Riggers Liability Insurance

Riggers liability insurance protects contractors who specialize in lifting, moving, or installing equipment that belongs to others. Imagine a company using a crane to lift a heavy generator onto a building rooftop. Standard general liability insurance might not cover any damage to the generator itself if it falls. Riggers liability steps in to provide financial protection for the value of the equipment being moved in case of an accident during the process. This ensures the owner of the equipment, not the rigger, is not left financially responsible for any damages.

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What does Riggers Liability Insurance Cover?

Coverage for Equipment Failure

Coverage can extend to equipment failure, such as the failure of cranes, hoists, slings, or other rigging equipment. This coverage can help protect against liability claims resulting from equipment malfunctions or accidents.

Coverage for Errors & Omissions

Riggers liability insurance may provide coverage for errors and omissions committed during rigging operations. This can include situations where mistakes are made in the rigging process, resulting in damage or accidents.

Health Expenses

Many health insurance plans do not cover medical emergencies that happen abroad. Health coverage can help you cover the cost of medical expenses for illnesses or injuries incurred during international travel.

Additional Coverage Options

Depending on the insurance provider and policy, riggers liability insurance may offer additional coverage options. These can include coverage for equipment breakdowns, installation floaters, transportation of equipment, and endorsements to cover specific risks or projects.

How to Get Riggers Liability Insurance in Canada?

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  1. Insurance companies assess the risk associated with the rigging operations and the insured’s experience, safety protocols, and track record. Underwriters evaluate factors such as the types of equipment used, safety procedures in place, training and certifications of personnel, and previous claims history when determining coverage and premium rates.
  2. Depending on the jurisdiction or contractual agreements, riggers liability coverage may be a mandatory requirement. Compliance ensures that rigging professionals have the necessary coverage to protect themselves and third parties in case of accidents or property damage.
  3. We determine the specific coverage requirements for your rigging operations, considering factors such as the size of your business, the types of equipment used, the scope of projects undertaken, and any contractual or regulatory requirements.

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Riggers Liability coverage is a particularly important safety net for contractors who use cranes or other machines for lifting property or installing equipment. Property like air conditioning units, telecom equipment, and generators can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and if it’s your company that has been hired to lift and install them, it’s important to account for the possibility of something going wrong during the process.

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