Business Insurance in Peterborough, Ontario

Peterborough is many things to many people. It’s a shopping destination for the surrounding communities, boasting three shopping centres: Portage Place, Lansdowne Place and Peterborough Square. It’s a great place to work with jobs in manufacturing, retail, shipping, engineering, automotive supplies, electronics and health services. In fact, the city of Peterborough’s largest employer is the Peterborough Regional Health Centre, which employs more than 2,000 people. Plus, it also serves as a “bedroom community” for people commuting to Oshawa for work.

Another great thing about Peterborough is that it’s a lucrative place to own a business. Whether your business is a bakery, drugstore, trucking outfit, construction firm, law office, restaurant or commercial engineering firm, Peterborough is a great place to be. Plus, the friendly insurance brokers at BrokerLink are locals, too, and can help you find the right business insurance coverage for your particular needs.

We’re the business insurance experts and we are great at customizing liability insurance coverage for all types of businesses. Whether you require small business insurance, mid-sized business insurance or big large-scale commercial business insurance, we can cover you. Businesses evolve and so should your insurance coverage. So, if you already have coverage and you think you need an update, let us give you a free business insurance checkup.

Call us now and get one of our BrokerLink business insurance brokers working for you. We’ll discuss your current needs and provide you with free competitive business insurance quotes to help you find the best insurance rate possible. It’s all in a day’s work. We take as much pride in our business as you do in yours and we’d welcome the opportunity to be on your team.

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