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Commercial business insurance is an important investment that ensures the longevity of your company. Unforeseen events put businesses of all sizes and types at risk. BrokerLink understands risk management importance while balancing premium costs. We tailor coverage to your specific needs, ensuring tailored protection you can count on.


What are the most common types of commercial insurance?

We value the uniqueness of each business and the people who run it. Our expertise lies in assisting both small and large companies in locating the best coverage for their needs. Discover our comprehensive Vaughan business insurance products, carefully tailored to your specific requirements:

Marine insurance

Commercial marine insurance is a must-have for companies involved in fishing, transport, trips, and other associated operations. It provides complete protection for your business by providing monetary assistance to recover from damage to property and covering costs like attorney's fees and settlements. This insurance guarantees that your company's activities can continue without interruption in the event of a risk, such as negligence, personal harm, wreckage disposal, vessel losses, or contamination events.

Furthermore, commercial marine insurance can provide additional coverage for your staff, goods, catch, and machinery. This comprehensive coverage addresses the particular hazards and challenges businesses that operate within aquatic settings face, giving you the confidence you require to effectively manage what you do.

Commercial property

Commercial property insurance is specifically designed to protect a business's physical assets. It provides financial security in case of business property damage, destruction, or loss, including structures, equipment, inventory, furniture, and fixtures.

Fire, vandalism, theft, severe weather, hurricanes or earthquakes, and other stipulated perils are typically covered by commercial property insurance. This insurance helps businesses recover from property-related occurrences by covering the expenses related to any repairs, replacements, removal, or reconstruction efforts.

Commercial auto

Commercial auto insurance is essential for businesses that operate motor vehicles. It is a critical type of insurance for businesses of all sizes and industries. Commercial auto insurance is required whether you own a small business or a large corporation with a fleet of cars.

This type of insurance covers a wide range of commercial vehicles, which includes automobiles, trucks, vans, and specialized motor vehicles. Commercial auto insurance guarantees you adequate coverage in the event of a collision, damage, or liability claim. Commercial auto insurance provides the peace of mind you require whether your fleet is used to transport goods, make deliveries, or provide services.

Builder’s risk insurance

Builder's risk insurance is a specialized insurance plan that protects building ventures during their construction stage. Builder's risk insurance is required whether you are involved in a fresh build, renovation, or reconstruction project. It offers thorough financial protection for the building supplies, machinery, and structure against a broad spectrum of hazards and dangers that could happen during the process.

You can have peace of mind knowing that unanticipated occurrences such as fires, theft, vandalism, or bad weather will not jeopardize the progress of your project if you have builder's risk insurance. This insurance coverage serves as a financial safeguard, protecting you from potential obstacles that could impede the timely completion of the building endeavour.

Business interruption

Business interruption insurance protects businesses financially in the event of an interim suspension or delay of activities due to a covered peril. Its primary goal is to reimburse the company for revenue lost during the interruption time frame and to cover ongoing costs such as utilities, rent, and wages for staff members.

This kind of protection is critical in assisting businesses in recovering from monetary damage and effectively managing their expenses, allowing them to resume normal operations smoothly once the covered event has been resolved. It's worth noting that business interruption insurance is typically sold as an add-on to existing policies rather than being automatically included. Therefore, if this is something you are interested in, you will need to inform your insurance broker. Furthermore, depending on the insurance plan and provider selected, the specific coverage and terms may differ, so make sure you understand what is and is not included when purchasing this for your own business.

Directors and officers

Directors' and officers' liability insurance has been specifically created to protect business executives from potential legal liabilities arising from their duties. The policy's coverage encompasses a wide range of negligent acts, such as carelessness, errors, failures, breach of duty, and providing false statements.

This insurance provides executives and directors with an economic cushion in the event of an accusation or legal proceeding. It covers the costs of protecting themselves against allegations, ensuring the protection of their personal assets. Ultimately, directors' and officers' liability insurance is critical in mitigating the risks and potential monetary stresses that corporate leaders face, allowing them to focus on what they have to do and make well-informed choices without fear of personal legal exposure.

Cyber liability

Cyber insurance provides two types of coverage: first-party and third-party protection. First-party coverage, also known as cyber liability protection, protects your business in the event of an information security breach. It safeguards private information such as social security numbers (SINs), credit card numbers, health records, and other vital company information. Furthermore, first-party coverage can aid in data retrieval efforts, particularly in the event of a ransomware infection.

Third-party coverage, on the other hand, is frequently chosen by companies in charge of managing their client's privacy. This policy comes in handy when one of your customers suffers a data breach or is the victim of a web-based attack. It helps to cover the legal expenses of settling claims and takes on any liabilities that might come up as a result of the incident.

Errors and omissions

Professional liability insurance, also known as errors and omissions (E&O) insurance, safeguards professionals against monetary harm resulting from claims of recklessness, errors, or mistakes in the services or advice they provide.

Errors and omissions insurance is frequently chosen by professionals from a variety of industries. This generally includes, but is not limited to, lawyers, consultants, accountants, and real estate agents. If a client alleges financial loss or damages as a result of a professional's error, oversight, or failure to carry out their professional responsibilities with adequate diligence, this coverage assists in covering the costs of legal defence, settlements, and verdicts.

Equipment breakdown

Equipment breakdown insurance goes outside the protection provided by a standard property insurance plan by specifically covering losses caused by internal malfunctions of equipment. These types of losses are frequently excluded by standard property insurance policies. Internal risks such as mechanical problems, wiring malfunctions, motor stress, and other incidents that may result in machinery being damaged or destroyed are covered by this plan.

Equipment breakdown insurance allows businesses to reduce the financial impact of equipment breakdowns, minimize delays, and ensure the uninterrupted running of their operations. This insurance provides a valuable safety net by covering internal equipment breakdowns and protecting businesses from the possible monetary repercussions of unforeseen malfunctions or errors.

Commercial home insurance

Operating a business from home or constantly working from home necessitates the purchase of commercial home insurance. It's critical to recognize that standard homeowners' insurance policies rarely cover losses or damages resulting from business activities. This exposes you to possible dangers and liabilities. You could be held personally liable for any damage to your property resulting from your at-home business if you do not have commercial home insurance.

Obtaining commercial home insurance protects you from potential financial burdens, allowing you to focus on successfully running your small business without worrying about the possibility of potential accident-related expenditures. This insurance gives you the peace of mind you need by protecting you from the possible strain of unanticipated occurrences and allowing you to focus on growing your company while reducing potential risks and obligations.

Commercial general liability insurance

Business liability insurance, commonly referred to as commercial general liability insurance, protects businesses financially in the event of a legal dispute. It covers legal fees and third-party claims for bodily injury and damage to property. You can be confident that you are covered for a variety of situations, according to your policy, thanks to the various levels of assurance available.

Furthermore, operations liability guarantees that any property damage or severe injuries suffered by individuals on your business property, including medical bills, income loss, or funeral costs, are financially dealt with. Furthermore, you may be able to obtain extra insurance for official paperwork or permits.

This comprehensive policy also protects against property damage as well as personal and advertising injury, such as defamation, falsehood, or infringement of intellectual property. Healthcare costs for bodily injuries sustained on your property are also covered, as are legal fees for any claims that could arise. Should you have any other questions or you need this type of third-party liability insurance explained further, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of BrokerLink’s commercial insurance brokers.

Finding the right insurance plan for your company

Getting the right insurance policy for your business can be a bit of a headache, especially when you don't know what it is you're strictly looking for. As such, before purchasing insurance for your business insurance in Ontario, consider the following:

What kind of coverage do you need

Examine your particular business requirements and hazards. Think about the scope of your company, the sector in which it operates, and the potential risks, as it will assist you in determining the types of protection you need.

Your budget

An insurance broker can help you identify your insurance premium budget and compare the affordability of various policies. Consider the trade-off between low premiums and the degree of protection offered to streamline your business insurance costs.

Specific policy coverage

Examine the coverage details of every insurance policy you are considering. Recognize the coverage's inclusions and exclusions, policy limits and deductibles.

A tailored risk assessment

Perform an in-depth risk evaluation of your company to identify potential hazards and weaknesses. Physical risks, liability risks, threats to cybersecurity, and other factors can all be considered. Knowing your risks will assist you in choosing suitable insurance options. This can be done on your own or by hiring a risk management consultant to evaluate the risks associated with your business.

Legal requirements and regulations

Get to know insurance-related legal or regulatory requirements in your industry or location. In some jurisdictions, particular kinds of insurance, such as workers' compensation or professional liability coverage, may be required.

We’re in your community

Getting involved in the community is a big part of who we are. We live and work in your community, so we value it just as much as you do! And, we love meeting our neighbours!

Why work with a BrokerLink broker

Since 1991, the BrokerLink team has been dedicated to finding insurance policies that meet the needs and budgets of our customers. We are experts in all things Vaughan insurance and can ensure you receive the most competitive rate on your policy. When you work with an insurance broker in Vaughan from BrokerLink, you can be confident that your best interests will be at the forefront of every decision that is made.

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Commercial Insurance Vaughan FAQs

What is risk management?

Risk management is the process by which companies and organizations recognize and deal with possible hazards, issues, or emergencies before they can happen. It entails developing an in-depth risk mitigation strategy, which is a written statement outlining the company's approach to managing risks. Stakeholders take a proactive part in actively discovering and evaluating financial and broad dangers to their company's success. They can then devise and carry out measures that reduce each risk.

Does my business qualify for fleet insurance?

Fleet insurance requirements may differ depending on the insurance provider, province, and territory across Canada. Businesses with a certain number of vehicles, usually three to five, may be able to obtain fleet insurance. The fleet vehicles can be owned, leased, or hired by the company. To determine if your business qualifies for fleet insurance and to explore the available coverage options customized to your particular requirements, it is suggested that you consult with an insurance broker.

Where can I get a competitive commercial business insurance quote in Vaughan?

Whether you prefer the human element of a friendly phone conversation or the convenience of an easy-to-use online quote tool, business owners can contact a broker or insurance agent and let local Vaughan staff walk you through all of the necessary insurance information. They will work together to locate the best policy for your company's specific needs, whether you need small business insurance or comprehensive coverage for your entire enterprise.

If you have any questions, contact one of our local branches.

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