s no wonder you’re concerned about how much commercial insurance coverage will cost you on top of everything else. The best way to find out the price of Brampton business insurance is to request a free quote from BrokerLink. This is because business insurance costs vary widely across Brampton. They depend on several factors, like the size of your business and its annual revenue. We provide some insight into how insurance companies calculate commercial insurance premiums below. The following is a list of details you can expect an insurance company to consider when determining your Brampton business insurance rates:

  • Your years of experience in the industry
  • The size and location of your Brampton business
  • The annual and projected gross revenue of your Brampton business
  • The number of employees at your Brampton business
  • Your personal insurance claims history
  • The coverages, limits, and deductibles you select for your Brampton business insurance policy
  • Whether your Brampton business operates online, in-store, or both

Where to get a Brampton business insurance quote

Business insurance quotes can be obtained from both insurance companies and insurance brokers in Ontario. That said, many customers choose to get free quotes from insurance brokers due to the other benefits they offer. For example, here at BrokerLink, we offer fully complimentary quotes to all Brampton business owners. How our free quote process works is as follows: Contact us, request a free business insurance quote, answer a few questions about yourself, your business, and your coverage needs, then sit back and relax while we do some calculations and provide you with a free quote. One of the main advantages of BrokerLink is that our insurance services don’t stop at free quotes. We can also answer any questions you have about commercial coverage, explain how different types of coverage work, compare policies and unlock discounts on your behalf, and make recommendations as to the right insurance policy for your business. To get started with BrokerLink, contact us online, by phone, or in person today.


How to find the best possible commercial insurance coverage for your Brampton business

Follow the tips below to find the best commercial insurance coverage for your Brampton business:

Take the time to weigh your options

First thing’s first, never buy the first commercial insurance policy you come across. Buying insurance required due diligence, which entails shopping around, obtaining quotes from multiple providers, and then comparing those quotes. This is the only way you can be sure that you are getting the best possible policy at the most reasonable price for your Brampton business. If you don’t have the time or energy to spend comparing policies and weighing your options, ask a BrokerLink insurance advisor to do it for you. A BrokerLink advisor will gladly take the time to research and review your coverage options, before presenting you with several great choices and offering a professional opinion on which one is right for your business.

Don’t be afraid to seek help from a Brampton insurance broker

Brampton insurance brokers exist to help customers find insurance, so why not take advantage of this incredible resource? As a reputable insurance brokerage, BrokerLink has a team of licenced insurance brokers that can help you with all your commercial insurance needs. Whether you want to obtain a free quote from BrokerLink, ask questions about how buying insurance works, want tips on how to save money on commercial insurance, or need help understanding the different coverage options available to you, BrokerLink is here. Of course, we can also help you purchase a policy, renew an existing policy, or cancel a policy. We will be by your side every step of the way.

Purchase an insurance bundle

Insurance bundling is one of BrokerLink’s best tips for finding a great policy while simultaneously saving money on insurance. Many insurance companies offer bundles to customers. What a bundle is as follows: When you purchase more than one insurance product at the same time from the same provider, you might be able to bundle them together to save money. Depending on the provider you are purchasing from, only some insurance products may be eligible for bundling. However, usually providers let customers mix and match products, which means you wouldn’t need to buy two Brampton business insurance policies to qualify. Instead, you might be able to purchase an insurance policy for your Brampton business, and then one for your home or car. If you are interested in the savings that come from insurance bundling, reach out to BrokerLink for more information.

Select a higher policy deductible

The higher your policy deductible, the more money you can save on insurance. This goes for any type of insurance, and that includes Brampton business insurance. Thus, if you are looking for an affordable commercial insurance solution for your Brampton business, one way to make this happen is by selecting a higher policy deductible. Since a lower policy deductible puts more financial responsibility on the insurance company, you are less likely to qualify for a cheaper premium with a lower deductible. The opposite goes for a higher deductible. Speak with a BrokerLink insurance advisor to determine the highest deductible you can reasonably afford for your Brampton commercial insurance policy.

Consider your Brampton insurance coverage before renewing it

If you want your Brampton business to have the best coverage possible, make sure that you are reviewing it each year before it expires. The reality is that the coverage you needed when you first purchased your policy may not be the coverage you need now. In fact, if your business has grown or changed significantly in the last year, then you may need to alter your policy in several ways. Taking the time to review it and think critically about it before renewing allows you to make the necessary changes rather than letting it renew automatically and running the risk of not having adequate coverage. If you would like a professional opinion on whether to adjust your policy before renewing, or if it’s worth finding a new policy altogether, contact BrokerLink. One of our licenced commercial insurance specialists would be pleased to go through your current insurance coverage and make a recommendation.

Adopt a risk management strategy for your business

Risk management and insurance go hand in hand. In fact, commercial insurance is often a key component of any strong risk management strategy. If you want your Brampton business to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible and not be exposed to unnecessary risk, purchasing commercial insurance is crucial. Plus, with a risk management strategy in place, the odds of an incident occurring are less. In turn, this translates to fewer commercial insurance claims, helping you keep costs down and avoiding an insurance premium increase.

We’re in your community

The Brampton community is our number one priority here at BrokerLink. We not only aim to provide our Brampton customers with quality insurance solutions, but we also want to help make the place they live better. You can find out about BrokerLink’s other core values, like generosity, excellence, and integrity, by getting in touch with us today.

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FAQs on commercial insurance Brampton

What is home-based business insurance and do I need it in Brampton?

Depending on your business, you may need home-based business insurance. Home business insurance is intended for business owners who run businesses out of their homes or employees who work from home frequently. As a remote employee you may not think you need home business insurance, but you may, especially if customers often visit your home, you store stock or inventory at your home, or you have expensive business-related equipment in your home. The main purpose of home business insurance is to fill the gap that home insurance leaves. Standard homeowner’s insurance policies in Brampton do not cover losses relating to business use, which means without a home business insurance policy or a commercial coverage add-on to your home insurance plan, you won’t be protected should an incident occur relating to your home business. Instead, your insurance claim would likely be denied.

Where can I find cheap business insurance in Brampton?

Many insurance companies offer affordable commercial insurance solutions to Brampton businesses. Insurance professionals also have several tips that can help Brampton business owners minimize the cost of insurance, no matter what company they purchase a policy from. For example, selecting a high deductible over a low one can almost instantly reduce your premium. Bundling multiple insurance policies into one can also do this, as can opting to pay for your commercial insurance plan yearly instead of monthly. In addition, we always recommend inquiring with your insurance company about any discounts that may be available to you. Some insurers offer discounts to business owners who graduated from certain universities or worked at certain companies. Implementing a risk management plan at your company can also help you save money. The importance of risk management cannot be understated.

Can I change my Brampton commercial insurance policy after purchasing it?

Yes. As a policyholder, you have the power to update your Brampton commercial insurance policy after purchasing it. Changes can be made when your policy is set to renew or during the term. Examples of changes that policyholders might wish to make to their policies include raising or lowering their coverage limits, increasing or decreasing their policy deductibles, removing coverages that are no longer needed, or adding new coverage for additional protection. An insurance agent or broker can help you make whatever changes you need. Please note that depending on the changes you wish to make, your insurance premium may increase or decrease accordingly. Typically, the more coverage you buy, the lower your deductibles, and the higher your coverage limits, the more money your policy will cost.

Is commercial insurance mandatory in Brampton?

Commercial insurance is not mandated by the provincial government in Ontario, which means that it is not a legal requirement. That said, depending on the industry you work within, you may be required to purchase business insurance by a regulatory body or other authoritative body. Even if you are under no obligation to purchase business insurance for your Brampton business, most business owners still choose to do so due to the many benefits it provides. Commercial insurance coverage offers financial protection should an unforeseen incident or event occur, such as a legal claim, theft, fire, cyber attack, etc.

If you have any questions, contact one of our local branches.

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