Aromatherapist Insurance Coverage

Aromatherapy is a popular form of alternative health in Canada and your goal as an aromatherapist is to help your clients achieve a more peaceful, healthy lifestyle. However, when the service you provide involves clients relying on your expertise and advice, there is an element of risk, for example, what if a client didn’t know they had an allergy to a certain plant and they have a reaction?

BrokerLink’s insurance advisors are experts in health and wellness insurance, including aromatherapy insurance, and we will tailor a policy that suits your specific business needs.

Who is aromatherapy insurance for?

If you are a practicing aromatherapist, aromatherapy insurance coverage is critical to protecting your livelihood. Aromatherapy insurance helps aromatherapists in Canada deal with claims of negligence or malpractice lawsuits, and it may also cover the day-to-day risks of operating a business, such as third-party property damage or bodily injury. Without proper insurance coverage, you could be forced to pay out-of-pocket if a client sued you, which could take a serious toll on financial state of your business, as well as your reputation.

What type of aromatherapy insurance coverage is available?

As wellness professionals, aromatherapists face several risks that come with working with people, since your work often involves physical interactions. You also face risks to property you own. Aromatherapists have a wide range of coverage types to choose from and it’s up to you to decide which coverage types and limits to include with your aromatherapy insurance policy.

Our comprehensive insurance policy is divided into two parts:

  • Professional Liability Insurance (PLI), which protects you against claims that may result from your treatment or advice
  • Commercial General Liability (CGL) which part protects you if you are named in a lawsuit resulting from an injury a patient sustained on your premises, such as a slip and fall.

Below is a list of the coverage that all Canadian aromatherapists may consider:

  • Professional liability insurance: also known as malpractice insurance or errors and omissions insurance, is well-suited to professionals that deliver services directly to clients, like aromatherapists. This type of insurance covers legal fees if a claim of negligence, error, omission, misconduct, or failure to deliver an advertised service is brought against you or your practice. For example, a client may sue their aromatherapist for substandard care or negligence if an essential oil used during treatment resulted in a severe allergic reaction. With professional liability coverage, your insurance provider will help cover the cost of a lawsuit.
  • Commercial general liability insurance: sometimes referred to as “slip-and-fall insurance” protects against some of the common day-to-day risks of operating your aromatherapy business. This type of coverage compensates policyholders in the event of third-party property damage or bodily injury. Specifically, your insurer may cover the cost of medical expenses, repairs, and even legal fees. Commercial general liability insurance is especially important for businesses with physical locations, including your home. If a customer slips and falls on a wet floor in your entryway, injuring themselves in the process, they could sue you. Having commercial general liability insurance in your back pocket could not only help pay for the legal and court fees to defend yourself in the lawsuit but also the medical expenses resulting from the client’s injury.
  • Cyber liability insurance: this is important if you store important client data on the internet. If you have an electronic booking system with confidential data about your clients, ranging from medical information to financial information, you should protect yourself with cyber liability insurance. This way, if a hacker steals important data, your insurance provider will help cover the costs of credit monitoring, crisis control, and notifying clients.
  • Product liability insurance: If you sell aromatherapy products in your clinic, such as essential oils or other skincare products, you should consider product liability insurance, which can protect you and your business in the event that a product you sell or manufacture results in harm to another. Allergic reactions are a common basis for product liability claims, but product liability insurance can help you cover the cost of a lawsuit over the products you use on clients or sell to clients.
  • Tenant’s legal liability: This insurance is for loss or damage of a property resulting from an action of a person renting space at that property. So, if you rent space for your aromatherapy practice and you or someone in your care causes an accident resulting in property damage, such as a fire, your coverage will pay for the cost of the loss or damage caused, as specified in the terms of the policy.

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