Motorcycle Insurance in Medicine Hat

If you are thinking of buying a motorcycle in Medicine Hat, then you will also need to consider motorcycle insurance. This is one of many steps you should take before buying a motorcycle.

Did you know that if you insure your motorcycle with BrokerLink you may qualify for a discount on your home and auto policies? So, what are you waiting for?

Do I need insurance as a motorcycle rider in Medicine Hat?

Yes. Similar to the way that car insurance in Medicine Hat is mandatory, motorcycle insurance is mandatory, too. Without a valid auto insurance policy, you cannot legally drive anywhere in Alberta. A valid auto insurance policy in Medicine looks like this:

Third party liability coverage

Liability insurance kicks in if you get into an at-fault accident while riding your motorcycle. It can cover various expenses related to accidents, such as medical fees, legal fees, and repair bills. Since accidents can be costly, all Medicine Hat riders must have at least $200,000 worth of third-party liability coverage in their policies. That said, experts recommend a higher coverage limit, such as $500,000 or $1,000,000.

Accident benefits coverage

Accident benefits coverage is designed to cover the cost of any necessary medical and rehabilitative care following an accident. Since injuries are a typical result of auto accidents, this type of coverage is important. It can pay for medical bills not covered by health insurance, funeral fees, and loss of income if someone dies or is unable to work due to their injury.

Direct compensation - property damage coverage

Direct compensation - property damage coverage protects policyholders against the cost of repairing their motorbikes following an accident. If your motorbike is damaged in a collision for which you are not at fault, you can file a direct compensation claim, and your insurer will help pay for the necessary repairs.

Uninsured automobile coverage

Uninsured automobile coverage can pay for collision costs, such as medical fees and repair bills if you get into an accident with a few specific types of drivers. These types of drivers are uninsured, underinsured, or anonymous drivers who flee the scene of the accident. Thus, uninsured motorist coverage is the type of insurance you would claim if you were the victim of a hit-and-run.

How else can I protect my motorcycle in Medicine Hat?

If you want to add extra protection to your Medicine Hat motorcycle insurance policy, contact an insurance broker in Medicine Hat. They can explain what other types of coverage are available to you and how each one can protect you. Keep reading for a brief rundown of some of the most common types of extra auto coverage in Medicine Hat:

Collision coverage

Collision coverage will pay to repair your damaged motorcycle or even replace it if it is totalled. Think of collision coverage as a form of property damage coverage that applies if you get into an accident that damages your motorcycle. You can file a collision claim if the damage resulted from a collision with another vehicle, an animal, or a grounded object on the road.

Comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive coverage will pay to repair or replace your motorcycle if it is damaged while parked. Whether it’s parked in the driveway, on the street, or in your garage, comprehensive insurance can still cover you against all kinds of risks. Comprehensive insurance will only cover policyholders if the damage that occurs is caused by a risk stated in their policies. These will vary, but most perils covered by comprehensive insurance include theft, fire, vandalism, falling and flying objects, explosions and riots, and weather-related incidents.

Accident forgiveness coverage

Accident forgiveness coverage is another type of motorcycle insurance that many riders choose to include in their policies. Accident forgiveness is additional coverage that can be added to your motorcycle insurance policy as an endorsement to protect your driving record and to help prevent your insurance premium from increasing if you have an at-fault accident claim. While your policy premiums may not increase due to the accident, it does not mean that they will not increase due to other factors, such as rate changes in your area. Note: coverage and eligibility vary by province.

Loss of use coverage

Loss of use coverage might also interest Medicine Hat motorbike riders. This coverage will compensate policyholders who are forced to get around without their vehicles while their vehicles are in the shop. If you get into a motorcycle accident and your bike is damaged, you might be unable to use it for a few days or a week while it’s in the shop. During this time, if you have loss-of-use coverage, your insurer will reimburse you for any transportation costs incurred. Examples of transportation costs that loss-of-use insurance may cover include rental car fees, public transit fares, and taxi or ride-share receipts.

What factors influence Medicine Hat motorcycle insurance rates?

How much does motorcycle insurance cost? Many Medicine Hat riders want the answer to this question. Unfortunately, the answer is complicated. It is different for each policyholder due to the many factors that insurers use to calculate premiums. We explain some of the factors they consider below to help you understand the complex risk-calculation formulas that insurance companies use:

Driving record

A policyholder’s driving record will undoubtedly influence how much they pay for motorcycle insurance. For this reason, keeping a clean record is very important. A clean record indicates to the insurance company that you are a safe and responsible motorcycle rider. So, do what you can to limit the number of infractions or tickets you incur.

Years of experience driving

How much experience you have driving a motorcycle also comes into play. Insurance companies like when a policyholder has lots of experience under their belt. Once you gain more experience as a motorcycle rider, you can expect your rates to be lower. At the start, they will likely be higher.

The type of motorbike you ride

The type of motorbike you ride - as in your motorcycle's exact make and model - is another factor that can influence how much you pay for insurance in Medicine Hat. This is because, as with cars, motorcycle models vary considerably, with some being safer than others. Some motorbikes come with extra safety features that minimize the odds of an accident. Meanwhile, others are stolen at higher rates than others. Some even have higher speed capabilities, and the faster your motorbike can go, the more at risk you are of getting into an accident from an insurance company’s perspective. Thus, an insurance agent will ask about the make and model of your motorcycle when assigning your premium.

Where you drive and park your motorcycle in Medicine Hat

When an insurance company assesses your rates, the locations where you most frequently drive and park your motorcycle will also be considered. If you live in a safe neighbourhood with little crime, then your rates may be lower than if you live somewhere with a high crime rate. Riding in areas with high traffic, such as major cities, might also result in higher rates since more vehicles on the road increase your odds of a collision. Further, your insurance rates can also be impacted if you live in a part of the province that frequently experiences extreme weather, like flooding or wildlife. Lastly, where you park your motorbike also matters, with some locations considered safer than others. Generally speaking, if you can park your motorcycle in a secure, covered area, such as a garage, your rates may be better than if you park your motorcycle on the street. This is due to the high risk of damage and theft for vehicles parked on the street.

Tips to lower your motorcycle insurance premium in Medicine Hat

Save money on your Medicine Hat motorcycle insurance plan today with help from an insurance broker in Alberta. As licensed professionals, we know all the best tricks to help you lower your premium. From enrolling in a motorcycle safety course to bundling motorcycle and home insurance policies, keep reading for a list of tips to reduce how much you spend on Medicine Hat motorcycle insurance:

Enrol in a motorcycle safety course in Medicine Hat

Signing up for a motorcycle safety course in Medicine Hat is one way to reduce your premium. Many insurance companies offer this because they know that it makes people into safer, more responsible drives. These courses teach prospective riders about the rules of the road and how to respond to certain situations when on a motorcycle. At the end of the day, even though there are plenty of benefits of motorcycle riding, risk isn’t one of them, as riding a motorcycle can put you at an increased risk of a collision. This is why taking a safety course is so important.

Consider driving your motorcycle less

Consider driving your motorcycle less if you want to reduce your Medicine Hat insurance premium. Policyholders who spend less time on the road and, therefore, have a smaller annual mileage may receive a cheaper premium. In an insurer’s eyes, the less time you spend on the road, the less likely you are to get into an accident and need to file an insurance claim. If you drive for part of the year or only on the weekends, you might even qualify for an occasional driver discount. Contact BrokerLink for more information on how many kilometres you can drive each year in order to be eligible for an occasional driver motorcycle insurance discount.

Bundle motorcycle and home insurance policies in Medicine Hat

Bundling insurance policies - specifically motorcycle insurance and home insurance - is one way that you can further reduce your premium. This is the case because insurers like when customers purchase two or more products from them simultaneously. They will reward this customer loyalty with a discount. These discounts are known as bundles, and not all insurance products apply, but many do. For example, most insurers allow customers to make bundles out of auto insurance, motorcycle insurance, recreational vehicle, and home insurance. So, if you also need to buy car insurance or property insurance on top of motorcycle insurance, consider buying them together, and you could save money on each.

Ride safely and keep your driving record clean

Riding a motorcycle safely increases your odds of having a clean driving record, and having a clean driving record is incredibly important if you want to save money on motorcycle insurance. A clean record can result in a lower premium right off the bat. However, on top of this, if you can maintain a clean record for a certain number of consecutive years, you might even qualify for a safe driver discount, which will make your premium even cheaper. For more information on the importance of safe driving and for a list of safe driving tips, contact BrokerLink today.

Prioritize a safe and reliable motorcycle

When motorcycle shopping, research the safest and most reliable models out there. Your insurance company may reward you for riding a motorbike with a high safety or reliability rating, as these types of vehicles might be less likely to be involved in accidents in the first place. If they are involved in accidents, safer motorcycles might be less likely to suffer severe damage. Ultimately, the type of bike you buy matters if you want to qualify for cheaper motorcycle insurance rates in Medicine Hat. Ask an insurance broker at BrokerLink for their professional opinion on the best motorcycle for your needs and your insurance policy.

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Motorcycle insurance Medicine Hat FAQs

What types of motorcycles are eligible for Medicine Hat motorcycle insurance?

A wide variety of motorcycle makes and models can be insured through motorcycle insurance in Medicine Hat. These include cruisers, touring, sports, and restricted-speed motorcycles, including mopeds and motorized scooters.

What resulted in an increase to my Medicine Hat motorcycle insurance premium?

A number of factors could have led to an increase in your motorcycle insurance premium. For example, if you got into an accident or received a traffic ticket, your premium could go up as a result. In addition, if you changed your policy by adding extra coverage, raising a coverage limit, or lowering your deductible, then your rates also could have increased. In addition, sometimes insurance premiums change due to societal trends and data, which means that perhaps your insurance premium increased slightly due to a factor out of your control.

Where can I obtain a free motorcycle insurance quote in Medicine Hat?

You can obtain a free motorcycle insurance quote in Medicine Hat by requesting one from an insurance company or insurance broker near you. We recommend calling in advance to make sure that the quotes provided are free of charge and also have no strings attached. Most insurers offer complimentary motorcycle insurance quotes and these quotes can take as little as five minutes to receive.

Do I need a valid driver’s licence to purchase motorcycle insurance in Medicine Hat, Alberta?

Yes. You can successfully purchase motorcycle insurance coverage only if you have a valid driver’s licence in Alberta.

How do I renew my motorcycle insurance policy in Medicine Hat?

Renewing car insurance is similar to renewing motorcycle insurance. It starts with the policyholder contacting their insurance provider. From there, they will let you know what the renewal process looks like, though most of the time, it simply involves signing a contract and paying for your policy. If there are any changes to your premium, an insurance agent will inform you.

Can I make modifications to my motorcycle insurance policy?

Yes, even after you’ve purchased a policy, you can still make changes to it if you wish. Changes that some policyholders choose to make include increasing or decreasing their coverage limits or deductibles and adding or removing different types of optional car insurance coverage, like accident forgiveness, collision, or comprehensive coverage. Please note that the best time to make changes to your policy is when it is up for renewal. It is also important to note that modifications to your coverage can impact your premium.

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