Reflexologist insurance

The goal of Canadian Certified Reflexology Practitioners is to help people maintain good health and help with reducing stress and promoting relaxation. Our goal at BrokerLink is to offer you peace of mind by providing proper insurance coverage to protect you, your clients and your hard-earned reputation if the unexpected happens.

Our insurance package policy is designed to give individual practitioners the right coverages needed to protect their business. Whether you work out of your home, a commercial space, or you visit clients, we can ensure your livelihood is protected.

Who is reflexology insurance for?

Reflexology insurance is a type of specialty business insurance designed to meet the needs of reflexologists in Canada. Reflexology is a form of alternative medicine offered all over the country. As with other health and wellness professionals, reflexologists are in close contact with their clients, providing them with much-needed, hands-on services. This line of work is especially risk-prone, and for this reason, it’s important to purchase reflexologist insurance. Whether you operate independently or out of a spa, salon, or reflexology clinic, reflexology insurance is for you.

What’s included in a reflexology insurance policy?

Our Reflexologist Insurance Program is flexible to suit your needs, and includes:

  • Professional Liability – Otherwise known as Errors & Omissions Insurance, it covers your liability for errors and omissions or negligence during the course of your insured professional services. If a third party, such as a client, brings a suit against you for damages covered by your insurance policy, this protection would also cover legal fees for your defence. Subject to the policy wordings.
  • Commercial General Liability – Commercial general liability insurance protects you and your insured business against claims for bodily or personal injuries, advertising liability. This coverage also includes property damage to third parties arising from your operations or products or occurring on your business premises. In the event of an insured claim against you this coverage would cover legal costs to defend the claim against your business in court, as well as damage rulings against you to compensate third parties. Subject to the policy wordings.
  • Tenants Legal Liability – If you unintentionally cause damage to the property you are renting you may be legally responsible for these damages. If insured, Tenants Legal Liability would provide funds to your landlord to facilitate repairs to the building. This coverage does not extend to your personal equipment. Subject to the policy wordings.
  • Legal Expense Coverage – Provides protection for your insured business from claims by third parties, such as clients or other businesses, which allege sexual, physical, or verbal abuse. This coverage will reimburse you for legal expenses in the defence of an allegation, provided you plead not guilty and are found not guilty. This excludes criminal defence costs. Subject to the policy wordings.
  • Criminal Defence Cost Reimbursement – If a criminal proceeding is brought against you due to your insured professional services you may be eligible for criminal defence cost reimbursement. This coverage applies if such proceeding arises because of the manner in which you have conducted yourself within your Practice and only if the defence of such action, suit or proceeding is fully successful (you plead not guilty and are found not guilty). Subject to the policy wordings.
  • Office Protection – If your business is damaged from an insured peril, this coverage provides you with a basket of coverages including: business equipment, business interruption, glass, property in transit to name a few (Subject to the policy wordings).
  • Legal Guard – 24/7 Telephone access to legal information service for questions relating to your business.

Additional coverage

We offer Cyber liability insurance, which is crucial if your reflexology practice stores customer information on the computer. With cyber liability coverage, your insurance company will help cover the costs associated with a hack or cyberattack, such as credit monitoring, crisis control, and notifying clients.

Our office contents policy

We are pleased to offer an extensive Office Contents policy. Our main program is just for individual practitioners, so the Office Contents policy is designed to give proper coverage for practitioners who are renting or leasing commercial space up to 500 sq ft, and allows them to have two other practitioners (i.e. Employees and/or Sub-contractors) working in their office space.

The Office Contents Policy includes the following additional coverages:

  • $55,000 in contents coverage – Covers your furniture, equipment, improvements you make to the space and any other property owned by you or for which you are legally liable.
  • $50,000 Extension Package – Covers items such as glass, outdoor signs, property in transit, contents temporarily at unnamed locations, $500.00 money coverage.
  • Business Interruption – Covers Actual Loss Sustained, for loss of income due to an insured loss.
  • Crime insurance – Covers employee dishonesty, robbery.
  • Professional Liability and Commercial General Liability coverage for you as a clinic owner.

Optional coverages:

  • Earthquake Shock Endorsement – $50.00 additional premium
  • Flood Endorsement – $50.00 additional premium
  • Equipment Breakdown Edge Endorsement – $55.00 additional premium

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Do I have to be a member of an Association in order to apply for Reflexology insurance?
No, you do not have to be a member of an Association in order to apply for the insurance.
How do I renew my Reflexology insurance policy?
Our policies are issued on an annual basis. A renewal notice will be sent to you in advance of your expiry date.
What is the difference between occurrence based and claims made policies?
A claims made policy is like term life insurance. Once you stop paying, the coverage stops. Our policy is occurrence based. If you stop paying and a claim is presented as occurring during the time the premium was paid, your policy will respond.

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