Short-Term Film Production Insurance

Lights! Camera! Action! Whether shooting a documentary, a television series, or a movie, a film production set has lots of moving parts and unique challenges that may arise. At BrokerLink, we can help you get coverage for many unpredictable risks so you can stay focused on bringing your dreams to the screen.

Call us to learn more about our short-term film production insurance coverage and how we can tailor it to meet your unique needs.


What is short-term film production insurance?

Short-term film production insurance covers productions that are projected to take a short amount of time, like a few days to a couple of weeks. It can also be used if you plan to shoot only one to two film productions throughout the year instead of multiple production shoots. (Skip to the FAQ section below to learn about annual film production insurance.)

Short-term film production insurance coverage options

It might seem easier to skip getting insurance altogether, however, if this project is a labour of love, you want to ensure it goes according to plan. Risks such as equipment breakdown or theft, or the injury of a key cast member could deter even the best laid plans and result in financial challenges. Insurance coverage created specifically for your film production can step into the spotlight and help you through the situation.

The following are some coverages that are typically included with a short-term film production insurance package.

General liability

Coverage for bodily injury or property damage claims due to filming activity.

Professional equipment

Coverage for theft or breakage for purchased or rented video, sound and lighting equipment.

Cast insurance

Coverage for additional expenses to complete filming following the illness, injury or death of an insured cast member.

Producer’s errors and omissions (E&O)

Coverage for defamation, unauthorized use of names or titles, invasion or interference with the right of privacy or publicity, piracy, infringement of copyright and breach of contract. Distributors and financiers usually require proof of producer’s E&O prior to the production’s release.

Event cancellation

Coverage for financial losses related to the cancellation of an event. This could include adverse weather, power outages or last-minute artist cancellation.

BrokerLink is here to help turn your dreams into reality by creating an insurance package tailored for the requirements of your production. Give us a call today to discuss your options.

Who requires short-term film production insurance?

Short-term film production can encompass many types of projects. Talk to a BrokerLink insurance expert to find out if your production is eligible for this type of insurance.

Here are a few examples:

  • Commercials
  • Instructional videos
  • Corporate videos
  • Documentaries
  • Student films
  • Movies
  • Independent films
  • Television series
  • Web series

The cost of short-term film production insurance

Insurance for your film production is one expense you shouldn’t cut. Film productions can be quite costly and having insurance can help cover any unexpected claims so that you don’t pay out of pocket.

A few additional factors that could affect your short-term film insurance coverage are:

  • Props, wardrobe and set cost
  • High-risk activities, like pyrotechnics, special effects, aerials, and dangerous stunts
  • Filming in foreign locations
  • Whether there will be valuables on set like an expensive camera

The size of your project will determine the insurance limits and types of coverage. Talk to an insurance advisor to ensure your coverage is perfect for your needs.

Call a BrokerLink Film Production Insurance Expert

While you shoot for the stars on your next film production set, allow the insurance experts at BrokerLink to work for you behind the scenes. We can ensure you have peace of mind from when you yell “Action!” to the time you announce, “that’s a wrap!”


FAQs About Short-Term Film Production Insurance

Does short-term film production insurance cover cancellation of events?

Event cancellation is often listed as a coverage option within short-term film production insurance.

What is event liability insurance?

If you’re hosting an event, you should consider purchasing event liability insurance. This will cover you if you are found responsible following an accident (bodily injury or property damage) occurring during your event. Talk to your insurance broker to find out if this coverage is necessary for the type of event you are hosting.

What is annual film production insurance coverage?

If your plan is to shoot multiple films throughout the year or you have a larger scale feature film, then annual film production insurance would fit your needs best. The policy is based on an annual gross production cost, deeming it unnecessary to submit an individual insurance request for each production. Talk to your insurance advisor to ensure you have the best coverage for the type of film production you’re engaged with.

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