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Holistic & Complimentary Health Practitioners Insurance

Our focus on delivering forward thinking coverage, like ‘occurrence based policies’ with the broadest definitions of modalities at cost effective pricing, has served thousands of holistic and complimentary health practitioners over the years. With our instant on-line quotation and policy issuance, we’ve made purchasing insurance a painless experience.

Holistic & complimentary health practitioners insurance program

Our policy offers the broadest definitions of modalities at cost effective pricing. With our instant on-line quotation and policy issuance software, we’ve made purchasing insurance a seamless experience.

Policy premiums start at $195.00 per year and offer you:

  • Exclusive wordings
  • The industry’s broadest range of insured modalities for one price
  • Multiple modalities for one low price
  • Instant on-line quotation and policy issuance
  • Available property coverage extension
  • Retroactive coverage available

$2,000,000 professional malpractice and commercial liability:

  • ‘Occurrence basis’ policy simplifies your insurance purchase
  • ‘Abuse and Molestation’ Extension Claims Made Form (per claim/annual aggregate $100,000)
    1. Expenses for the defense of civil actions
    2. Includes Legal Expense Reimbursement of $25,000 for criminal actions
  • $500,000 Unintentional Breach of Confidentiality Claims Made Form
  • $100,000 Employer’s Liability - per occurrence
  • $500,000 Tenant’s Legal Liability - per occurrence
  • Included Unintentional Failure to refer to Healthcare Provider

Please note: Coverage only applies when you are pleading and adjudged to be innocent of the offence.

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