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Did you recently say “yes” to the partner of your dreams? Then now’s the time to start planning the wedding of your dreams! From guest lists and venues to catering and wedding vendors, there are a lot of moving parts involved with planning your nuptials. While it can be stressful, there is a way to make it easier on yourself. As weddings are typically valued at tens of thousands of dollars in Canada, purchasing wedding insurance can provide peace of mind.

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What is wedding insurance?

Wedding insurance is a special type of insurance that offers protection in the event of unexpected financial losses relating to your big day. Like all types of insurance, this specialty event insurance protects your investment (in this case, your wedding) from circumstances out of your control. Should the unthinkable happen, you will be reimbursed for any expenses incurred by your insurance provider.

Examples of situations in which wedding insurance is useful include if a major storm makes it impossible for guests to attend your wedding and you want to postpone it, if a loved one ends up in the hospital a day before the wedding and you wish to push the date until that person is able to attend, or if there is an unprecedented worldwide pandemic that halts travel and poses a risk to your health (anyone who got engaged during COVID-19 knows what we’re talking about).

Other less serious circumstances where wedding insurance could come in handy are if the bride’s suitcase (containing her wedding gown) is lost by the airline, if the groom’s tuxedo rips at the last minute, or if your DJ cancels the day before the wedding and you have to book a new one. As you can see, no matter the circumstances, wedding insurance offers unparalleled protection.

Generally speaking, wedding insurance falls into two categories: liability insurance and cancellation insurance. Liability insurance prevents you from being held liable for any accidents or injuries that occur during your wedding ceremony or reception (they do not typically cover the rehearsal dinner, but sometimes this can be added to your policy). The great thing about liability coverage is that it typically includes alcohol-related incidents at weddings. Certain wedding venues require this type of insurance, so be sure to check with your venue before booking. In contrast, cancellation insurance offers financial protection if your wedding is cancelled or postponed.However, it’s important to note that most wedding insurance policies with cancellation coverage do not cover the couple changing their mind.

BrokerLink is pleased to help couples across Canada find the perfect wedding insurance policy for them. No matter where you’re getting married or how many guests are attending, one of our expert insurance advisors will work around the clock to find you the best policy at the best rate. Matching couples with wedding insurance plans that suit them is our specialty here at BrokerLink.

How wedding insurance protects you

The average cost of a wedding and honeymoon in Canada is $30,000. This is a major investment. That’s why BrokerLink recommends that Canadian couples purchase wedding insurance before the big day. Wedding insurance policies protect couples, no matter what happens on or before their wedding day. From a lost deposit to vendor cancellation, you can find a list of ways that wedding insurance protects you below.

Wedding cancellation

While no one plans a wedding thinking it might be cancelled, the reality is that life happens. The death of a family member, a severe storm, or a global pandemic are just a few circumstances that might cause you to cancel or postpone your wedding. With the right wedding insurance policy in your back pocket, you can reschedule your big day without incurring any expenses. Some policies even cover sickness or injury to the couple. Wedding insurance will protect you against lost venue or catering fees and even against non-refundable deposits from other vendors, like the florist, band, or furniture rental company.

Lost deposit

If your venue or one of your vendors suddenly has to close their doors and is unable to refund your deposit, wedding insurance has got you covered. Lost deposit coverage will pay for any non-refundable fees paid in the event that a vendor can’t fulfill its obligations.

Wedding photos and video

There’s almost nothing as important as a wedding photographer. Professional photographers and videographers arrive on-site to capture the celebration in all its glory, creating heirlooms to last a lifetime. But what if your photographer fails to show on the day of, or you end up hating your wedding photos and want to retake them? That’s where wedding insurance comes in. This type of event insurance protects you against any extra costs associated with a no-show photographer and photo retakes.

Wedding dress and tuxedo coverage

Are you planning a destination wedding in Mexico? Wedding insurance is a must. Wedding insurance policies typically include coverage for the couple’s attire, including wedding dresses and tuxedos. Whether the suitcase containing your tuxedo is lost by the airline or the tulle on your gown gets caught and rips on the morning of the wedding, wedding insurance will protect you against financial losses. Please note that this type of coverage only applies once you’ve purchased the attire you plan to wear on your wedding day.

Liquor liability coverage

If you plan on serving alcohol at your wedding, liquor liability coverage is a must. Most wedding insurance policies include this and some venues require it. This is because if you provide liquor at your wedding and a guest is served past the point of intoxication, you can be held liable for the consequences. But with liquor liability coverage, you can relax knowing that you will not have to pay for any accidents or injuries that occur at your ceremony or reception.

Honeymoon cancellation

Similar to the wedding cancellation coverage detailed above, some wedding insurance plans also include honeymoon cancellation coverage. This way, if an emergency happens and your post-wedding travel plans change, you’ll be protected.

Coverage for physical items

Beyond the venue, wedding vendors, and potential cancellations, wedding insurance also covers financial losses relating to physical items. Wedding rings, presents, flowers, stationery, and the cake are just a few examples of physical items that will be protected under the right kind of wedding insurance.

Factors that impact the cost of wedding insurance

Wedding insurance varies in price depending on the unique circumstances of your celebration. Key factors that affect the price of wedding insurance in Canada are as follows:

The date, location, and length

Your wedding date, location, and the expected length of your nuptials can all influence how much wedding insurance costs. For example, if you’re planning to get married in the winter, insurance might be more expensive due to the increased risks of ice and snow. Meanwhile, if you’re planning a beach wedding in the summer, you can also expect to pay more for wedding insurance owing to the potential problems that arise from being so close to a major body of water. Generally speaking, if you're hosting a wedding at a private venue, such as your parents’ house or a family cottage, your wedding insurance will be cheaper than if you’re getting married at a public venue, like a golf course or restaurant. Lastly, the longer the wedding, the more expensive your insurance will be.

The number of people in attendance

The number of guests that will be attending your wedding is another factor that impacts the cost of wedding insurance. To receive a wedding insurance quote, you will likely be required to provide your guest count. Event insurance is typically separated into tiers. For example, if 1-250 guests are the standard, then inviting 250-500 guests may result in an extra fee.

Whether alcohol is being served

If you are serving alcohol at your nuptials, you should be prepared to pay more owing to the increased risk. As previously mentioned, liquor liability insurance is a key part of many insurance policies and is often required by the wedding venue.

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Ultimately, the best way to find out how much wedding insurance will cost is to get in touch with a reputable brokerage like BrokerLink today. We have been in business for over 30 years, and during this time, have helped thousands of couples find their dream wedding insurance policy. Contact us today to request a free quote on your wedding insurance policy. We’ll ask for a few key details about your event and provide you with an accurate and competitive quote as soon as possible. It’s that easy!

Insurance tips for married couples

So you recently got engaged - what now? When it comes to insurance, BrokerLink has a few tips for engaged and married couples alike.

Purchase wedding insurance

First off, we urge all engaged couples to purchase wedding insurance before the big day. Wedding insurance provides unparalleled peace of mind, protecting couples against major financial losses. Weddings are expensive, and the last thing you want is to lose your money because a vendor doesn’t show up on the day of, or you have to cancel the event owing to the loss of a loved one. Protect yourself against all kinds of unforeseen circumstances by purchasing a quality wedding insurance policy from the get-go.

Make sure your home insurance covers jewellery

Most home insurance policies cover jewellery. Make sure yours does, and be sure to check the limit. The average home insurance policy allocates $6,000 to replace lost, stolen, or damaged jewellery. If your engagement ring costs more than this, it might be wise to purchase a separation insurance policy in the form of a personal article floater specifically for the ring.

Remember to name both partners on your home insurance policies

After you're married, don’t forget to list both partners’ names on your home insurance policy. Failing to do so could mean that only one partner is financially compensated for any losses relating to your home.

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Are you looking for the best wedding insurance policy in Canada? BrokerLink can help. When we work with a couple, we make it our personal mission to find the perfect wedding insurance plan for them. We take the time to obtain and compare quotes, explain coverage options, and walk you through every aspect of the policy. A flexible wedding insurance policy that suits your needs is exactly what BrokerLink can help you find.

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Are you ready to protect your big day by purchasing wedding insurance? You’ve come to the right place! We’ll make sure it includes all the coverage options you need at a price point within your budget.

Get started today by requesting a free wedding insurance quote from BrokerLink. To get a quote online, you will be asked some basic questions about yourself and your celebration. Upon submitting the form, you will be able to buy wedding insurance online for immediate coverage.

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FAQs about wedding insurance

Is wedding insurance worth it?

Many Canadian couples (especially those who planned a wedding during the pandemic) will tell you that purchasing wedding insurance is absolutely worth it for the peace of mind it offers. However, to make sure wedding insurance is right for you, we recommend checking with each of your key vendors to see how well they’re covered. Request to see a copy of each vendor’s insurance policy to find out how comprehensive their existing policies are and to avoid any overlap.

Liability insurance for your wedding may be necessary, depending on the venue’s rules. Cancellation insurance is generally a good idea, especially with the uncertainty of the ongoing pandemic. It’s also recommended for certain locations that are prone to storms. For example, if you’re planning a beach wedding during hurricane season, cancellation insurance will make sure you aren't forced to go through with your day due to adverse weather conditions.

Ultimately, if the recent COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that, yes, wedding insurance is worth it. Life is unpredictable, so why take the chance that something beyond your control will potentially ruin one of the happiest days of your life?

How does wedding insurance protect me?

Wedding insurance protects couples against a wide range of impossible-to-predict events. Wedding and honeymoon cancellations, lost deposits, accidents or injuries at the ceremony and reception, lost or damaged wedding attire, and losses relating to physical items like stationery, flowers, wedding rings, photos, and cake are just a few of the circumstances in which wedding insurance covers you.

What doesn’t wedding insurance cover?

Wedding insurance typically does not provide coverage relating to a change of heart. If a couple changes their mind and decides not to get married or not to have a wedding, you will likely not be reimbursed. Expensive jewellery or accessories, such as watches, is also not usually included in your wedding insurance. Your wedding ring might be, but your engagement ring likely won’t be. To protect your precious rings and other luxurious accessories, couples may purchase a separate policy (engagement ring policies exist) or purchase a home insurance or renter’s policy that includes protection of these highly valuable items.

When should I buy wedding insurance?

Once engaged, we recommend purchasing wedding insurance as soon as possible. Keep in mind that some insurance providers have limitations on how far ahead of the big day you can purchase insurance, so do your research and decide on your wedding date before purchasing.

How much does wedding insurance cost?

The cost of wedding insurance varies greatly depending on the circumstances of your wedding. The number of guests in attendance, the date and location of your wedding, and whether you intend to serve liquor will all influence wedding insurance prices. In Canada, wedding insurance can cost as little as $200 or as much as $2,000. On average, Canadian couples can expect to pay a few hundred dollars for wedding insurance.

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