Motorcycle Insurance in Kitchener

If you own a motorcycle and live in Kitchener, you've found your way to a good life! It should go without saying that riding a motorbike requires extra attention; you're a smaller vehicle on the road, and you'll need to apply some advanced defensive driving skills to keep yourself and any passengers safe. Before you take your motorcycle anywhere in Kitchener, you need to have the appropriate motorcycle insurance coverage to fit your individual needs. BrokerLink offers a solution for you.

What does motorcycle insurance in Kitchener cover?

Motorcycle insurance in Kitchener is very similar in structure to your classic Kitchener car insurance. Both car insurance and motorcycle insurance are mandatory in the province of Ontario, and there are components of both insurance policies that are optional and may be added to your policy to supplement your protection. Based on current provincial rules in Kitchener, you can face serious penalties for operating a motorcycle without sufficient insurance. If you’re unsure, we at BrokerLink fully understand Ontario’s provincial requirements and are happy to ensure you have the adequate coverage necessary to meet them:

Accident benefits coverage

Accident benefits coverage may very well be one of the most important coverages within the scope of Ontario’s compulsory auto insurance requirements. It is designed to cover the cost of medical bills incurred by any injured party following a collision or accident, whether that is yourself or the other driver, passenger(s), or a pedestrian. This coverage activates regardless of fault, and is used to cover rehab expenses, loss of income, treatment costs, and even funeral expenses in the event the accident should involve fatalities.

Third-party liability insurance

Liability insurance, or its long-form: “third-party liability insurance” is a type of liability coverage designed to provide coverage for motorcycle riders in the event that they are held responsible for any incidents causing injuries or property damage to third-parties. These third-parties may be other motorcycle riders, drivers of cars, passengers, etc. Liability insurance is designed to cover the cost of replacement or repairs, and can cover any costs incurred as a result of a lawsuit filed against you.

Direct compensation – property damage

DCPD, or direct compensation - property damage, is currently a mandatory type of coverage in the province of Ontario which covers the cost of property damage in an accident where the driver is deemed not at-fault. The first part of the name, direct compensation, comes from the fact that the driver would seek compensation from their own insurer, and not from the other party’s insurance company. This insurance is currently mandatory, but drivers may opt out of its coverage in the coming few years.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist

Renewing your car insurance should be an easy process, but some people choose to forgo it altogether - and operate their cars or bikes entirely without insurance. Unfortunately, this presents a huge risk to others on the road. Thankfully, uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance exists, which protects the not at-fault driver if an uninsured or underinsured motorist causes an accident. It can cover repair costs, replacement costs, medical bills, and more.

Additional coverage options for motorcycle insurance in Kitchener, Ontario

Not all motorbike insurance in Kitchener, Ontario is required. Some insurance policies are optional. Many of the items listed below may be recommended to you by your broker, while others may simply be optional based on your coverage requirements and bike usage. We'll go over each in detail:

Collision coverage

Collision coverage, which is also available, covers the cost of repairing or replacing your motorcycle if it is damaged in a collision with another vehicle or an object, such as a street post or curb. Because collision coverage has a deductible, you must pay your deductible amount towards repairs before your insurance kicks in to cover the remaining losses. In the event of a total loss, your payout would include the value of the vehicle, minus your deductible.

Comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive coverage, like all-risks coverage, is an optional insurance add-on that pays for repairs or replacement of your motorbike if it is destroyed by something other than a collision. For example, if your neighbour's house caught fire and your garage was destroyed as a result, causing damage to your bike, your comprehensive coverage may cover the cost of repairs or replacement. Comprehensive coverage may also include protection against storm damage, theft and vandalism, hail, and other perils. It comes with a deductible.

Accident forgiveness

Accident forgiveness is an optional waiver that effectively aims to safeguard your "good driver" status. It is used to "wipe" your first at-fault collision off your record, preventing your insurance costs from rising. We strongly suggest this coverage for individuals who drive safely and have a relatively clean driving record.

How does working with a Kitchener motorcycle insurance broker help?

Working with a Kitchener insurance broker has several advantages. Whether you're buying a bike for the first time or looking for a new policy, a broker may provide industry insights that you would not otherwise have. They may assist you gain access to markets that are not ordinarily available to the general public and provide recommendations based on your specific circumstances, not just to help you save money but also to receive the finest coverage possible. Brokers help you save money, speed up the insurance purchasing process, and bargain on your side if you ever need to submit a claim. Although we may appear to be biased, engaging with an insurance broker is the greatest method to maximise your coverage!

The following are the top five reasons to choose a Kitchener motorcycle insurance broker:

  • A broker's first priority is you, the customer.
  • A broker negotiates on your behalf in the event of a claim.
  • A broker gives you unbiased advice tailored to your needs.
  • A broker compares quotes on your behalf.
  • A broker is always available as your primary insurance resource.

Main factors impacting motorcycle insurance costs

How much does Kitchener motorbike insurance cost? Motorcycle insurance can be more expensive than standard vehicle insurance, owing to the fact that bikes are more exposed and vulnerable on the road, making them more likely to be written off as a whole loss. Because of their greater speeds and higher replacement value, luxury or sports model motorbikes can also be more expensive to insure. The following are the major factors influencing motorbike insurance costs in Kitchener, Ontario:

Motorcycle make and model

The overall value of your motorcycle, based on its make and model, can influence your insurance rates negatively or positively. Generally speaking, more expensive motorbikes will cost more to insure due to their higher value overall. This also applies to any bikes with a safety rating that is lower than average or bikes with higher horsepower. You may be able to mitigate any unexpected hike in premiums by purchasing a bike with a lower horsepower and a higher safety rating overall.

Where you live and park

Motorcycles placed on the street or parked in high-crime areas may be more vulnerable to theft and damage and hence cost more to insure. Furthermore, residing in a region with high crime rates, heavy traffic, high-collision statistics, or frequent natural catastrophes may cost you extra to insure. We recommend that you park your motorbike indoors whenever feasible, regardless of where you reside.

Driver’s education

The amount of education you have may influence your overall insurance prices. The more education you have, the cheaper your rates are likely to be. Enrolling in an approved defensive driving education course may entitle you to decreased motorcycle insurance costs. As an added plus, these courses may help you stay safer on the road by updating your abilities and keeping you as sharp as possible when you're out and about!

Age and gender

Because of the increased probability of getting involved in an accident, younger boys have the highest insurance premiums. Young men are perceived as more likely to engage in dangerous behaviours, increasing their exposures. However, with years of experience with no collisions or accidents, some young adults see a decrease in their insurance rates.

Past driving experience

The more driving experience you have, the more likely it is that your insurance costs will be decreased. Riders with numerous years of motorbike expertise may be less likely to engage in dangerous activities and hence have a lower risk exposure. They may also be better familiar with driving laws. If you are a newer motorbike rider, your insurance prices may be higher - but don't fear! You may reduce your insurance prices by contacting an insurance counsellor or enrolling in a defensive driving course.

Why BrokerLink?

BrokerLink's motorbike insurance brokers in Kitchener, Ontario are eager to assist you in locating the simplest ways to obtain excellent coverage at an even better price. Motorcycle insurance in Kitchener may be costly owing to the possibility of accidents and the possible repair bills that can result from a collision, so we're delighted to provide you with all of the finest tips on how to save money. When discussing whether your motorbike is a scooter, motorcycle, or dirt bike, always let us know. Are you thinking about purchasing a motorbike? Do you already have one? What do you do with your bike? Rides for fun? What is your everyday commute like? Our policies are quite flexible and may be tailored to your specific needs.

We perform the greatest job when it comes to finding specific coverage for your bike's demands because we are self-proclaimed insurance specialists. Call us now to discuss your motorbike insurance requirements with one of BrokerLink's Kitchener insurance advisors, or for safe driving advice to help you qualify for cheaper insurance prices!

We're in your community

Do you consider Kitchener to be your "home"? We feel the same way! We are pleased to establish a physical presence in Kitchener, Ontario, as a result of BrokerLink's vast reach across Canada and our 200+ locations. If you are ever in an accident, renewing your vehicle insurance or simply acquiring insurance for a fresh new motorbike, we are delighted to make the jump and provide you with the information you want for complete peace of mind. Our insurance agents in Kitchener would be delighted to speak with you now.

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Once you are prepared to begin getting insured, don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at BrokerLink Kitchener immediately. We know that everyone has a very busy life, therefore we have prepared three ways for you to contact us at your earliest convenience: by phone, via email, or in-person at one of our local branches. When you contact us, we'll schedule an initial conversation with you to get to know you better so that we can best understand your insurance requirements and provide you with the excellent advice you deserve! Get Kitchener motorbike insurance today and start riding sooner.


Kitchener motorcycle insurance FAQs

We recognise that being an insurance specialist is not for everyone. Insurance may be a complicated subject for many people, but we feel it's crucial to have a basic grasp of your coverage so there are no surprises if you ever need to make a claim. As a result, we've developed a list of our most frequently asked motorbike insurance questions to assist you further. If you have a query that isn't answered below, please contact us. Feel free to check out our own motorcycle riding safety guide as well!

Is motorcycle insurance in Kitchener required?

Yes, motorcycle insurance is mandatory in Kitchener, Ontario, as it is in all of Ontario. All motor vehicles, including motorcycles, are required by law to be insured with a minimum amount of coverage. This is per Ontario’s Automobile Insurance Act, which was designed to ensure that every driver and rider had the necessary finances to recoup following a motor vehicle collision, and that if any legal action/compensation was necessary, there would be protection for that.

Is year round motorcycle insurance necessary? We always advise you to maintain some level of coverage, just in case. Driving (or riding) without motorcycle insurance in Kitchener can land you with some serious penalties, such as fines ranging from $5,000-$25,000 and higher for additional offenses and even jail time. We advise you to work with a broker to ensure that you are equipped with the minimum compulsory auto insurance to operate your bike legally in the province.

What types of coverage are available for motorcycle insurance in Kitchener?

Motorcycle insurance in Kitchener typically offers several types of coverage, including liability coverage, which covers damages to others in an accident you are deemed responsible for, and accident benefits coverage, which provides coverage for medical expenses and other accident-related costs. Additional optional coverages, such as comprehensive coverage for non-collision damages and collision coverage for damages to your motorcycle, are also available.

Remember that, in Ontario, motorbikes are legally required to be equipped with liability coverage, accident benefits, DCPD, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. Additional coverages are only optional, but highly recommended to protect you and your bike against unforeseen losses. An insurance advisor may be able to help you curate a policy that combines both mandatory and optional coverage for the best protection plan.

What discounts are available for my motorcycle insurance in Kitchener?

Many insurance providers offer various discounts to help reduce the cost of motorcycle insurance. Common discounts include multi-policy discounts for bundling your existing motorcycle insurance with other insurance policies, discounts for completing a motorcycle safety course or a course on group motorcycle safety, and discounts for experienced riders with a clean driving record who are actively mindful of all safe driving tips and practices.

Does motorcycle insurance cover aftermarket modifications and accessories?

In many cases, your standard motorcycle insurance policies in Kitchener may not automatically cover aftermarket modifications and accessories. This is especially true of any modifications that may alter the safety rating of your bike or increase its horsepower.

However, some insurance providers offer optional coverage for such additions. It's essential to discuss any modifications or accessories with your insurance broker to ensure they are adequately covered. Some modifications, such as alarms or emergency brakes, could actually land you with a discount.

Are there any special insurance requirements for “high-performance motorcycles” in Kitchener, Ontario?

While there may not be specific special insurance requirements for high-performance motorcycles, their higher value and increased risk may result in different coverage options and premiums. Some bikes may simply cost more to insure than others due to their high-risk nature, which is something you will want to be mindful of when buying a motorcycle if your budget is particularly constrained.

It's essential to discuss your motorcycle's details and intended use with your insurance provider to ensure you have appropriate coverage for your high-performance bike. Always be sure to disclose the appropriate information to ensure your coverage is sufficient.

If you have any questions, contact one of our local branches.