Farm Insurance

When it comes to farming, you face more than your share of uncertainty and insurance challenges. BrokerLink’s Farm Insurance program can help identify solutions to these challenges and find customized coverage that’s right for your farm.

Our brokers are farming experts with decades of experience serving the insurance needs of farmers and their businesses. BrokerLink provides insurance expertise to keep your farm running in the event of unforeseen circumstances.


Make farm insurance one less thing to worry about.

BrokerLink’s Farm Insurance Program is designed for agricultural business operators specializing in a variety of farming, including: livestock, produce, cash crops, dairy, wineries and orchards. Given farms face many risks, we want to give you peace of mind knowing your farm and its assets are fully protected.

Hatch the perfect protection plan with poultry insurance.

Poultry and egg production continue to account for a large part of the Canadian farming landscape. At BrokerLink, we know that to keep up with the demands of a growing country, technology plays a very important role in any poultry farm. That’s why we work with you to find coverage for customized machinery and boilers, including options for mechanical breakdown and electrical power interruption. We also offer heat prostration coverage.

Connect with one for our farm insurance experts today to learn more about how BrokerLink can help find you the tailored coverage your poultry farm needs.

Get cream of the crop dairy insurance.

Dairy farms face unique challenges when it comes to insurance. The strength of BrokerLink's Farm Insurance Program is identifying solutions to these challenges and helping you find customized coverage that is right for your dairy farm. No matter how big or small your dairy operation is, we’ll find you the best insurance for your unique needs and help to improve your coverage.

BrokerLink’s Dairy Farm Insurance coverage includes outbuildings, farm machinery and equipment, produce coverage including milk contamination and refrigeration, pollution, other liability and loss of income.

Grow your business safely with cash crop insurance.

If you are a cash cropper, our package provides the necessary security you need to keep your business flourishing uninterrupted. We offer customized insurance for a wide range and variety of crops with coverage options for machinery, equipment breakdown, farm elevators, owned and non owned produce. Our cash crop insurance experts will assess your farm to provide tailored solutions at a competitive price.

Stand out from the herd with customized livestock insurance.

At BrokerLink, we understand the importance of livestock farms, including their to local communities and the economy. From beef cattle growers to hogs, sheep and goats, livestock farming is your livelihood and fulltime job. BrokerLink is here to support you in helping to feed a growing community.

As one of Canada’s largest insurance brokers, we work together with Canada’s top insurance companies to offer you customized coverage options and benefits to meet your livestock farming needs. Given the challenges and risks, including a volatile market, you want to feel confident your insurance coverage includes all aspects of running a livestock farm. Our customized livestock insurance coverages includes entrapment, physical injury, transportation, custom feeder, confined feeding operations, business interruption, breeding / fertility, vet services, etc.

Three types of insurance your farm needs

The agricultural sector is different in each province and between different regions within a province. Wherever the location, there are a few types of farm insurance coverage every farm should have in place:

Liability Coverage

Regardless of the size or product, farms present a high level of risk. This is why it is important to have liability insurance in place. Farm liability coverage will protect you as the farm operator (business owner) from being found legally responsible in the event of an incident that causes property damage or bodily injury. This could range from a visitor injuring themselves while on your farm or the mishandling or improper labelling of a food product you produce on your farm. Your liability policy also provides defence and damage costs should you have to pay any reparations to the claimant.

Pro Tip:

If your home is located on the same property as your farm, it is commonly misunderstood that the liability coverage on your home insurance policy would cover any liability claim resulting from your business. Liability coverage on your home insurance will not provide coverage for any injury or damage resulting from your agri-business operations.

Home or Dwelling Coverage

If your home or primary residence is located on the same property as your agri-business operation, you will need a home insurance policy to protect you and the contents of your home against risks such as fire, burglary and hail. Your home insurance policy will also provide coverage for rebuilding your home and replacing your belongings in the event of an incident or total loss. Do you have the home insurance you need? We can help you answer that question in our replacement value blog post.

Business Interruption Coverage

Farming is more than a job, it’s a lifestyle. Should your farm experience a fire or loss that causes you to halt operations, business interruption insurance can help. Business interruption insurance will cover the cost of lost revenue and any additional expenses that result from your agri-business being temporarily shut down. This is just a sampling of the types of farm insurance coverage we offer. In addition, your BrokerLink broker can create a policy that provides you with customized coverage for:

  • Loss of use of farm machinery
  • Pollution
  • Debris removal
  • Fuel and tank
  • Newly acquired or newly leased farm machinery/equipment
  • Customized livestock reporting
  • Customized farm machinery
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Solar panel coverage, including loss of income
  • Property of Every Description (POED)
  • Private power and light poles
  • Standing crop
  • Veterinarian supply

In Ontario? Ask us about Farm Advantage.

Ontario farmers can speak to their BrokerLink broker about the new Farm Advantage program. Featuring insurance benefits and discounts, Farm Advantage is geared towards both commercial and hobby farms in Ontario.

Launched in partnership with Heartland Mutual Farm Inc., and Trillium Mutual Insurance Company, the Farm Advantage program offers two key benefits:

  1. Farm Advantage customers pay one low price for coverage that is normally sold individually. Endorsements such as non-owned equipment coverage, first party pollution and miscellaneous tools as well as equipment coverage have been bundled for maximum savings.
  2. Eligible customers can qualify to have the deductible waived on their first loss and have their first claim forgiven. Each year, Farm Advantage customers with a minimum of $5,000 in premium can earn points by:
    • Referring customers to BrokerLink
    • Attending a farm tradeshow
    • Completing an annual review with their BrokerLink broker
    • Receiving a quote on an additional insurance product

With enough points, customers will qualify to have their deductible waived (up to a maximum of $1,000) and their first claim forgiven.

Part of the NSFA?

Visit our NSFA group page to learn more about available discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions on Farm Insurance:

Why do I need farm insurance?

From property damage to claims of personal liability on your farm, it's important to have insurance that covers the unexpected losses that could occur. Without a farm insurance policy in place, you could be personally exposed to these risks.

What does farm insurance cover?

Farm insurance can cover things like equipment, buildings located on your farm and liability protection. The specifics vary depending on what policy you have. Call a broker to determine what coverage makes sense for your farm.

Why is it important to insure your livestock?

As a farmer, livestock is an asset. We all need to protect our most valuable assets, like our homes, cars, businesses, and if you're a farmer, livestock. Owning livestock can be unpredictable, which makes it even more important to protect yourself and your family with the right insurance.

Can you get farm insurance if you’re an outdoor cannabis crop grower?

While outdoor cannabis crop growing is more risky than indoor cannabis growing, insurance is still available! Contact your insurance broker to discuss your options.

How does wildlife damage insurance coverage work?

Wildlife damage coverage for farms is an insurance product that provides coverage for crop and livestock damage caused by wildlife. For example, deer and geese may cause significant damage to wheat crop. Wildlife damage coverage may reimburse losses from these damages.

Is there farm insurance for agritourism businesses?

Liability coverage for agritourism activities is an optional add-on to your general liability policy. If there are members of the public visiting your farm, it’s a good idea to discuss liability coverage with your broker!


For more FAQs, visit the BrokerLink FAQs page.

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