Motorcycle Insurance in Guelph

If you own a motorcycle and live in Guelph, you’ve discovered the gateway to a good life! Motorcycles are incredible fun and can allow you to enjoy the city of Guelph, Ontario, in a way that may not have been possible otherwise. Regardless of where in Guelph you choose to take your motorbike, you should have the right motorcycle insurance coverage to meet your specific needs before you take to the road. BrokerLink has the solution for you.

Why BrokerLink?

BrokerLink’s motorcycle insurance brokers in Guelph, Ontario are happy to help you find the easiest ways to get great coverage at an even greater price. Motorcycle insurance in Guelph can be expensive due to the likelihood of accidents and the potential repair costs that can come with a collision, so we’re happy to give you all the best insights on how to save money. Always let us know when you discuss with us whether your motorcycle constitutes a scooter, motorcycle, dirt bike, or even a side-by-side. Are you considering buying a motorcycle? Already have one? What do you use your bike for? Joy rides? Your daily commute? Racing on a closed track? Our policies are extremely accommodating and can be suited to fit your individual needs.

Since we’re self-proclaimed insurance experts, we do the very best job when it comes to finding unique coverage for your bike’s needs. Call us today to discuss your needs for motorcycle insurance with BrokerLink’s Guelph insurance advisors, or even safe driving tips to qualify you for lower insurance costs!

We're in your community

Do you call Guelph “home?” So do we! Due to BrokerLink’s extensive reach across Canada and our 200+ branches, we’re happy to have a physical presence in the city of Guelph, Ontario. If you are ever involved in an accident , are renewing your car insurance, or are simply purchasing insurance for a brand new motorbike, we’re happy to make the leap and give you the advice you need for ultimate peace-of-mind. Our insurance brokers in Guelph are happy to pick up the phone and discuss with you today

What does motorcycle insurance in Guelph cover?

Motorcycle insurance is not too far apart from your classic car insurance in Guelph, and it is designed much in the same way. As with your personal auto insurance, motorcycle insurance in Guelph is mandatory and must be purchased for you to legally ride your bike in the province of Ontario. Due to these rules, you could face serious penalties if you are caught riding without adequate insurance. BrokerLink understands Ontario’s provincial requirements and will work with you to ensure you have adequate levels of the following compulsory coverages:

Third-party liability insurance

Liability insurance, otherwise known as third-party liability insurance, offers protection for motorcycle riders should they ever be responsible in an accident for the injuries or property damage to third-parties. These third parties could be other motorcycle riders, passengers or drivers of cars, or even pedestrians on the road. Liability insurance covers repair and replacement costs, as well as medical bills. It may also cover any costs incurred as a result of a lawsuit filed against you, including settlement fees, defence costs, and judgement awards.

Accident benefits coverage

Perhaps the most important of all, accident benefits coverage is designed to cover the cost of medical bills incurred by any injured party in an accident – whether that’s yourself, another driver, passengers, or pedestrians. This coverage kicks in regardless of fault, and is typically used to cover rehabilitation expenses, treatment costs, loss of income, and even funeral expenses if the accident involved any fatalities.

Direct compensation – property damage

Direct compensation – property damage is a type of mandatory coverage in Ontario that covers the cost of property damage in an accident for a driver who is not at-fault. The first part of the name - “direct compensation” – comes from the fact that the driver whose vehicle was damaged does not seek retribution or compensation from the other party’s insurance company, but instead from their own.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist

Although driving without auto insurance or motorcycle insurance in Ontario is illegal and heavily penalized, some drivers choose to drive without. If you are ever involved in an accident where you were not at-fault, and the other driver does not have insurance/adequate coverage, or is unable to be identified such as in the case of a hit-and-run then this coverage may compensate you for any injuries suffered or any property damage to your bike.

Additional coverage options for motorcycle insurance in Guelph, Ontario

Not all motorcycle insurance in Guelph, Ontario is considered mandatory. Some coverages are optional. Many of what is listed below may be recommended to you, as per your broker’s advice, and some may simply be optional based on your coverage needs and the usage of your bike. We’ll provide a breakdown of each:

Comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive coverage, similar to all-risks coverage, is an optional insurance add-on that covers you for the cost of repairs or replacement to your bike if it is damaged by something other than a collision. For example, if your neighbour’s home caught fire and your garage was burned as a result, damaging your bike, your comprehensive coverage may protect you from the cost of repairs or replacement for your bike. Comprehensive coverage also covers storm damage, theft and vandalism, hail, etc. It is subject to a deductible.

Collision coverage

Collision coverage, also optional, is an add-on that covers you for the cost of repairs or replacement to your motorbike if it is damaged in a collision with another vehicle or even an object, like a street post or curb. Collision coverage is subject to a deductible, so you will be required to pay out your deductible amount towards the repairs or replacement before your policy kicks in to cover the remaining losses.

Accident forgiveness

Accident forgiveness is a waiver that can be purchased optionally and essentially serves to protect your “good driver” status. It is used to “wipe” your first at-fault accident from your record and preserve your insurance rates from increasing. We highly recommend this coverage for drivers who practice good behaviour when behind the wheel, and who have a relatively clean record with few to no at-fault accidents or traffic violations. Each at-fault accident thereafter may impact your rates, however.

How does working with a Guelph motorcycle insurance broker help?

Working with a Guelph motorcycle insurance broker offers many benefits. Whether you’re buying a bike for the first time or shopping around for a new policy, a broker has industry insights that you may not otherwise have access to. They can help you access markets not otherwise available to the general public and give you suggestions based on your personal circumstances, not only to help you save but to help you get the best coverage possible. Brokers save you money, expedite the insurance buying process, and negotiate on your behalf if you ever need to file a claim. Although we may sound biased, working with an insurance broker is the best way to make the most out of your coverage!

Here are the top 5 reasons to work with a Guelph motorcycle insurance broker:

  • A broker’s first priority is you, the customer
  • A broker negotiates on your behalf in the event of a claim
  • A broker gives you unbiased advice tailored to your needs
  • A broker does quote comparisons on your behalf
  • A broker is always there as your main insurance resource

Key factors impacting motorcycle insurance costs

How much does motorcycle insurance in Guelph cost? Motorcycle insurance can cost even more than your average auto insurance, mostly because motorcycles may be more exposed and vulnerable on the road and therefore likely to be written off as a total loss. Luxury or sports model motorcycles can also cost more to insure due to their higher speeds and higher replacement value. Below, we’ll list out the key factors impacting motorcycle insurance costs in the city of Guelph, Ontario:

Motorcycle make and model

As we have mentioned before, having luxurious motorbikes or sports model motorbikes can impact your rates negatively due to their higher value and, consequently, higher replacement cost. The more the motorcycle costs, or the higher its speeds, the more it’s likely to cost to insure. You can mitigate this during the motorcycle buying process by purchasing a motorcycle with reduced horsepower and a higher safety rating.

Where you live and park

Motorcycles that are stored on the street or parked in high-crime areas may be more exposed to the risk of theft and vandalism and therefore may cost more to insure. Furthermore, living in an area that is either exposed to high crime rates, has high traffic (or has high-collision statistics) or sees a lot of natural disasters may cost you more to insure. We advise, regardless of where you live, to park your motorcycle indoors where possible.

Driver’s education

The level of education of the motorcycle rider may play a part in your total insurance costs. The more education you have, the likelier your rates are to be lower. Enrolling in an approved defensive driving education course or group motorcycle safety course can qualify you for lower rates on your motorcycle insurance. As a bonus, these courses can help keep you safer on the road by refreshing your skills and keeping you as sharp as possible when out and about!

Age and gender

Statistically speaking, younger males see the highest motorcycle insurance rates due to the likelihood of being involved in a collision. Young males are seen as more likely to participate in risky behaviour, therefore increasing their exposures. However, some insurance companies are beginning to do away with gender-based insurance statistics and underwriting.

Past driving experience

The more experience that you have behind the wheel, the more likely you are to see reduced insurance rates. Riders with several years of experience operating motorcycles may be less inclined to partake in risky behaviours and therefore have a reduced exposure to risk. They may also be more knowledgeable about traffic laws. If you are a newer motorcycle rider, you may see inflated insurance rates – but not to worry! You can mitigate this hike in your insurance costs by reaching out to an insurance advisor or participating in a defensive driving course.

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If you’re a member of a group or association, you may be eligible for more discounts.

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If you are ready to begin getting insured, reach out today and contact us here at BrokerLink Guelph. We fully understand that everyone leads a very busy life, and so as such we have prepared three means of contact for you to reach us at your earliest convenience: by phone, by email, or in-person at one of our local branches. Once you connect with us, we’ll plan an initial discussion with you and get to know you so that we can best understand your insurance needs and offer you the great advice you deserve! Get motorcycle insurance in Guelph today and get to riding sooner.


Guelph motorcycle insurance FAQs

Becoming an insurance expert isn’t for everyone, and we fully understand. Insurance, for many, can be a technical topic, but we also believe it’s important to have a basic understanding of your coverage so there’s no surprises if you ever need to make a claim. As such, we have compiled a list of our most popular motorcycle insurance FAQs to help you out a little bit more. If you have a question that isn’t addressed below, please give us a call.

Do I need to have motorcycle insurance for the entire year?

Is year-round motorcycle insurance necessary? It depends on the usage of your motorcycle. For many riders in Guelph, bikes are only used seasonally – and not during the winter. During the winter, most bikes are stored away. Does this mean you should drop your insurance?

We advise against “dropping” coverage entirely during the six or more months where your motorcycle is no longer in use, and we do so for a couple of reasons. For one, having a lapse in your coverage may hike your rates. Maintaining a continuous insurance history is your best bet for affordable insurance. Secondly, maintaining some level of coverage – specifically comprehensive coverage – can ensure your motorcycle still has some protection if anything should happen to it during its time spent in storage. You can cut down on coverage during the wintertime where your bike is no longer being ridden, but we still advise maintaining some level of coverage. It’s cheap to do, and it ensures your bike is still protected.

Is motorcycle insurance in Guelph, Ontario, mandatory?

Yes, motorcycle insurance in Guelph is mandatory. The same applies for any automobile driven on public roads in the province. If you are caught without sufficient insurance in the province, you can be fined and heavily penalized. Fines for operating your motorbike without sufficient insurance can run between $5,000-$25,000 and beyond for additional offenses. Even the lowest penalty may cost more than double what your insurance premiums would be for an entire year! Your best bet is to get in touch with an insurance broker and discuss mandatory coverage. Your broker will be aware of what compulsory coverage is required in your province and will ensure that your policy is up to snuff.

Will my motorcycle be covered for the cost of paint damage repair?

That depends. Was the paint damage caused by an insured loss? If so, the cost of paint damage repair may be included in the total repair costs, but if the paint damage was due to something other than the insured loss – i.e., scraping the side of your bike along a fence – then it probably won’t be covered. If you get into a minor bump and scrape and chip the paint off your bike, chances are the cost to repair the paint damage will exceed your deductible. For any minor paint damage, we advise getting it touched up yourself. If you were involved in a collision that damaged your bike, the likelihood is that your damaged paintjob will be included in the final bill.

Does motorcycle insurance cover me if my bike is stolen?

If you have comprehensive coverage, then yes. Comprehensive coverage is designed to cover your bike for all damages unrelated to collision, including theft and vandalism.

There are some limitations to any personal property stored in your bike, however. For example, if you kept your phone and wallet in the storage compartment in your bike, and those were stolen, they might not be covered under your motorcycle insurance policy. Instead, these would be covered under any applicable tenant or home insurance policy. Damages to your bike if it is stolen (and consequently recovered) would generally be covered. If your bike is stolen and not recovered, your comprehensive coverage may pay out for the total cost to replace the bike.

Does my motorcycle insurance cover me for engine failure?

Again, it depends. What was the cause of the engine failure? Generally, motorcycle insurance won’t cover any mechanical breakdown. Some bikes will have warranties which can cover mechanical breakdown. Insurance won’t cover any damages resulting from wear-and-tear, so if your engine failure could be traced back to a lack of care, then it might not be covered. All maintenance costs fall to you as the owner and operator of the vehicle, and you are responsible for keeping your bike in good repair.

If your motorcycle’s engine failed or was damaged in a collision or an insured event, however, then that may be covered by your insurance as a part of the total bill.

If you have any questions, contact one of our local branches.