Massage therapist Insurance

A massage therapy insurance policy is specifically designed for any business professionals who work within the massage industry. This policy protects massage therapists from financial risks or potential losses brought on by a lawsuit, and is in place to provide you and your employees with protection in a variety of circumstances.

What does massage insurance cover?

Massage insurance includes a large list of different coverage options; the two most common being general liability and professional liability. General liability is in place to protect you against losses that may arise from bodily injury to a client, or property damage as a result of an accident. Professional liability coverage protects you from the effects of a lawsuit if you end up being sued for malpractice.

While these two types of coverage are the most common in a massage insurance policy, some other important coverage options include:

Personal Injury Liability

This coverage will protect you in the event of a lawsuit against you for any of the following: slander, libel, assault and battery, or other alleged personal injuries committed in regards to your services. An example of a situation that would be covered by this specific insurance policy is if a client were to make a false and/or damaging statement online about you, your business or any of your employees.

Tenant Legal Liability

This part of the policy will provide coverage for losses or damages caused to any properties that you rent or lease. This specific coverage applies only to damages caused to the actual piece of property, such as the roof, floorboards or walls. However, there is also a separate coverage called “Contents Insurance” that will cover your personal belongings kept inside the property if damages were to occur.

Tips to reduce the risk of an insurance claim

Clinic owners and massage therapists may follow simple risk management strategies to minimize the chance of legal liability actions.

  • Inspect and maintain all equipment (including massage chairs and tables) regularly, to ensure a safe environment for both practitioner and patient.
  • Communicate effectively with new clients and returning ones to learn how they are feeling.
  • New patients usually feel apprehensive about what they’re getting into, so try to set their minds at ease, for example, follow up with an after-session courtesy call to check in and see how they are doing, and ask if they have any post session questions.
  • Ensure your clients’ personal information stays confidential. A breach of privacy can cause a practitioner to experience both civil and criminal complications.
  • Keep accurate written records of all treatments and discussions. This will provide a level of professionalism and confidence to your clients.

Why do I need Massage Insurance?

There are many reasons why a professional in this industry should invest in Massage Therapy Insurance. This coverage brings a lot of financial benefits and protections, a well as peace-of-mind. If you are legally obligated to pay money to another party as a result of a professional liability claim, you will be covered by this policy. Without this coverage, the costs will have to be paid for out-of-pocket, which could bring financial harm to your business.

Without this insurance, your business could suffer from other type of loss besides financial losses, that you will have to find a solution for on your own, such as criminal negligence lawsuits or acts of slander or libel against your services, which could cause reputational damage. With this policy, your insurance company will help you take care of the situation, including some of the associated costs.

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